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    Trying to get the exclamation mark off photos ... so I can see them without the harddrive

    Hi there. I'm really trying to organize and get all my photos in lightroom. What do you all find is the best method for travel? I try to bring my harddrive with me, but it's tough ... If the harddrive not plugged in the little exclamation marks appear, even though I made smart previews. Is...
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    Lightroom syncing hard drives/ missing photos

    Hey to you both, Thanks! I thought I checked the lightroom smart previews box ... but my photos still show up blurry and with an exclamation mark. When I go to the import section - the photos are all greyed out because they've already been imported. But I can't work on them with my smart...
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    Lightroom syncing hard drives/ missing photos

    hello all, I’d really like some help on this. I’d like to be able to work with Lightroom on photos that are on a hard drive. I’ve worked and edited them, but would like to be able to access them while I travel without carrying my hard drives around. Is there a way to sync up my external hard...