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  1. Califdan

    exclude folders from import / synch (successor of Rob Cole's Ottomanic Importer)

    No. You can have as many as you want. You can also have several Publish Service Collections in one HD Publish service, each one controlling one physical folder on your computer. I'll have to reseach that one let me research this as well. I know some 3rd party Publish services allow you to...
  2. Califdan

    "This catalog was previously updated... "message on starting Lightroom Classic CC 8.2 Can I start again?

    there are pro's and con's about leaving the catalog on your External drive (that's where I have mine) vs on your C: drive. If on the 'C:' drive, performance is a smidge faster. If on the External hard drive you can just move that drive to another computer that LR installed (like your laptop...
  3. Califdan

    exclude folders from import / synch (successor of Rob Cole's Ottomanic Importer)

    Easiest way is to put the JPG folders in a separate folder hierarchy than the folders you use for RAW. Then just sync the folders you want which will skip the JPG folders as they will no longer be subordinate to the ones you're syncing. But, I wonder why you are syncing so often? I've been...
  4. Califdan

    "This catalog was previously updated... "message on starting Lightroom Classic CC 8.2 Can I start again?

    if using Finder you can figure out which is the most desirable catalog (which may not be the most recent) double click on the catalog name (it's a file, probably in your "Pictures -> Lightroom" folder that ends in ".lrcat") and LR will open that catalog. If that catalog is from a prior version...
  5. Califdan

    Migrating to new PC ... AppData Qu 2...

    Read Victoria's book on the subject, but if it were me, I'd just copy the preferences folder. On Windows there are here
  6. Califdan

    Should I put LR Catalog etc on OneDrive

    I'm not a big fan of One Drive as a backup solution, especially if it has a 5gb limit before you have to pay more. You may want to look at other options for cloud based backup. There are many on the market at very reasonable prices. CrashPaln, Backblaze, Acronis, iDrive, to name a few. Look...
  7. Califdan

    Crop tool options

    Yep - sorry, meant 2:3. Brain was someplace else.
  8. Califdan

    Printing a picture over two or more pages?

    Make 2 VC's (Virtual Copies). Crop one down the middle keeping the left side. Crop the other down the middle keeping the right side. Then print the 2 VC's through the Print Module or through a print lab
  9. Califdan

    Preset issue time sensitive emergency

    When an Application like LR freezes one must terminate the process using the operating system in some manner (eg Task Manager in Windows). This does not "close" the application but more or less just pulls the plug on it thus eliminating the possibility of the application (LR in this case) to...
  10. Califdan

    Crop tool options

    Some good questions here. Let's see if I can shed some light. 1) most (or at least many) DSLR's shoot in a 3:4 ratio which is the same ratio as a 35mm slide (24mm x 36mm). This also happens to also be the 2x3 ratio and the 4x6 ratio. So if you pick the "2x3 / 4x6" it is the same as...
  11. Califdan

    Unable to delete rejected photos

    I assume then after selecting the Delete option in the popup it does indeed go ahead to delete the selected images. So, given that, the only part that is not working is the getting the delete process to trigger through the "Remove all rejected Photos" menu button. If resetting preferences...
  12. Califdan

    Unable to delete rejected photos

    Have not seen this problem that didn't correct itself after a full shut down of LR and a re-launch, but as you did a complete computer shutdown, re-boot and re-launch of LR your problem is obviously different. So just to check: - some images in the grid have the "reject" flag visible on them...
  13. Califdan

    Lightroom Classic CC 8.2 stuck on inverted adjustment brush?

    I assume then that you are using the main brush tool as opposed to to the brush within the radial of gradient tools. Are you familiar with how the brush tool works or are you new to it? If you are new to it, maybe you're not using it correctly as it sounds like you are making adjustments in...
  14. Califdan

    How can one get and keep the order of the virtuel copies by the date / time they were created?

    You can type the date into the "Copy" field in the Metadata panel and set your View Options to show you the Copy name as well as the image file name. But as far as I know, you can't sort by copy name, but at least then you can see it and then drag the images into copy name order which will...
  15. Califdan


    Do you perhaps have Auto hide or Auto Hide and Show selected for the panel groups? Are you perhaps accidentally clicking ANYWHERE on the vertical black bar that contains a triangle in the middle? Clicking anywhere on the bar is the same as clicking on the triangle and sometimes when trying...
  16. Califdan

    Lightroom Classic CC 8.2 stuck on inverted adjustment brush?

    I'm not aware of any way to invert a brush, lets first understand what exactly you are you referring to. Are you talking about the brush tool on the tool bar or the brush tool within the Radial or Graduated filter? If you turn on the mask overlay (by clicking "O" on keyboard or checking...
  17. Califdan

    Now, what did I do?

    Have a colored "canvas" behind your images in the Grid or Filmstrip is a feature of LR called "Color Labels". They can be set many ways, but as they were a surprise to you you probably hit a number between 6 and 9 on your keyboard while they were selected. (6=red, 7=yellow, etc). They will...
  18. Califdan

    Catalogs Single vs Multiple Catalogues

    There are very few situations where multiple catalogs work better in the long run for a user than a single catalog. However, if having 3 works for you then you may be one of the few exceptions. So a couple of observations: 1) in terms of language, collections don't reside in folders. A...
  19. Califdan

    Catalogs Single vs Multiple Catalogues

    use only 1 catalog. The performance delta of a big catalog vs a small catalog is trivial.
  20. Califdan

    Import Workflow for mulitple cards, subjects

    You may want to use a Keyword to mark images that have been moved to a collection. You can then create a smart collection to show all images that don't have that keyword which would be the ones which got missed. You could also use pick flags or a certain number of stars as a way to mark...
  21. Califdan

    Import Workflow for mulitple cards, subjects

    You may want to use stars to denote images you've reviewed. 0 stars means "still to look at" 1 or more means have looked at. Assuming you review images by capture time or file name (from a single camera), just filter for > 0 stars (or use smart collection of the same) to find them. I'm not...
  22. Califdan

    Issues importing Photos library into Lightroom Classic

    Sorry it didn't help. I will have to defer to someone with first hand experience with Apple Photos migration to LR Classic.
  23. Califdan

    Library module Greyed out arrow on Keyword list.

    Johan is referring to the spinner triangles at the left. But as you used the word "arrow" did you mean the right facing arrow at the right end of the keyword line? If so, it is invisible if the mouse is not hovered over the keyword and appears when the mouse is over that keyword. Clicking...
  24. Califdan

    Library module Questions on Import if Lightroom is "only" used for cataloging/tagging/presenting/slideshow

    Very complicated workflow. Not sure what you're getting out of Photo Mechanic or DxO/Photoshop that is worth all the trouble of migrating images all over the place but, to each their own. 1) If all you will using the previews for is keywording and rating/ranking - Minimal is sufficient...
  25. Califdan

    Sync Should I Snyc Folder?

    Hi, I'm assuming that all your images are on a single EHD that is known as either the E drive or the F drive. I also assume that you have not renamed or moved any of the image folders on the EHD other than plugging it into a new computer. So, we can either work on the old or the new...