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  1. JohanElzenga

    LR error after upgrading to Windows 10

    Looks like your catalog folder is in a Dropbox folder or a similar cloud service. That may have something to do with it. The preview folders show a red icon, meaning they have not completely synced yet.
  2. JohanElzenga

    Smart Previews and Mac HD System Space

    Smart previews are only about 1 MB each, so I find it hard to believe they have anything to do with this problem. Do you use backup software like Apple Time Machine or Carbon Copy Cloner? That software can create a temporary backup file on your hard disk if the destination is unavailable.
  3. JohanElzenga

    Account details

    Have you tried to click on the three dots and select 'Check for App updates'? Have you tried logging out and in?
  4. JohanElzenga

    Synchronize Photos

    Synchronize Folder is just a shortcut for importing a folder that Lightroom already knows. If you get these problems, then you have to ask yourself how come. How did these duplicates get into this folder? Where do these jpeg copies come from? You are the only one who can answer that.
  5. JohanElzenga

    "Edit in Photoshop" command not working

    Or disable the home screen in Photoshop.
  6. JohanElzenga

    Import how to import a folder and its subfolders into LR while preserving the folder structure

    In that case the first solution is to restore your Lightroom catalog from a backup. Reimporting those folders means you will lose all edits and added metadata. If you don’t have a recent enough catalog backup, then the only option left is to reimport all. You should then import the top folder...
  7. JohanElzenga

    Lightroom Classic to Photoshop CC for editing - menus greyed out

    That’s because this is a bug in Photoshop, not in Lightroom.
  8. JohanElzenga

    Import how to import a folder and its subfolders into LR while preserving the folder structure

    That is not the way to do this. When you say 'lost sight', what does that mean? Does Lightroom not show those folders at all, or are they shown as 'missing' (question marks and name in italics)?
  9. JohanElzenga

    transfer DNG files

    Why did you delete the questions about the Lightroom version? Those are important now. If you don't have cloud access, then you will have to connect the phone to the computer with its cable. Your Lightroom version in your personal info says 'CC Cloud' however...
  10. JohanElzenga

    Why do I still have LR5.7

    Lightroom 5 itself would indeed be up to date, because that is outdated and won’t get any updates. You have to install Lightroom Classic CC. That is the latest version of the Lightroom you were using.
  11. JohanElzenga

    Suggestions for reconfiguring disk storage

    Fortunately it is not that bad. If the chance of failure with one drive is say 5%, then the chance of failure of a RAID 0 with two drives is 10%, not 25%.
  12. JohanElzenga

    .HEIC images produce xmp sidecars on import?

    HEIC image import into Lightroom Classic produc... | Adobe Community
  13. JohanElzenga

    lrtemplate to xmp converter?

    Yes, that is the correct folder. There was a problem with certain file names, but as far as I know that has been fixed.
  14. JohanElzenga

    Import photos from iphone into Lightroom "no photos found"

    Maybe, but AFAIK, there were clear update messages when Lightroom Classic was introduced. In fact, even people who shouldn’t have gotten those messages, because they were using Lightroom 6 not CC2015, did get them because of a bug. And the other thing is that if you haven’t seen any updates for...
  15. JohanElzenga

    Exit accidental quit

    Like Jim, I am especially happy with the “Don’t show again” checkbox.
  16. JohanElzenga

    Removing Unused External Editor

    Select the editor behind Preset. Then click on this menu again and choose to delete the preset at the bottom of the menu. You can also go to the Preferences - Presets tab, click the 'Show All Other Lightroom Presets' button, open the folder that is selected and remove the presets you no...
  17. JohanElzenga

    iPad "Open In" File Format?

    The source file is obviously what you selected. If that is a raw file, then the source is raw. Yes, it could be PNG as well, I have no idea. AFAIK, you can't decide it for yourself, unfortunately.
  18. JohanElzenga

    iPad "Open In" File Format?

    No, not a RAW file. A raw file with edits applied would be impossible, because raw files aren't changed. It will be a derivative file with edits applied, so either TIFF or JPEG. No idea which one... To send a raw file you can use Export Original and save it to the Camera Roll. Then Affinity can...
  19. JohanElzenga

    Focus stacking

    In Photoshop (for Windows only). Disabling the home screen seems to work as well.
  20. JohanElzenga

    Focus stacking

    What version of Photoshop? There is a bug in the latest Windows version that causes all kinds of problems when you send images from Lightroom to Photoshop and start Photoshop this way. The work around is to start Photoshop first manually before you do that. Another thing to check is that you...
  21. JohanElzenga

    Lens profile (for Panasonic TZ60)

    This means that the raw file contains an embedded profile, that is always applied by Lightroom. That is why there is no separate profile needed in Lightroom and why ‘Enable Profile Corrections’ does not do anything. Jpegs from the camera obviously have this profile already applied as well. The...
  22. JohanElzenga

    Phishing attempt masquerading as Apple

    It is really easy. I can send you an email that seems to come from ‘[email protected]’. Spammers target the supidest part of the stupids however, so often they don’t even bother.
  23. JohanElzenga

    Lens profile (for Panasonic TZ60)

    Does it perhaps say at the bottom that an embedded profile has already been applied? In that case there is no separate profile.
  24. JohanElzenga

    LR Classic editing issues

    Export the image from Lightroom as jpeg. Then in your web browser, go to Facebook and click on the 'Photo/Video' button below the field for posting.
  25. JohanElzenga

    Phishing attempt masquerading as Apple

    A sender email address can easily be spoofed, so while a strange non-Apple address may give it away for sure, a seemingly correct address does not mean anything. What cannot be spoofed is the link they want you to click on. The real URL can be hidden from sight, but you can easily see check it.