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  1. Jimmsp

    Lr Classic 8.3 release

    LOL. Probably one main reason why I don't use my phone a lot as a camera, and I never take selfies. There will have to be some really great software advances in artificial intelligence for post processing for me to take a selfie.
  2. Jimmsp

    Lr Classic 8.3 release

    I downloaded the new Classic version, and ran it on a portrait I took on Mother's day. I used the texture with the brush. I have to say - I really liked the result on older skin. Great work, Adobe. Jim
  3. Jimmsp

    Traveling Without a Computer

    It certainly helps me, and confirms what I have believed. If I have a vehicle, I always travel with my laptop pc and LR Classic. It worth the minor pain for a more enjoyable trip and outcome. I can the get them into my desktop at home in multiple ways.
  4. Jimmsp

    Has the Photography Plan changed? Did Classic just double in price?

    I have noticed this for some time. They are behaving like the auto companies have done - advertise the product that is not selling well, and maybe there will be a boost in sales. I really feel that they are currently working with pretty junior marketing folks who are not really knowledgeable of...
  5. Jimmsp

    Another Adobe price increase thread

    Adobe needs to send their product managers/ marketing managers back to school. I have managed groups like these, and they are setting off down a bad road where recovery may not be easy, or even possible. Corporations are tightening their belts. Individual hobbyist photographers can change their...
  6. Jimmsp

    Topaz JPEG to RAW AI

    Whoops - I am testing the more recently released DeNoise AI. I read through your title and misread it. In the other forums I participate in I don't know anyone who has really tested the jpeg-to Raw AI. I do know that we seem to be finding that the DeNoise AI works decently if it has a very large...
  7. Jimmsp

    Has the Photography Plan changed? Did Classic just double in price?

    In a lot of high tech companies, product managers are also part of marketing. And product managers fight about capabilities and specs along with price. I have no idea as to how the product management structure in Adobe is set up wrt to PhotoShop, Lightroom, et al.
  8. Jimmsp

    Topaz JPEG to RAW AI

    I am testing it now. I have focused my testing on higher ISO photos taken with my Canon 80D. My goal/wish is to get a raw at 16,000 ISO to look like a raw taken at a base ISO 100. The dng output from DeNoise AI is looking pretty good; though not there yet. The dng is opened and processed well...
  9. Jimmsp

    Importing catalogue from a different computer - This photo already exists in the current catalog and its settings differ

    Ok. Now go into LR and search for a file (by name) that it already is in the catalog but not on your hard drive. Once you find it, click on it and have LR tell you where it is.
  10. Jimmsp

    Importing catalogue from a different computer - This photo already exists in the current catalog and its settings differ

    Did you do a search with the finder? or with Lightroom? If searched with the finder, the photo may be in the catalog, but on an unconnected external drive. If you searched with LR, is there any chance that you changed the file name after/during import?
  11. Jimmsp

    Photo Mechanic 6 is out

    I certainly would like to see LR's import run faster. I also keep reading that PM is also the fastest in culling and rating a large shoot as its viewing speed is superior. However, for me, I find that my rate limiting step in culling is me - not the software. I just got back from an air show...
  12. Jimmsp

    move many large files

    In Windows, I found that LR sometimes struggled with large numbers of files and subfolders. I had a case or two where not everything got moved. As Cletus said, use the finder ( I used the Win File Explorer) and just relink the upper level folder. I use LR to move smaller folders around where...
  13. Jimmsp

    Unable to delete rejected photos

    Try to reset your preferences - that sometimes fixes weird problems.
  14. Jimmsp

    NEW BUG? Re-editing PSD via LR now erases local adjustments???

    At least in Windows, when I send a file to PS, it seems to default to the last way I sent it. And unless I pay attention I might send it as "original" instead of "with LR edits" ; or visa versa.
  15. Jimmsp

    NEW BUG? Re-editing PSD via LR now erases local adjustments???

    I work in both LR and PS with Tiffs. I always took them "at their word" and will (generally) send a tiff file reedited in LR back to PS via "edit with LR adjustments". I have not had a problem with that; and there is no reason to have to visit the history panel. I assume that still works for you.
  16. Jimmsp

    Transitioning to online storage solution

    For me, the answer is based on a few things: cost, convenience, security, and ease of use among them. There is no way that I will put sensitive and very personal documents in the cloud. It is like a hard drive. A hard drive will fail - so we backup. A cloud storage will be hacked, so avoid...
  17. Jimmsp

    Enhance Details

    Most people seem not to; some do see a difference. Profound? probably not. Take a look at this thread on dpReview Enhance Details in LR Classic: Retouching Forum: Digital Photography Review The last posting shows an example with a Fuji that is quite noticeable. Re: Enhance Details in LR...
  18. Jimmsp

    When to add keywords

    I find myself doing more like Roelof does. I break my keywords into 4 main groups : Where - Who - What - Conceptual description The details of when generally depend on what the "shoot" entailed. "Where" gets key words added on import. If what I shot involves only one person, like my grandson...
  19. Jimmsp

    Develop module New Feature in Version 8.2

    For what it is worth, I have a reasonably new desktop that happily updated to 1809, and an older HP laptop that MS won't update yet to 1809.
  20. Jimmsp

    Noise reduction problem

    You could also put a raw file and the resultant jpeg you don't like in something like Dropbox, post the links here and post the settings for both NR and Sharpening. We could take a look and comment.
  21. Jimmsp

    Noise reduction problem

    Basically - no. I have not seen this, nor heard of it. Nor do I have any solutions to try. What are your settings for the NR? Are you looking at the image at 100% , or 1:1, when you make your observations? What if you don't sharpen your image? What happens if you export a tiff?
  22. Jimmsp

    Anyone know of any photo library mgmt software alternatives?

    There is a very active thread on that very topic right now at dpreview Which DAM/Catalog/Library do you use?: Retouching Forum: Digital Photography Review
  23. Jimmsp

    Slideshow module Slideshow and music

    Thanks for clarifying. So you went from two songs to one new song. I will try that when I get a chance - maybe in the next day or two. I'll probably keep the show short enough for two short songs.
  24. Jimmsp

    Slideshow module Slideshow and music

    A clarification for me - does this mean on going from song1 to song 2 that it freezes after song1? Or does it mean you have a show with song 1 and if you change it to song 2 it freezes? And does it do this with different song2s ? BTW - I have only made one slide show with one song with LR 8 so far.