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    Now, what did I do?

    Well done boys - always nice to have a happy ending! Tony Jay
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    Culling before LR, versus culling inside LR

    Let's start at the end of your post first: When an image is deleted from Lightroom then everything goes, previews, metadata, and the pointer to the image's location wherever it is. So, in this respect there is never any accumulative "bloat" when culling images from within Lightroom. The size of...
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    Setting the White/Black Points

    Thank you for your kind comments - I am very pleased that I have furthered your understanding! Tony Jay
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    Can't get the light right

    Hi Maximus43, welcome to Lightroom Forums! I decided to ignore the philosophical questions posed by some of the respondents and instead concentrate on the technical questions asked.... Before delving into the actual edits a few more general points are worth noting: Getting colour correct in...
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    Library module Is LR performance impacted by number of keywords, or complexity of keyword hierarchy?

    I am with Cletus and others here! Buying or downloading a controlled vocabulary sounds like a great idea but in practice it seldom works out well.... The problem is that that neither the granularity of the keywords nor the choice of keywords is what is needed or expected. To a bird photographer...
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    Advice on how to achieve these tones please

    There is nothing in those images that is Lightroom dependent.... Those images look like they do because of the light in which they were shot and the exposure settings used - thats all....
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    Edit only the sky / white area?

    Having actually seen the image in question (admittedly just a screen grab) I would not use local editing tools at all. I would just pull down the highlights right down to -100! and then I would push the whites down slowly until the blinkies stop. The immediate result of this would be to confirm...
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    Interaction Between Monitor and Printer

    On re-reading the OP the question he is asking is really in the very last sentence... Unfortunately, he camouflaged it brilliantly with the wholly irrelevant data (considering the question that he really wanted an answer to) comprising the rest of the post! So, technically the OP is correct...
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    Interaction Between Monitor and Printer

    Offhand, no - it is a while since I have needed to research the market in any detail... However Eizo is NOT the only brand of dedicated image and video editing monitors available. NEC is arguably better (and much cheaper) and Dell, and others have also entered the market. Even Eizo makes...
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    Interaction Between Monitor and Printer

    The hypothetical situation described is actually very common. The "dark print" phenomenon is caused by a monitor being too bright for the editing environment. As a consequence images are edited that look good on the monitor yet print too dark. The solution is to reduce the luminance of the...
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    Should I DNG?

    Agree with Johan's comment... Distilled down the suggestion is that there is no short-term imperative. It may be a long-term option (perhaps one should wait to see if and when the DNG format receives ISO standardisation) but there is no rush...
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    Setting the White/Black Points

    Yup! Just leave it at 0... Tony Jay
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    Setting the White/Black Points

    Thank you for your kind words! Tony Jay
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    Setting the White/Black Points

    This is excellent advice! Tony Jay
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    Setting the White/Black Points

    A couple of insightful replies already.... So, to enlarge on the bigger picture, so to speak: Editing in Lr is very different to Ps. Ps is a pixel editor and the order of editing is absolutely crucial to a good result. In other words one can edit in one direction only. (Yes, smart objects and...
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    Map module Map view not available in the Map module?

    With respect, you do not need a new computer to run a 64-bit OS... Just upgrade your OS (Win 10) to 64-bit. Years ago I upgraded Win 7 from 32-bit to 64-bit on a workstation - I still use it now! Tony Jay
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    Keyword Suggestions

    Hi Ian, Obviously one cannot use names... Rather, keyword them by actions, emotions, emblems, etc. Think about this a bit - what exactly are your motives for photographing on the street? What are actually trying to capture? What are the stories that the images are conveying? Answering these...
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    To DNG or not to DNG

    Your logic is flawed here - one does not need to change very much to make a raw format unique. I would suggest that your research, and therefore knowledge of file formats is lacking... The fact is that every modern proprietary raw file format is indeed based on the TIFF-EP format (strangely...
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    To DNG or not to DNG

    With respect to file formats this actually makes no real-world sense. The DNG format is based on the TIFF-EP standard. And so is every modern proprietary raw format... There is no competitive advantage here - they all use the same stuff - but it is not openly admitted. This is a bit likely an...
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    To DNG or not to DNG

    You may be right... Tony Jay
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    To DNG or not to DNG

    Just to correct a fallacy here: the DNG standard is NOT owned by Adobe. It is a completely open format, and there are no license conditions or fees that stop anyone from adopting it. The fact that Adobe developed the DNG format is a different issue. The DNG format is awaiting standardisation by...
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    JPG to DNG

    And, just to be clear to the OP, you have not gained a heck of a lot either... You have put put 8-bit data into an envelope that can contain 16-bit data, but the end result is still 8-bit data and all its limitations... Just saying... Tony Jay
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    Personal style and workflow getting back to basics

    Hi Rob The only presets I use are for sharpening and noise reduction - and these are tightly coupled to specific lenses and specific ISO's. Otherwise each image is "hand-crafted" so to speak. I don't get excited about camera profiles. Yes I think my approach and style has evolved and still...
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    Assistance with editing photo

    Just that you know: a monitor never comes from the factory in a calibrated state - whether it is designed for image editing or not. This is a task that the user has to do. If you are serious about photography then you will need to calibrate the monitor. How else are you to know whether what you...
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    Assistance with editing photo

    Interesting thoughts Johann. Actually, if I had thought that the image was underexposed I would have adjusted exposure but then still upped the shadows to +100 and dropped the highlights -100! (And, even with my current cameras with such amazing dynamic range I still will often shoot landscapes...