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  1. Victoria Bampton

    Develop module Control-Z map to a preset, how to reset or remap?

    There was a bug along those lines. I can't remember when it was fixed, but you can update to 5.7.1 for free to see if that does the trick. Download Photoshop Lightroom
  2. Victoria Bampton

    Exporting from LR...

    What's the full path to the photo? And what kind of drive are the images stored on?
  3. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom control consoles

    If you're a buttons kinda guy, Motibodo might suit you well MotibodoSkin for Adobe Lightroom
  4. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom Folder issue

    Hi SFGD, welcome to the forum! Hal's right on the money as usual. Here's one example thread: Duplicate (Phantom?) entries in catalog. Feel free to ask if you can't figure out how to apply the instructions to your own situation.
  5. Victoria Bampton

    LR export hint

    Thanks for sharing that tip HappyJack!
  6. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom Cassic CC crashes upon images deletion

    Hi Williec, does the same happen if you filter for rejected photos and then remove them normally (e.g. not using the Delete Rejected Photos command)? What kind of drive is the catalog stored on?
  7. Victoria Bampton

    Changes to Tone Curve??

    No such thing as a stupid question. I'm sure someone else will be grateful that you asked when they're googling for the same issue.
  8. Victoria Bampton

    Export quality issue - no subscription

    We really need to be able to compare the two outputs side by side to figure out what's going wrong. Can you either get the export from LR on your desktop onto your phone, or the export from LR mobile onto your desktop so we can compare side by side? And which LR version are you using on the...
  9. Victoria Bampton

    Export quality issue - no subscription

    Hi Manuel Can you give us an example? What are you using to view the photo after saving?
  10. Victoria Bampton

    Library|Compare|Focus,Sync&Zoom not working right?

    Oh well done Rory, welcome to the forum. Sorry you were talking to yourself for a bit there. It looks like you got it sorted out really quickly.
  11. Victoria Bampton

    Sync misses occasional photos in a sync'd collection

    The counting down and counting up is it checking all of the files against the cloud catalog that it's probably already downloaded by now (so minimal internet use at this stage). Having to restart the Mac is due to a memory leak in huge syncs that they haven't managed to track down.
  12. Victoria Bampton

    Import :ightroom CC8.1 no longer imports images

    Hi fotofundi, I'd start by updating to 8.2, just in case it's a bug that they've already fixed. You've done some great detective work there. It does seem odd that we're not hearing other reports of this issue, and that it's limited to a single drive. How is that drive connected? Have you got...
  13. Victoria Bampton

    Can't import from another catalog

    That is a weird one. Can you grab some screenshots of the Import from Another Catalog dialog so we can see if that offers any clues please?
  14. Victoria Bampton

    Export JPEG Slideshow on LR6

    If you go to Help menu > System Info, which LR version does it say you're using? E.g. 6.2 or 6.14?
  15. Victoria Bampton

    Grey screen - LR won't start

    Most of the crashes we see are graphics card related, so that's where I would start. Have you done a Windows update recently? Some people have been reporting that it rolled back their graphics card drivers, and an uninstall/reinstall solved their crash issues.
  16. Victoria Bampton

    e-books or real books?

    For the Classic one, I'd lean more towards paperback, as the updates are more limited in range. For the CC one, I'd go eBooks. I haven't checked numbers recently, but gut feeling it's about 40% paperbacks / 60% eBooks overall.
  17. Victoria Bampton

    Corrupt Catalog with no backup

    Oh that's great news, well done!
  18. Victoria Bampton

    LR 8.2 upgrade - Enhance Details requires System Update?

    Hi Hol7000, welcome to the forum! What happens when you try to open Lightroom?
  19. Victoria Bampton

    Subscription Cancellation Question

    If it helps, my Edit Like a Pro book goes through all of those issues, and comes with a few months direct email access to me, in case you have extra questions you can't find in the book (because I use those questions to add extra info to the book for others benefit too!). Or feel free to ask...
  20. Victoria Bampton

    Corrupt Catalog with no backup

    Hi Charlie. Got it, and forwarded it to the magician. Fair warning however, it didn't look promising as I couldn't open it in a database editor. I do hope you're still backing everything else up. Really no backups anywhere?!
  21. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom database is corrupt

    Hi Kayla, yes, sure.
  22. Victoria Bampton

    Is LR v8.2 ok on Mac?

    It's fine here too. The only notable potential issue, other than the Enhance Details ones, is an issue sending photos from LR to PS if they're stored on a NAS. The blog post comments tends to be a pretty good place to check for feedback, and I usually update it within a couple of days with any...
  23. Victoria Bampton

    Subscription Cancellation Question

    Hi techrtr, welcome to the forum! That is how I understand it, based on the example on this page: How to cancel your Adobe Creative Cloud plan or membership But to be sure, you could double check with Adobe's customer services team.
  24. Victoria Bampton

    Lost External hard drive

    Can you grab us a screenshot of the Folders panel please Florantilles?
  25. Victoria Bampton

    LR6.14 Photos and Library copy from Mac to Windows10

    Well done Lex, and welcome to the forum!