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  1. mlondon

    Thumbnails for photos stored in Dropbox Online Only Files not showing up in Lightroom Classic

    This is a timely thread for me as I have been wondering about using Dropbox's Online-only setting for my images as well. I do not have the OP's problem of only seeing thumbnails in Lightroom, nor am I trying to use Lightroom on more than one computer. I'm using LR 11.5 on macOS 12.6 and...
  2. mlondon

    Export to

    Does anyone have a good workflow suggestion to export a jpeg to the on macOS? Even better would be able to access the Mac's Share feature and be able to send the jpeg to other apps which can be accessed via Share. I dont see any way to do this using an Export Preset. Thank you.
  3. mlondon

    File Management advice needed

    My apologies for not mentioning this earlier. There are extra files in many of the dated folders. They aren't really organized at all... No, I've been using this dated folder structure for more than a decade (hence the "extras"). The images that are not in Lightroom ARE in many of the same...
  4. mlondon

    File Management advice needed

    Hi Johan, Do you mean by just dragging them in to a new sub-folder? If yes, then one problem with this is that my PHOTO_MASTERS is organized by Year/Month (ie: 2021/01, 2021/02, etc), so if I drag everything to a new folder I will loose my hiercachy.
  5. mlondon

    File Management advice needed

    Hi, I'm finally getting around to moving my old Aperture library (~150,000 images) into Lightroom Classic and need a bit of advice regarding file management. Here is my scenario: - All of my images (from my current LR catalog and my Aperture library) were in a PHOTO_MASTERS folder - Over 15...
  6. mlondon

    Need advice for professional workflow using LR-Classic with LR-CC for iOS+iPad

    I'm a professional photographer using LR-Classic. I need the flexibility of the desktop based solution rather than LR-CC as I can customize for my specific needs (ability to rename files on import, storage on fast local RAID, advanced developing and printing, etc.). However I would love to be...
  7. mlondon

    Catalogs Cloud Catalogue Backup/Sync

    (My question is different from the OP as I am only using LR on a single computer, but as this thread is current, I thought best not to start a new one.) I currently keep all my LR files (Catalog, Previews, Masters, etc) on my local drive. However I am on the road for an extended period of time...
  8. mlondon

    Hi! Convert from Aperture - Advanced, yet Beginner

    Hi All, My name is Matthew. I'm a professional photographer/author/publisher about to release my book The Spirit of Tea ( I was an Aperture user for years, and even was certified to teach Aperture. I used the application to edit over 120,000 images I made for my book, and...