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    Efficient Way to use Lightroom Classic CC on laptop with 256GB SSD and 1TD hard-disk drive

    The imported images are not IN the Lightroom catalog. You can have Lightroom place them on whatever drive (or drives) you wish.
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    Backing Up Lightroom CC With Lightroom Classic CC

    The sync icon showing the diagonal lines in LRCC indicates that the image originated in, has been synced from, LR Classic. Thus the original is in Classic, but Classic only syncs Smart Previews to the cloud. If you edit that image in LRCC then yes, you are working with the smaller smart...
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    Can you add watermarks in lightroom mobile yet?

    Yes. That's been possible for quite a while.
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    Missing photographs?

    Try running the "Find Missing Photographs" command again. It's a static collection, therefore doesn't auto-update when missing images are relinked, so running it again will give you the current position.
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    Blank Lightroom 8.2 catalogue dismay!

    Do you want help, or do you just want to vent? If the latter, we'd rather you do that someplace else. This isn't an Adobe forum, so venting about the product here is pointless, as well as souring the mood. We are all volunteers, giving our time freely to try to help others, so please try to...
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    Looking for someone to create an automated plug-in / script to export photos.

    Well, I was just about to suggest Jeffrey's Collection Publisher plug-in, which may be even better (as you'd only need to "export" changed/new images, and you can control what constitutes a change). I think, once setup correctly, a single click will publish all the smart collections.
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    Looking for someone to create an automated plug-in / script to export photos.

    I'd just use Publish Services for that. Set them up once and then just hit the publish button whenever changes have been made in any of the smart collections.
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    Enhance details not working

    Have you actually checked your Win10 version/build number? Your version number needs to be 1809, which is build number 17763. Type "winver" into the Windows search bar, press enter and view the results.
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    LR files don't open in Photoshop

    When you use the "Edit in PS" function, and LR and ACR are at the same level, LR passes the original file and the edit metadata to ACR which silently does the raw conversion before handing off the rendered date to PS. That data is held in the system cache and only gets written to a new PSD or...
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    LR files don't open in Photoshop

    Are your original files on a NAS? See here: [filter_by]=all&topic-reply-list[settings][reply_id]=20007609#reply_20007609"]Lightroom Classic/Camera Raw: "Edit with..." -"Open"does not work for photos from NAS | Photoshop Family Customer Community
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    Online storage

    Why bother to do that? If you want to sync all the photos in the catalog, click on All Photos, Ctrl+A to select all, drag one of the selected images (drag from the image, not the surrounding frame) and drop onto All Synced Photographs. Done.
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    Online storage

    You don't have to create collections specifically for syncing to the Adobe cloud. If the Classic catalog has syncing enabled, there's special collection called "All Synced Photographs" which will appear in the Catalog Panel below All Photographs. You can simply add your photos to that special...
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    Re-Locating images

    It's fairly easy to do: How do I move only my photos to another hard drive, leaving the catalog where it is? | The Lightroom Queen
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    Enhanced Detail

    You're not missing anything at all....there will be some who will see an improvement, there will be many who won't. I'm in the latter camp, so for now I'm ignoring the function unless/until I come across an image that I think "may" benefit. I don't shoot Fuji and I don't print, so I'm not...
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    Sync misses occasional photos in a sync'd collection

    As the problem seems to be coming from the Classic end, you could try deleting the Sync.lrdata file. Same Lightroom Sync Preferences tab, this time hold down the Alt/Opt key and you should see a "Rebuild Sync Data" button, click on that and see if that frees things up.
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    Camera Matching Profiles missing on new install

    I've experienced this kind of strange behaviour several times since the new profile system was introduced. You could start with closing down the app completely, i.e. removing it from the active background apps, then restarting it again. If that still doesn't work, you're probably looking at...
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    Confirming: Recent Lightroom mobile change prohibits "shooting into" a "Album" (Collection)

    Me too, the only problem being that the Camera Photos album is local to the device, so using that album to organise into other albums means the work is restricted to only that device.
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    LR 8.2 upgrade - Enhance Details requires System Update?

    Have you actually checked the current version of Win10 that you are running, and confirmed that you have version 1809 (build 17763)?
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    LR 8.2 upgrade - Enhance Details requires System Update?

    The October 2018 update is version 1809, which Microsoft are still rolling out. You can try to expedite the process:
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    Sync misses occasional photos in a sync'd collection

    Have you tried clicking on one of the listed files (start at the top of the list), that should take you to the folder with the image file showing in the grid. If that happens, do you see the three white dots showing, top right of the thumbnail? If so, and assuming the drive is connected, try...
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    Sync misses occasional photos in a sync'd collection

    What do the errors say? Can you post a screenshot?
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    Sync misses occasional photos in a sync'd collection

    Can I just be clear what you're saying: you have a synced collection in LR Classic, which shows xx images, but that same synced collection (album in LRCC) shows a count somewhat less than xx. Is that correct? I'm talking about the number counts alongside the collection/album. Have you looked in...
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    Using Auto Tone Control on multiple images after import

    You possibly haven't turned on "Auto Sync" if you're doing it in the Develop module, or selecting the images in the Grid View if doing it using the Library module's Quick Develop.
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    LR Classic CC Will not Start.

    Well all the indications are that there's an issue with the SSD, but I'm not an expert. I can't think of anything Lightroom-related which would cause this, if the program works when the catalog is on one drive, but won't work when it's on another, that very much points to the drive. Given that...
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    LR Classic CC Will not Start.

    Not sure what it means. Logically it should mean there's a problem of some description with the laptop's hard drive, which would be worth checking, or it may be a super corrupted preferences file. I think what I would do now is: On the laptop's hard drive, rename the Lightroom folder to...