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  1. Hal P Anderson

    Apps won't update on iMac

    In the Creative Cloud app, you can click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and choose Check for App Updates. Sometimes, it helps to prod CC into action. :)
  2. Hal P Anderson

    Library module DNG+JPEG

    Actually, it is really nice. The object is to get correct information out there, and that helps.
  3. Hal P Anderson

    Efficient Way to use Lightroom Classic CC on laptop with 256GB SSD and 1TD hard-disk drive

    Keep your catalogue on the SSD and your images on the hard drive. If the catalogue eventually takes up too much space on the SSD, you'll be able to move it to the hard drive without much hassle. Until that time, you'll probably get better performance with the catalogue on the SSD.
  4. Hal P Anderson

    Lightroom Folder issue

    Search the forum for "Capitalization". You aren't alone, and there is a relatively easy fix.
  5. Hal P Anderson

    Collection not working as expected

    Try changing the "Enter Keywords" field to "Keywords and Containing Keywords": perhaps that will give you more data.
  6. Hal P Anderson

    Changes to Tone Curve??

    For other people who may find this thread, there's a button in the lower right. Push it to get your sliders back:
  7. Hal P Anderson

    Library module DNG+JPEG

    When you have your camera set to produce raw + jpeg and you don't have a Lightroom preference set to import jpeg alongside of raw, you'll see what you're seeing. In that case, if you use LR to move the raw file to a new folder, the jpeg will be moved there too. If you change the preference to...
  8. Hal P Anderson

    Restart Lightroom keyboard shortcut

    I don't think there is, but you can hold the Ctrl key and type comma to bring up the Preferences dialogue box. Restarting LR is probably too rare an occurrence for Adobe to have given it a shortcut.
  9. Hal P Anderson

    LR 8.2 upgrade - Enhance Details requires System Update?

    cbranco, Hold down the "windows" key and type R. In the box that comes up, type "winver" and hit enter. That will tell you what version of Windows you're running. It must be 1809 or higher.
  10. Hal P Anderson

    Backing Up Lightroom CC With Lightroom Classic CC

    Half right: photos aren't backed up, but the edits are definitely stored in the catalogue. Marc, If you mean the extensive backups you're doing now, then yes, you'll have everything.
  11. Hal P Anderson

    February Update - V 8.2 fails at 75%

    Or not. I had no trouble installing 8.2 on my Windows 10 system (Version 1803). How does the update fail? Is there an error message, or does it just stall at the 75% point?
  12. Hal P Anderson

    Develop module Preset, plug-in or Camera Profile for EOS R

    If you use the free Adobe DNG converter to change your CR2 files to DNG, you'll be able to import them as raw files to Lightroom 6.x, but 6.14 will not have the profiles for that camera.
  13. Hal P Anderson

    Moving lightroom from mac to pc

    All the edits are in the catalogue, no matter what the file type. If you re-import, you'll lose those edits, so don't do that.
  14. Hal P Anderson

    Develop module New Feature in Version 8.2

    Creative Cloud isn't offering me the update, and the announcement on the Feedback site has evidently been taken down. I suspect that the release has been pulled until it works better.
  15. Hal P Anderson

    catalog merge how to choose main catalog

    This is probably a daft question, but when you click on the identity plate in the upper left of the LR screen, do you have Face Detection paused?
  16. Hal P Anderson

    Lightroom Classic On 2 Devices

    That's the crux of the situation. You don't want to run two Lightrooms simultaneously, and you must wait for sync to finish before switching machines. It'll work, but it requires great discipline.
  17. Hal P Anderson

    When is .NEF not .NEF

    Yes. See: Download Photoshop Lightroom There's an entry halfway down the page for Lightroom 6. Click on the greater-than sign to the left to expand it.
  18. Hal P Anderson

    When is .NEF not .NEF

    On your university computer, go to the Help->System menu item and make sure that the version is 6.5 or greater. It sounds like this is not the case. Note that 6.13 is greater than 6.5 in Adobe version maths. :)
  19. Hal P Anderson

    Blank image in develop module

    No. If you don't have a 4k or 5k monitor, it won't make much of a difference at all. Why don't you try it?
  20. Hal P Anderson

    Blank image in develop module

    Try going to the Performance tab of the Preferences dialogue and turning off "Use Graphics Processor".
  21. Hal P Anderson

    Selective editing

    Tim, That "blob" looks about right for a 2.69 reduction in exposure. What do you expect to see?
  22. Hal P Anderson

    Catalogs updating catalog when using two separate computers

    Califdan has the right of it. Keep the catalogue on the external drive at all times, never copying it to an internal drive on either computer. The person in possession of the external drive can make edits to the catalogue. Any other way of working will undoubtedly mess you up in one way or...
  23. Hal P Anderson

    Upgrade from LR 5.7.1 to LR6.5

    If you cannot find a copy of LR 6 to purchase and you don't want to go to the subscription plan, you can download the Adobe DNG converter, use it to convert your new camera's raw files to DNG and import those to your LR 5 catalogue. Adobe Digital Negative Converter Note that old versions of...