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  1. clee01l

    Keywords in CC

    The keywords as implemented in Lightroom CC are not up to the same standard as keywords implemented in Lightroom Classic. There has been considerable effort by users to request the Lightroom Classic Keywording implementation be included in a future release of Lightroom CC.
  2. clee01l

    Focus peaking

    There is at least one plugin that works with LR Show Focus Points Plugin for Lightroom I'm not sure which Sony cameras are supported, but most Nikon and Canon cameras are.
  3. clee01l

    Opening new Camera Raw Files with Lightroom 6 Stand Alone

    Smart on your part. There is no hack that does not destroy the integrity of the CR2 file.
  4. clee01l

    lightroom message on old drive letter

    Lightroom has the drive letter stored in the Catalog database. That drive letter is now assigned to the DVD which is not writable. Use these instructions How do I change a drive letter on Windows? | The Lightroom Queen. to change the drive letter of the drive containing your sync'd images to...
  5. clee01l

    Using Lightroom Classic CC on desktop and laptop

    You have a master catalog file on the desktop. It currently has everything in your master catalog including your keywords, collections etc. It also includes a reference to the path of all of the images that you have imported. Put a copy of this catalog file on your laptop. Rename it...
  6. clee01l

    Opening new Camera Raw Files with Lightroom 6 Stand Alone

    That is all you need for LR6. You will have to get the latest free DNG Converter from Adobe to recognize the propriety RAW format for your new camera
  7. clee01l

    LR-6 current version/release?

    Answered elsewhere: LR6.14. is the last release of the perpetual license. It is not longer supported by Adobe. To get support you will need a subscription ~$120/yr.
  8. clee01l

    Lightroom Classic CC (desktop-focused app) current release?

    It should be pointed out that all of the Lightroom releases after LR6 have been by subscription only. If you want to remain with a perpetual license, LR6.14 is as far as it goes and the last update for it was about a year ago.
  9. clee01l

    Using Lightroom Classic CC on desktop and laptop

    You most easily create a travel catalog by making a copy of your master catalog and moving it to the travel computer. When you open this catalog on the travel computer it will appear with all of your keywords, collections etc.. Since you did not move a copy of your images in their folders...
  10. clee01l

    Import Metadata import fail

    If you are applying a metadata preset on import, you may be overwriting these fields with the values (or non values) on import. Check to see if these fields are checked on the import metadata preset
  11. clee01l

    Backup pc/folders

    If your original DNG file is corrupt, then RoboCopy (which is a copy/mirror app not a Backup app) has copied the bad DNG over the previous RoboCopy of the DNG. If you have no other copies of that DNG and the original RAW file from the camera is destroyed, then you are probably out of luck...
  12. clee01l

    Lightroom has been unusable & unpredictable for months (possible catalogue corruption?)

    It is important that Lightroom have sufficient free space on your primary drive (C:\) If you have less that 100GB of free space, the Windows does not have sufficient working storage to operate efficiently. That 250GB SSD may be full and you are out of working storage. With only 8GB of RAM...
  13. clee01l

    Anyone know of any photo library mgmt software alternatives?

    Before I discovered Lightroom and while I still ran Windows I used iMatch
  14. clee01l

    Are 8GB enough for a laptop (with Smart-Previews) ?

    I have an older 13" rMBP. It came with a maximum of 8GB. Performance is acceptable but not ideal Like Victoria, I'd recommend 16GB minimum .
  15. clee01l

    After clicking "Snychronize folder" "Folder not available" is shown?

    When you import images, you (Usually) copy or move them from a Source location to a target destination . The default target destination is a folder in the current logged in users Picture folder. If you do this logged is its Administrator the folder is in the path...
  16. clee01l

    Using Lightroom Classic CC on desktop and laptop

    Before the release of LightroomCC for the desktop, I used a travel catalog for my laptop and a Master catalog for my desktop. I used the scenario that Zenon suggests. Now, I use Lightroom Classic for my Master catalog and Lightroom CC for my laptop. Lightrpopm CC syncs to the Cloud and back...
  17. clee01l

    Switching sides of develop panel

    The left & right Develop panels are fixed and not changeable for "Lefties". You might create a service request at Adobe and get all of the "Lefties" to unite.
  18. clee01l

    Catalog Upgrade Help

    All operating systems except Windows use volume names for external drives. (No drive letters) As long as these volume names remain unchanged, the path to your photos stored in the Lightroom Catalog file will not get broken. You should be fine. The time Lightroom takes to upgrade your old...
  19. clee01l

    After clicking "Snychronize folder" "Folder not available" is shown?

    For the User named "Administrator" the \Users\Administrator\Pictures folder would be the usual folder for Lightroom to store images. The Second reference to the "Pictures" folder. In the warning message is probably telling you that you are (Probably) logged on as some other User other than...
  20. clee01l

    How to move the Catalog.lrcat?

    Either your method or the suggestion by dbvirago will work. After you open the catalog form the new location, a couple of thing may occur. The image path stored in the LR catalog file may be out of date as Windows might rely upon a relative path (that is a path relative to the path to the...
  21. clee01l

    Catalogs Replacing catalog

    Welcome to the forum. A lot depends on how much work you have done with the develop module, keywording and creating collections. If you are willing to re-do that work, then creating a new catalog and importing into one of the date named folder schemes should not take too long. If you...
  22. clee01l

    Best way to prepare custom cropped images for consumer processors

    While I have not use Costco, There is no reason to Adjust the canvas size or to use Photoshop. You simply need to instruct the Photo printer to MOT crop the image. When printed, the image will fall inside the 3:2 paper and there will be a white margin in the long dimension of the paper.
  23. clee01l

    Lightroom Standalone Version 7

    Considering that the current subscription version is Lightroom Classic V8.x and there is no later version of the standalone beyond LR6.14, I would think that you are dealing with misinformation. Adobe announced the discontinuance of the standalone version several years ago. Support for LR6...
  24. clee01l

    Collection Set Shuffle

    I would open all collection sets and drag the subordinate collection to a new collection set
  25. clee01l

    Migration of catalog

    If the images are as you indicate still in the catalog DO NOT re migrate/import. You can with a filter determine which images are in the LRCC catalog and are no longer in the Album(s) Recreate the Album(s) if necessary then Select the photos that are not in the album and drag them to the...