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  1. J

    Keyword panel Lightroom Classic

    When you edit an existing keyword you will see it has various properties which can be enabled/disabled by the user. One such property is "Include on Export", which if enabled means that the specific keyword will be included in the exported file (provided of course that you choose to include...
  2. J

    New Classic Install Downloads From CC Don't Sync Completely

    The quickest way would be to click on All Photographs, then in Grid view use the Library Filter>Metadata tab to filter on File Type. You should see a count of video files in the list. does the number of videos equal the difference between All Photographs and All Synced Photographs.
  3. J

    Unable to "mark an album for local storage"

    Storing the Album locally only means storing the originals. Smart Previews are stored separately, and their availability or not depends on different criteria. So having an album stored locally would not guarantee the associated smart preview would always be locally available.
  4. J

    New Classic Install Downloads From CC Don't Sync Completely

    Videos? Classic will download any video files from the cloud (so will be included in "All Photographs", but because video changes do not sync they are "unsynced" in Classic and so are not included in "All Synced Photographs".
  5. J

    Rearranging order of Collections in panel

    There are two sort order options: "Sort by Name" and "Sort by Kind". Sort by Name sorts everything by name, so all collections in collection sets will be sorted in alphanumeric order, and all collections sets will also be sorted in alphanumeric order. But all "loose" collections, such as the...
  6. J

    Unable to "mark an album for local storage"

    Do you have "Store a copy of all originals at the specified location" enabled in the Preferences? If you do, then of course all originals will be stored locally, making the option to "Store Album Locally" redundant, and so it is not shown in the right-click menu.
  7. J

    Transfering Development Presets to another PC

    Develop Presets are no longer stored in that location.....they are in Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings.
  8. J

    Changing location of mobile pics from desktop to external hard drive problem

    Changing the location only works for subsequent sync downloads, it does not automatically move the pre-existing images from their original location.....if you want them moved, you have to do it yourself inside Lightroom using drag and drop.
  9. J

    Difference Between Auto Settings and Auto Tone

    Yes, in view of the many complaints about the usually large negative contrast being applied by the previous Auto Settings, Adobe have reworked the Auto function. Sometimes I find it better that before, sometimes not as good....but that'll usually be the case because what's good/not good is...
  10. J

    ARW sony files

    Sure, we need clarity on several things: Specific camera model, actual LR version number, and specific details of the problem being encountered.
  11. J

    new sliders not showing

    OK, well there's no evidence of that rogue 8.0 installation anywhere, so presumably it has been deleted.
  12. J

    ARW sony files

    The camera IS in the list, Cletus....2nd entry in the Sony section, which only needs 5.7.1 for raw support. So some additional information is needed as to the specific nature of the problem, e.g. error messages.
  13. J

    new sliders not showing

    I don't think just opening the correct version could have triggered the removal of the old version, the installation of the new version should have done that....so I'm at a loss to explain what happened. Maybe check the Adobe folder in the Program Files directory on your system drive to see if...
  14. J

    new sliders not showing

    Open the Control Panel, Programs and Features and see if you have both "Adobe Lightroom Classic CC" and "Adobe Lightroom Classic" installed.
  15. J

    New "Home" view does not show, Samsung (Android) tablet

    Not a bug I've heard of....it's fine on my Samsung phone. You're definitely running version 4.3?
  16. J

    Updating profile issue?

    I don't think so, Hal....look at "About Lightroom Classic".
  17. J

    Any suggested workflow that I can use to help me switch from LR Classic over to CC

    Thank you Sara, I did see your post. However, that seemed to be talking about using LrMobile on your travels, which is not the same as LrWeb (though of course they are both part of the LR cloud ecosystem).
  18. J

    Lightroom catalog concern.....

    Looking at the portion of the Folders Panel that you have included in your screenshot, there are an additional 310,000 photos which have been imported, mostly from the LR backup Cloner drive and some from the Macintosh HD drive. So, when added to the 185783 images in the "MAIN PHOTOS GO HERE"...
  19. J

    Previews confusion

    It's a little bit more complicated that that. If the user edits an image that already has a 1:1 preview built (such as during import), then yes that 1:1 preview is automatically deleted (as it's out of date as soon as the first edit is made). However, if after finishing editing an image, the...
  20. J

    Any suggested workflow that I can use to help me switch from LR Classic over to CC

    When viewing an album via the shared link, the default sort order is "Custom", i.e. any custom order that has been set either in Classic, LrMobile or LrWeb. You can see what that order will be using the "Display" tab when selecting the album in the LrWeb interface, and in that tab you can also...
  21. J

    trying to figure out collections

    And just make sure when you drag and drop that you drag from the image itself, not the frame that surrounds it.
  22. J

    hide contents of sub folders?

    Library Menu>uncheck the option to "Show Photos in Subfolders". With that option unchecked when you select a folder that contains sub-folders, you'll only see the photos in the selected folder.
  23. J

    iPhone images cleanup

    No, what I meant was that if you take photos using the iOS camera, those are stored in the iOS camera roll. If you then import those photos into the LRCC app, the LRCC app copies them into its own app space, so at that point they exist twice on the phone. If you subsequently delete the originals...
  24. J

    iPhone images cleanup

    And if your iPhone pictures were taken with the native camera app, you'll likely find that a copy of them all still exists in the camera roll (when you import from the camera roll into LRCC the originals in the camera roll are not deleted.....that's the user's responsibility).
  25. J

    How do I view the Metadata Panel

    Have you downloaded Victoria's Free Quick Start book? You'll find it very helpful.