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  1. johnrellis

    Questions on Metadata + Filtering

    My Any Vision plugin (which uses Google Cloud Vision to analyze photos) gives you some more options: - A photo's labels are searchable in a custom metadata field but not applied as keywords. - A photo's labels are applied as keywords, which are created under under a parent keyword you specify...
  2. johnrellis

    Problem importing images from iPhone fixed

    You were tripping over this bug, where LR and Camera Raw couldn't handle a new color profile that Apple apps have started using: It...
  3. johnrellis

    Auto button in develop module weirdness

    At some point, Adobe renamed Auto Tone to Auto Settings:
  4. johnrellis

    Export Plug-in Extras: How can I change the default file settings?

    Preferences of plugins using the standard LR preference mechanism are stored in the LR preferences file. They are not removed when a plugin is disabled or uninstalled.
  5. johnrellis

    Trying to search specifically the metadatafield Instructions

    Any Filter does indeed allow you to search IPTC Instructions. When you can't find a field (understandable, given there are currently 838), use the magnifying glass: Alternatively, use your browser's Find On Page command to search the entire listing...
  6. johnrellis

    LrClassic - search entire catalog - just metadata - no Previews

    An alternative to smart collections and the Library Filter bar's text search is to use the Keyword List. Type all or part of the keyword you're looking for in the Filter Keywords box, then hover the mouse over the desired keyword, and click the arrow to the right of the keyword that magically...
  7. johnrellis

    Metadata for time of last edit

    Very good point -- it's the same issue as with the Search Replace Transfer plugin and Edit Count. If you use Any Filter > Search and uncheck the option Show Results Using A Library Filter, that won't change Edit Time or Edit Count. But there's not much advance to that over using smart...
  8. johnrellis

    Metadata for time of last edit

    "I am looking for a way to display the time of last edit in the metadata panel" There is no way to do that with either built-in commands or a plugin. The Metadata Viewer plugin won't be able to display the catalog's Edit Time -- it can only display what's recorded in the file's metadata, and...
  9. johnrellis

    View / Hide Sub Folder Images

    I acquired the habit years ago of setting the volume on my speakers to 0 unless I explicitly want to listen to something. Too many operating systems and apps think it's absolutely urgent to let me know that they're confused (or I'm confused :->), annoying my coworkers and wife.
  10. johnrellis

    Metadata for time of last edit

    Building on the previous replies, other options that might help: - In addition to smart collections' Edit Time, you can sort Library Grid view by it -- do View > Sort > Edit Time. Note that LR's "Edit Time" is the last time any develop setting or any metadata field was changed (e.g. color label...
  11. johnrellis

    Can't update this collection. An internal error has occurred: assertion failed!

    Are there videos being published? LR 13.1 broke the publishing of videos by all plugins: LR 13.2 is due very soon (this week?). If it doesn't fix this bug, please add...
  12. johnrellis

    View / Hide Sub Folder Images

    "Using the Plug-In I configured Alt + q... as the shortcut. ... I get a warning sound every time I enter the short cut." Alt is the standard Windows accelerator key for the top-level menus. E.g. you can type Alt+F E to invoke File > Export. When you type Alt + Q, Windows sees there is no...
  13. johnrellis

    View / Hide Sub Folder Images

    LR does allow shortcuts to be assigned to Library > Show Photos in Subfolders, so you could use Any Shortcut to assign one: You could also use the free, widely used Autohotkey Windows utility to assign a shortcut. Autohotkey is robust and very featureful but with a steeper learning curve.
  14. johnrellis

    Mac OS 12 or Mac OS 13 on a 2017 iMac?

    LR should run reasonably well on your Mac and GPU (except for Denoise). 4GB of graphics memory is enough for Mac OS 13. I definitely recommend upgrading to Mac OS 13 (Mac OS 14 is the latest but not compatible with your computer). LR is very sensitive to bugs in graphics drivers (of which...
  15. johnrellis

    Warning Messages-Collections

    I assume you're referring to this message: Go to Preferences > General and click Reset All Warning Dialogs at the bottom of the window. You'll have to click Don't Show Again to make other warnings disappear again.
  16. johnrellis

    Caps in filename

    As far as we know. But as I warned above, there could still be circumstances in which LR compares the catalog's file name with the file name on disk, sees that they are different (using its standard case-sensitive compare), and then does something screwy. We don't know of any such...
  17. johnrellis

    Caps in filename

    But only in those circumstances where LR decides to write an entirely new copy of the file, not when it updates the file in place. No, the Metadata > Read Metadata From File command doesn't notice the change in case of the extension. The reason is that the command uses the file name recorded in...
  18. johnrellis

    Reverting AFTER "import settings from disk" ???

    Unfortunately, some key operations can't be undone with the Undo command. But you can recover the previous settings: Take each photo in turn into Develop. In the History panel in the left column, click on the previous history step: Since there are just 60 photos to be repaired, doing it...
  19. johnrellis

    Caps in filename

    Here's a screen recording showing Save To Metadata changing the extension back from .jpg to .JPG:
  20. johnrellis

    Caps in filename

    Whether the name on disk changes depends on whether LR decides to update the metadata in the existing file in place or write out a new copy of the file and rename it. Typically if the total size of the metadata increases, LR will write out a new copy.
  21. johnrellis

    Caps in filename

    I agree with Hal's analysis. However, I strongly recommend not changing the case of file names -- LR is schizoid about the case of file paths. Most disk volumes storing photos used by LR users are case-insensitive, while a small fraction are case-sensitive. To handle both kinds of volumes...
  22. johnrellis

    Workflow disrupted by protected images (Mac/LR Classic) - any solution?

    Also, I tested LR versions 12.5 and 10.4, and they behaved the same, preserving the read-only flag.
  23. johnrellis

    Workflow disrupted by protected images (Mac/LR Classic) - any solution?

    That should be: hold down Opt, and do File > Show Inspector.
  24. johnrellis

    Workflow disrupted by protected images (Mac/LR Classic) - any solution?

    I just tested this and LR 13.1 / Mac retains the read-only attribute for imported/copied files when importing from an ExFAT volume. Finder has a double-secret hidden command that lets you unlock all the files at once. Before importing into LR, navigate to the folder containing all the pics on...
  25. johnrellis

    Plugin to re-publish selected images

    [This post contains formatting and embedded images that don't appear in email. View the post in your Web browser.] The Publish Collections of my Any Source plugin can do this: 1. Run Publish Collections to find all collections that LR (probably spuriously) thinks needs republishing: 2. Click...