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  1. Clicio Barroso

    Shooting RAW from now on?!

    Laurel Good decision! :-) Regards,
  2. Clicio Barroso

    IN Camera - sRGB or RGB?

    Laurel, It depends. If you shoot JPEGs *and* you are not going to mess around extensively with the files in Photoshop, shoot using sRGB and send them directly to print in the lab. On the other hand, if you are going to do heavy work in Photoshop, use Adobe RGB and them, after finishing your...
  3. Clicio Barroso

    Histogram readout

    Well, LR works in 16 bit, which means "' to 255" is not enough; on the other hand, 65 plus thousand numbers would be a tragedy to make any sense; which leads us to the percentage presented... I hope it helps! regards,
  4. Clicio Barroso

    How do I enable the 4 new 'Edit In' selections...?

    MusicMan, Make sure you have selected pictures in the Folders panel, and make sure they are available (online, no "?" present). I have just tried with Panorama and HDR and it is working OK. Regards,
  5. Clicio Barroso

    zoom cursor in gradient tool

    Mark, I have been told that some people are having this weird behavior; when using the localized adjustments, the zoom icon (or the hand icon, mixed reports) freezes on the screen, and one can't continue to paint with the tool. Perhaps this is what I Simonius is seeing?
  6. Clicio Barroso

    Copying Collections to Another Catalog

    Hello, welcome to the forum! I usually share the same Smart Collections among my Catalogs; it is just a matter of right_clicking the Smart Collection you want to sync and exporting it ( choose "Export Smart Collection Settings...") to a known folder ( I use the Desktop). After exporting all your...
  7. Clicio Barroso

    Tethered imports while previewing and printing

    Ash, welcome to this forum. I usually shoot tethered, both Nikon and Canon; what if you change the sort order view to *not* show the last imported picture? Usually works. If the "jump" persists, what about showing the editing pictures on a *secondary* monitor to your clients? LR 2.' can use 2...
  8. Clicio Barroso

    Lightroom v2 Camera Tethering

    Surely worked with my 5D. What about the D7'', Rich? I couldn't make it work tethered using your plugin... :-( Regards,
  9. Clicio Barroso

    LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2 & 3

    LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2 Domhnall, Not everything... There are three pictures missing in the end of the horizontal scroll in "portraits"... Sorry...I could not resist! :-)
  10. Clicio Barroso

    What do people think of the beta camera profiles?

    Forget it! 21 Mpx *and* movies! What for? Besides, start your long journey into your deep pockets by buying memory (RAM, HDs, Externals) and storage (CFs, lots of them). You are going to need them... I will keep shooting the girls with the *excelent* results I've been getting from my...
  11. Clicio Barroso

    What do people think of the beta camera profiles?

    Yes indeed, Geoff! The D7'', Geoff. I just fell in love with it, along with a 24~7'mm 2.8 and a 1'5mm Micro VR. GREAT STUFF!!! :p:p:p
  12. Clicio Barroso

    can't move photos around in library????

    Hello, Hilary, most of the times this is because you are working either in "Previous Import" or "All Photographs" instead of "Folders" (last subfolder, always) or "Collections". Regards,
  13. Clicio Barroso

    What do people think of the beta camera profiles?

    Well, Geoff, in fact yes. I have opened the Portrait as a base profile in the Editor, and lowered the red saturation, as well as the magenta. Besides the contrast (some people really like high contrast skin), the profile looks much better (for my taste). By the way, have you seen my new...
  14. Clicio Barroso

    What do people think of the beta camera profiles?

    Well, that has been my choice also. I didn't like Portrait for my Canon 5D (too red, as it has been said), so I kept using Neutral for the 5D and now for the Nikon D7'' also. Then, I tweak it! Regards, :p
  15. Clicio Barroso

    Full Hard drive

    Easy, Woodyard; just move your files/folders to the new external drive from inside Lightroom and it will keep track. If you move them at system level, right-click on the folder (inside the panel Folders in Lightroom) and point the new direction. Good luck!
  16. Clicio Barroso

    Edit in CS3 missing dialog box

    Quantum, In fact you don't have less options, you have *the same* options. Go to Preferences>External Editing and fill all the parameters you need for the RAWs. You can configure CS3 as your secondary editor and save many different presets for your editing in Photoshop. Regards,
  17. Clicio Barroso

    keywords, collections, and smart collections

    No, usually the last word brings the whole hierarchy along, if you keep and export the hierarchy with the images. Yes, they are. And yes, you can create nested sets to handle your complex collections. Yup! Like, I use some SC to keep track of my File Types without filtering. BTW, SCs are a...
  18. Clicio Barroso

    Basic develop presets

    Sorry, Snow, but which keywording issue are you referring to?
  19. Clicio Barroso

    LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2 & 3

    LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2 Sean, It is working fine around here. Is the next one the final release? :-)
  20. Clicio Barroso

    Lightroom v2 Camera Tethering

    Rich; As soon as you have a new release, could you please post it here? I want to keep testing your plugin. Thanks in advance,
  21. Clicio Barroso

    watched folder

    Dave, welcome to this forum! Lightroom has the possibility of importing any file that comes inside a watched folder automatically. You have to turn auto-import on and you have to point to this watched folder, and it works. Cheers!
  22. Clicio Barroso

    nVidia Video Adapter tip

    Brad, very interesting. I wonder if there is anything similar for my MacBookPro? Couldn't find the video panel options...
  23. Clicio Barroso

    Adding to a collection

    Easy; select the images and right-click on the Collection name; there is a choice of adding the selected pictures to this collection. Abraços Clicio
  24. Clicio Barroso

    Sorting by file type

    Well, I Simonius, The filters in the Library will sort by file type. Select All Photographs, filter by each of the file formats and bunch the images into 5 collections: Raw, DNG, PSD, TIFF and JPEG . Once the images are in their right collections, select and move the files to their "real"...
  25. Clicio Barroso

    Lightroom v2 Camera Tethering

    Rich, Thanks for your nice work! But unfortunately... It is still doing the same with my Canon 5D; it works, but not on a burst mode (which in the end turns out to be slower than the EOS Utility/Watched Folder solution). It is perfect for product advertising work, but not for fashion...