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  1. JohanElzenga

    Potential MacOS X High Sierra - Lightroom 5 problem?

    In the past few weeks, I have helped two people who seemed to have the same problem. They discovered that they had a whole cascade of 'Backups' folders inside their Lightroom catalog folder, and it seemed that Lightroom was using one of the backup catalogs as its default catalog instead of the...
  2. JohanElzenga

    CC downloader

    There have been messages about a special download app for your CC cloud, in case you want to terminate your Lightroom CC subscription. Nobody had seen this app however. Apparently it is available right now: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  3. JohanElzenga

    Beware: Lightroom Classic installer deletes Lightroom 6 / CC2015!

    It seems there is a nasty bug (or feature) in the Lightroom Classic CC installer. If you install the upgrade, you would expect that the previous version (Lightroom CC2015) is kept, so you can perhaps first play around with a newly created catalog, or go back to Lr CC2015 and your old catalog...
  4. JohanElzenga

    Local HSL adjustments in Lightroom

    One of the most requested features for Lightroom is the ability to apply HSL-correction locally, through the Graduated Filter for example. Unfortunately, that is still not possible. I've just published a Lightroom tutorial that doesn’t completely allow for local HSL-corrections, but it allows...
  5. JohanElzenga

    Merge to HDR oddities

    I wonder if anyone else noticed the following 'Merge to HDR' oddities: 1. If you use 'Merge to HDR' (or 'Merge to Panorama'), Lightroom will generate XMP-files for all the source images, even if you have not checked that option in the Lightroom preferences. 2. If you use 'Auto Tone', Lightroom...
  6. JohanElzenga

    "The server responded with an error"

    When I'm typing a message on my computer, I frequently get the following error. After clicking away the message, everything seems to be fine, but sometimes my message is lost and I have to start all over again. In fact, it also happened while I typed this message...
  7. JohanElzenga

    CC2015.4 and MacOS X 10.11.3

    Has anyone installed Lightroom CC 2015.4 on a Macintosh with the latest El Capitan update (10.11.3)? I'm getting constant lockups on an iMac with this combination. I had to go back to CC 2015.3 to solve it. I don't have a problem on my MacBook Air with MacOS X 10.11.2, so I wonder if it's the...