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  1. tspear

    Has the Photography Plan changed? Did Classic just double in price?

    @PhilBurton How does the Clayton Act come into play? Also, with demand based pricing that airlines started thirty plus years ago; why should the IT industry not follow their lead? Tim
  2. tspear

    Sync Disappointing discovery

    Yeah but I so rarely get a chance to nitpick your comments and say you are incorrect. So I just had to take it.... Tim Sent from my SM-J737T using Tapatalk
  3. tspear

    Sync Disappointing discovery

    Nah; it is trivial to add such a feature. But it would either cause more problems or be crippled to the point it is useless. To avoid the additional complexity and problems, you would need to spend a lot more resources on it. And with Adobe the cloud is heading in the direction of a pure CC...
  4. tspear

    Traveling Without a Computer

    I have used a dedicated eReader for years. Currently I have the Kobo H20; and this allows me to read to pass the time and leave the phone behind.
  5. tspear

    Apple's 64-bit configuration .. will Lr (perpetual) be compatible?

    I am fairly sure Adobe already announced that there will be no more updates to the Lr 5 or Lr 6 releases.
  6. tspear

    Catalogs Continuity and passing images on by generation

    @PhilBurton , Yeah, I am aware Lr has not addressed this issue. Hence why I was asking if anyone else has figured out the answer :D @rob211 , Yeah, I might be slightly OCD as it relates to images, but I do not have the time. I was just trying to plan/think ahead. @MarkNicholas , If I...
  7. tspear

    Catalogs Continuity and passing images on by generation

    I put this sunder the desktop since I happen to use the Classic version. However, the basic question applies. Has anyone thought about family level catalogs and passing on to other generations? e.g. My parents have gone digital, even my grandmother at a 101 has gone digital. We now share images...
  8. tspear

    Keyword Showing Up Everywhere

    @Victoria Bampton can your connections at Adobe help?
  9. tspear

    one drive and Lightroom

    I use Microsoft OneDrive for all images and the catalog file. I have not needed to do so in a year or so; but via the replication, I could work on the same catalog and images on both my desktop and my laptop. Huge caveat, you need to make sure replication finished between machines before you...
  10. tspear

    Help with dual monitors?

    I have two desktop computers which are almost identical, one is for my kids VR System and one for me. Both have an nVidia GForce 1060. My desktop runs two monitors, a 4K BenQ Wide Gamut, and a 3K Apple Cinema. With the 6GB card, I get sub second switching between images with one screen or two...
  11. tspear

    Help with dual monitors?

    Maximum frequency? What metric is that for? I quickly went through my task manager and did not see this one.
  12. tspear

    Library module Help me think through this keywording issue

    I went a slightly different path. Add a smart collection which looks for any image in current without @GenresDone I would also created a collection set which has a smart collection for each genres looking for any image in the current collection which does not have X. When done with this step...
  13. tspear

    Mistake with Exposure Compensation in camera

    Auto-tone will override the settings. Just apply auto-tone and do not worry about it. Sent from my SM-J737T using Tapatalk
  14. tspear

    Anyone know of any photo library mgmt software alternatives?

    As @clee01l mentioned iMatch meets your requirements. It even has a web version available, but I have not checked the prices for the feature or technical requirements. Within the Adobe world, you might look at the new Lightroom CC, which is cloud based, and allows editing on multiple devices...
  15. tspear

    Lightroom Classic CC (desktop-focused app) current release?

    Example is the map function no longer works because of changes by Google.
  16. tspear

    Lightroom has been unusable & unpredictable for months (possible catalogue corruption?)

    Also check the usual suspects. Corrupted previews and preferences. Sent from my SM-J737T using Tapatalk
  17. tspear

    Thinking of downgrading from Lightroom CC subscription to a Lightroom 6

    This is a tough choice.... Stay on the subscription treadmill or lose work and go backwards. Personally, I would not go back to Lr 6. Many tech companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google have been making fundamental changes and dropping support for legacy APIs. This can be seen by the map...
  18. tspear

    Import Copy or Copy as DNG

    Just search on DNG. It has been discussed many times. Tim Sent from my SM-J737T using Tapatalk
  19. tspear

    Dull photos...

    Personal preference, but the jpeg at least looks washed out and over exposed. There is no color depth or range. I would associate that with dull. Sent from my SM-J737T using Tapatalk
  20. tspear

    Adobe Auto-Update

    Based on the comments, I am coming to the conclusion that only brave souls like @Victoria Bampton with multiple machines will be willing to take the risk.
  21. tspear

    Adobe Auto-Update

    I agree it is a choice. But the concept of evergreen software has become the norm for many. Being in charge of a product I get it, we jo longer support need to test six plus versions. However for it to work, you have to trust the software vendor. So I was curious if Adobe has regained other...
  22. tspear

    Adobe Auto-Update

    After a few "bad" updates (the redesigned import of 6 being the most memorable); or more recently the backup zip problem which only seems a few months ago (I know it was longer). I have got into the habit of waiting before installing a new release from Adobe. On the latest update, Adobe now...
  23. tspear

    A Strategy Poll For Major Catalog and Image File Cleanup

    Yes; I would do the import so on the new machine. or new drive location. In terms of split catalog, I have heard/read all the debates for having a single catalog when you have both professional and personal photographs. The most significant reason I have seen was because you can import to the...
  24. tspear

    Hi from North Wales

    Welcome to the Lr forums. I am on my phone so no handy link. But I would suggest starting with Victoria's free intro book. She usually has a link on the menu above somewhere. Sent from my SM-J737T using Tapatalk