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  1. Jimmsp

    Noise reduction problem

    You could also put a raw file and the resultant jpeg you don't like in something like Dropbox, post the links here and post the settings for both NR and Sharpening. We could take a look and comment.
  2. Jimmsp

    Noise reduction problem

    Basically - no. I have not seen this, nor heard of it. Nor do I have any solutions to try. What are your settings for the NR? Are you looking at the image at 100% , or 1:1, when you make your observations? What if you don't sharpen your image? What happens if you export a tiff?
  3. Jimmsp

    Anyone know of any photo library mgmt software alternatives?

    There is a very active thread on that very topic right now at dpreview Which DAM/Catalog/Library do you use?: Retouching Forum: Digital Photography Review
  4. Jimmsp

    Slideshow module Slideshow and music

    Thanks for clarifying. So you went from two songs to one new song. I will try that when I get a chance - maybe in the next day or two. I'll probably keep the show short enough for two short songs.
  5. Jimmsp

    Slideshow module Slideshow and music

    A clarification for me - does this mean on going from song1 to song 2 that it freezes after song1? Or does it mean you have a show with song 1 and if you change it to song 2 it freezes? And does it do this with different song2s ? BTW - I have only made one slide show with one song with LR 8 so far.
  6. Jimmsp

    Thinking of downgrading from Lightroom CC subscription to a Lightroom 6

    Only you can answer the first question. I use Lightroom Classic CC and I know I would miss a lot. And with Lightroom Classic, you don't have to sync with the cloud at all. I'd consider switching plans to LR Classic for a while before stepping backwards 2 versions.
  7. Jimmsp

    Default sharpening values with LR import

    Basically, the capture phase does not do enough in many circumstance - in fact it is not intended to. See Guide to Image Sharpening for a decent description of the 3 phases. For many of my "average" photos, I just push the Capture sharpening in LR, use more masking, and call it "good enough"...
  8. Jimmsp

    Default sharpening values with LR import

    Johan - I find it interesting, and good, that Nikon has done this. I try to follow the 3 step sharpening process: Capture Sharpening, Creative Sharpening, and Export Sharpening. It seems like a radius of 2 is a bit large for Capture Sharpening, at least by many "experts" who have written...
  9. Jimmsp


    Sorry to be so quick and dirty. Just check the box to limit the file size, and set it at 5000k for 5MB
  10. Jimmsp

    Develop module lot image

    Sometimes resetting LR preference will cure weird behavior. See How do I reset Lightroom's Preferences? | The Lightroom Queen
  11. Jimmsp

    Develop module lot image

    How are you moving modules? If you are in the Library module, and have clicked on a photo, what happens if you type a "d" (for Develop) ?
  12. Jimmsp

    Leaps in technology leaving me lost and overwhelmed in organizing photos!

    I only use Google Photos for some photos for classes I teach. And I use the "free" version - that is the photos there are smaller in size, so not a real back up. But when I take Photos with my phone, an iPhone, I use the LR CC app to control the camera. After it gets uploaded to the cloud, I go...
  13. Jimmsp

    Using the eye dropper for white balance

    It sounds like you were outside - there is a sky in the shot. I often start with LR's "Sunny", then look at "Cloudy". The actual is probably somewhere in between. I then follow what Hal suggested - tweak until it looks right.
  14. Jimmsp

    Dull photos...

    BTW, when you post the raw, please let us know what device you are viewing the photo on. Thanks - and Merry Christmas.
  15. Jimmsp

    Dull photos...

    You will need to post a link to the raw file; perhaps put it on something like Dropbox. I don't see your posted jpeg as "dull", but I'll reserve more comments until after I see the raw.
  16. Jimmsp

    classic cc for desktop won't update

    Also, be sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud and update from there.
  17. Jimmsp

    Blurb: Your Thoughts?

    I have used them quite a few times. Since the books I have printed are more for travel and family memories, I have not been concerned about the optimum quality of the photos. These books are printed for others, not me. However, I view them as quite good, and the convenience of working within LR...
  18. Jimmsp

    Map module Map view will be discontinued on this version of Lightroom

    You should also look at the Open Source package digiKam digiKam It appears to have a map function, and you may be able to run it in parallel with LR.
  19. Jimmsp

    Map module Map view will be discontinued on this version of Lightroom

    Thanks to newMikeman and to Phil for your explanation of "use". For how I shoot and where I shoot, precise GPS might be nice, but it is far from critical. I do some hiking in the mountains, and tours through various towns and field museums. The general location, like name of trail and mountain...
  20. Jimmsp

    Map module Map view will be discontinued on this version of Lightroom

    I ask this in all seriousness - why is mapping so important to you? I may have something to learn. I guess I could see it if you need details on precisely where the photo was taken, such as at street detail. I use it occasionally, for those photos I have GPS info for. My DSLR camera doesn't...
  21. Jimmsp

    How can I remove unused photo files from my large catalog?

    I'm not sure what program you currently use to review and cull. After you get through with this cleanup, I'd suggest that you import all the photos you shoot, review them in LR, and then cull them in LR. You can quickly go through them quite quickly, assign a X (reject) to the ones you want to...
  22. Jimmsp

    How can I remove unused photo files from my large catalog?

    You should read this: The Basics - Quick Start Essentials Note - the LR Catalog does not contain your photos. It is a database that knows where all the photos are. You need to decide what to do with your photos. At a minimum, the first thing you should do is to back them up. Note that a...
  23. Jimmsp

    Predictions on Lr Classic and CC (laptop) interoperability?

    I use two computers - a desktop and a laptop. But I don't use the laptop often; just for a class I teach and when I travel. So I take the brute force approach. I just copy the up-to-date active catalog from one pc to a portable external hard drive, along with an up-to-date copy of the photos...
  24. Jimmsp

    Personal style and workflow getting back to basics

    The simple answer for me is no. I tend to use Adobe Color as a main starting point, and occasionally Adobe Landscape. I generally have some sort of vision on how something should look, so I just use the regular LR tools to get me there. When I want something enhanced - and it generally is only...