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    Here's what I do on my Windows 11 machine and external SSD drives. 1. In the Disk Management tool assign each external disk a name e.g. "Photos master", "Photos backup", "Videos master", "System images" etc. 2. In File Manager create the folder C:\Mounted volumes . You can use a name of your...
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    Lightroom very slow

    I use a Surface Book 2 (circa 2018) which has a much lower specification than @sbv3 s machine. I do not suffer any of the performance issues described by the OP. The only performance issues I have are related to the new AI features in LrC where my old GTX1050 graphics card and older processor...
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    12 month LRC and PS combo Black Friday deals

    Just seen the first BF deal of this year on Amazon UK. £78.99 for Creative Cloud Photography Plan 20GB. Also includes McAfee which I never use...
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    There were n files that could not be moved to the Recycle Bin

    I am running the latest version (13.0.1) of LrC on Windows 11 PRO which is up to date (build 22621.2428). I updated LrC from version 13.0.0 to version 13.0.1 on the 14th October and today tried to delete photos I have flagged for deletion. I select the option to "Delete from Disk" but get an...
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    Sorry, an error occurred

    The report doesn't make much sense. It references the integrated Intel GPU, which as you point out has only 1GB of memory. However, I also have a dedicated NVIDIA GPU which is not mentioned in the crash report. I have not tried turning off the GPU in preferences. I specifically purchased this...
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    Sorry, an error occurred

    OK, I've not used LrC for a few days. Yesterday I updated to LrC version 13 and got exactly the same error message as before. This time I actually looked at the error report although it means little to me. For @Hal P Anderson I've attached the error report generated today, 12th October.
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    Sorry, an error occurred

    LOL. You know what, I never even noticed the "View Report" link in the pop-up error message. In my defence, the real pop-up window is MUCH smaller than I pasted here. Next time it happens I'll be sure to check and post results.
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    Lightroom Not Using GPU

    I'm sorry but I don't believe them. My machine has a GTX 1050 with 2GB of RAM. If I set my preferences to match yours i.e. select "Use GPU for Export" and watch performance monitor I can clearly see that the GPU is being used (peak usage at around 70%). No other apps were open at the time I did...
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    Sorry, an error occurred

    This has been going on for several weeks and is becoming tedious. I don't remember exactly when the issue started or if it's associated with a specific update. I keep getting a pop-up error message entitled "Sorry, an error occurred". See attached screenshot. LrC closes but leaves behind the...
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    Not sure what I'm seeing using a particular filter criterion

    Here's my suspicion. You have the Search + Replace plug in by John Beardsworth ( @johnbeardy ) installed. As far as I know, Lightroom Classic does not have fields marked with an asterisk. These fields are introduced when you have the Search + Replace plug in installed. To get an accurate...
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    Discontinuation of Creative Cloud Synced files

    Firstly, I'm not entirely sure that this is the correct forum in which to post this. If it is in the wrong place, then please move it to somewhere more appropriate. Today, Sunday 30th July, I received an email from Adobe informing me that Creative Cloud Synced files will be discontinued. I'm...
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    I swore I would never do it...

    If you're not in a hurry another thing to consider is to wait for Black Friday and then purchase your subscription from Amazon. In the UK the subscription for the Photography plan is £9.99/month. Last year I paid £72.20 for 12 months or £6.02/month. I consider this to be excellent value for...
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    Upgrading to Win 11 Pro with LrC 12 - any caveats?

    I did an in-place upgrade from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 11 Pro without issues. For reference, I use a Surface Book 2.
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    how to restore lightroom classic from a backup

    Does this help -
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    Replacing LR5 with similar product - assume Classic

    Obviously, a bit late for this year but look out for subscription Black Friday deals. In the UK the monthly subscription is £9.99 per month. Over the Black Friday period there was an offer on the photography plan for £79.99 for 12 months. You can purchase these, as I did, and add them to your...
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    What does this mean? I want to move photos.....

    I've always had an issue with the wording used in this dialog box. To me, the wording implies that once you make the move you cannot make another move. Through experience I know this not to be the case. You also clearly understand the meaning of the wording. However, if someone were new to LrC...
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    Typing speed and keyword search delays

    I think the question here needs to be clarified. To quote @becksnyc directly - "I use the keyword search box often". I read that as the search box in the Keyword List panel and not keyword entry in the Keywording panel. Unchecking the option to "Auto-complete text in Keyword Tags field" under...
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    Reset Preferences to Fix LR Slowdown

    Just an update from me following my previous post. After updating to the latest version of LrC, i.e. 11.4, on the 14th June my experience of LrC has greatly improved. I am still running the same version of the graphics driver (latest version 512.96) as when I was experiencing a whole host of...
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    How to copy Geo Location data among photos - possible? Best Practices?

    Hi John, some interesting background information. Thanks for that. For me, I don't need to adhere to any standards. As long as I'm consistent in the way I distinguish between where the camera was and what is being photographed then all is good. I suspect it's the same for most users. However, if...
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    Reset Preferences to Fix LR Slowdown

    GPU setting is set to Auto. Right now LrC is reporting through the performance tab in preferences that "Your system automatically supports full acceleration." The NVIDIA GEForce Experience app reports that I am running version 512.96 of the Studio Driver dated 23/05/2022 and that it is up to...
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    How to copy Geo Location data among photos - possible? Best Practices?

    I use the GPS coordinates to determine where the photo was taken from, not necessarily what is actually in the photo. To complement that I have a keyword hierarchy which identifies what is actually in the photo and where it is. I then combine those with Title and Description. For me, the key is...
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    Reset Preferences to Fix LR Slowdown

    I'm obviously not the OP but I'm just about to reset my preferences again after having only done it about a week ago. I'm running LrC latest version and fully up to date Windows 11. Anecdotaly, I haven't kept a record, I'd say the quality of Lightroom is getting worse. I've been a Lightroom user...
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    Smart collection for Hi-res files?

    Thanks John, I'll experiment with your suggestions and see what works best :)
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    Smart collection for Hi-res files?

    Hi, thanks for the idea but it doesn't help. I can shoot both Hi-res and "normal" resolution photos with the same camera. To clarify, maybe I should have done this in my original post, the camera has a 20MP sensor and I take "normal" 20MP RAW images. The camera also has a handheld high...