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  1. Jim Wilde


    Have you ever tried using the Adobe Lightroom Downloader?
  2. Jim Wilde


    This typically happens when/if the synced LrC catalog is changed, in that situation the new synced LrC catalog will download the entire cloud contents and if that included smart previews synced from the first LrC catalog then the "downloaded-smart-previews" folder would be created.
  3. Jim Wilde

    Lightroom "Cloud" and Local Storage: possibility for virtual copies

    In the local mode you do have the option to duplicate a locally-stored image, which creates a full copy of the original (with "-2" appended to the filename). Similar to the duplicate option in the Cloud mode, but obviously the local duplicate wouldn't impact your cloud space.
  4. Jim Wilde

    Upgrade from Monterey to Ventura or Sonoma with latest version of LR 7.1

    I would suggest updating to the latest version of the latest MacOS, i.e. Sonoma 14.3.1 However, looking at your intended use, I have to ask if you have purchased the correct subscription plan? Using Lightroom 7.x with only 20GB of cloud space will likely be a major problem unless you are...
  5. Jim Wilde

    Updated to Lightroom v.7.1.2, I now can't find my self-created presets

    Is the subscription new. i.e. did you sign up for that subscription in order to update from your Lightroom 6 something, or were you running that Lightroom 6 something under that subscription plan? We just need to clarify what you have upgraded from, as there are two possibilities: 1. You have...
  6. Jim Wilde

    LRC seems to be syncing to cloud all my photos since start of '24. - not just collections? help

    If syncing from the cloud to LrC you have no control at all, apart from pausing the sync process (which really is no solution at all). If syncing from LrC to the cloud, the user has total control over which files sync and which do not.
  7. Jim Wilde

    LrC folder placement and VC creation for duplicates out of LrD/Cloud

    It's probably related to the fact that a VC can only be associated with the master in the same folder, i.e. you cannot move a VC to a different folder whilst leaving the master in the original folder. It would therefore seem that when the sync downloads folder in LrC is different to the folder...
  8. Jim Wilde

    LRC seems to be syncing to cloud all my photos since start of '24. - not just collections? help

    Just be aware that if the images are syncing from LrC to the cloud, then NONE of that 20GB allowance would be used. LrC only uploads Smart Previews, which do not count against the cloud allowance. So you can (and many users do) sync ALL the images in the LrC catalog to the cloud without any fear...
  9. Jim Wilde

    Lightroom Desktop allows Local images on a removable (camera card) drive to be edited.

    It really depends on which of the 2 issues you are addressing here: 1. Regarding the CFExpress issue, which affects LrC as well as LrD Local, I would love to see that addressed. I stopped using my (faster) CFExpress cards to import from (into LrC mainly) as soon as I discovered the problem...
  10. Jim Wilde

    Lightroom Desktop allows Local images on a removable (camera card) drive to be edited.

    And that's likely the problem. I posted a week or so ago in response to a thread on the community forum (I think) that there seems to be a difference when inserting a card that has the usual camera-generated DCIM folder, versus inserting a card (ordinary CF card in my testing) which doesn't have...
  11. Jim Wilde

    Migrate to Cloud App Without Develop History? Why?

    You're missing two things: 1. The basic Photography Plan is only $9.99 per month, same as the Lightroom plan that you've chosen. So for the same price you could have Lightroom Classic (the direct descendant of LR1-6), plus Photoshop, and all the Lightroom products, but only 20GB of cloud space...
  12. Jim Wilde

    Lightroom Classic Sync is stuck

    That is NOT "clearing the cache", that would be deleting your entire cloud image library. What cache are you trying to clear? If LrC syncing is stuck and you've been unable to fix that, the next stage is usually to "rebuild sync data" (which is a cache that LrC uses for syncing information...
  13. Jim Wilde

    Keyboard / Mouse suggestions

    I use the same MX Master 3 mouse, connected via Bluetooth, not dongle.
  14. Jim Wilde

    Sync Fresh migration into Lr Classic from Lr Desktop/Cloud

    Another thing to understand that downloading from a logged-in portal is different than downloading from a logged-out portal. For one thing, the logged-in portal has no album download option, but does have more options for downloading individual images. The logged-out portal has a full album...
  15. Jim Wilde

    Sync Fresh migration into Lr Classic from Lr Desktop/Cloud

    You're not the only one who's unclear about what metadata gets exported/displayed in different situations, it's a minefield. Exporting out of cloud software is generally OK, but downloading out of LrWeb is a mess (and seems to change in various ways between testing efforts, not helped by the...
  16. Jim Wilde

    Sync Fresh migration into Lr Classic from Lr Desktop/Cloud

    My version of the "Hybrid Cloud Workflow" differs somewhat to that used by Cletus, which isn't an issue. There's no standard hybrid methodology, it's up to all of us who venture into that space to figure it out for ourselves (and if you put 10 people into a room and asked them to define their...
  17. Jim Wilde

    Nikon Z series pixel shift - supported in LrC 13?

    I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that @RikkFlohr revealed that information on the Adobe Community forum a day or so ago.
  18. Jim Wilde

    Import Issue

    That screenshot shows that although you have selected 25 photos, you have not yet "checked" any of them for import (i.e. click the small box top left of any one of the selected thumbnails). Once that is done, the "Import" button should become active.
  19. Jim Wilde

    Sync Fresh migration into Lr Classic from Lr Desktop/Cloud

    Yes, that's all correct. Yes, you've got that straight....basically, when originals in LrC have not been synced and those originals are added to the cloud vial one of the Lightroom apps, those originals will automatically be scheduled to sync down to LrC. However, LrC's standard duplicates...
  20. Jim Wilde

    Sync Fresh migration into Lr Classic from Lr Desktop/Cloud

    I'm not sure what @Califdan is seeing wrong with the proposed methodology, but no doubt he will explain in due course. A brief set of answers to your questions: 1. Downloader.....don't even think about going there. 2a - that would be sensible, not doing that could result in every image in the...
  21. Jim Wilde

    Creative Cloud App, where will I find it?

    No, nothing to worry about. See this article:
  22. Jim Wilde

    Lightroom in a business environment

    Another Lightroom Desktop option would be collaborative editing, i.e. put the images to be collaborated on into an album then share that album with all the other users in the group (setting the "Can Edit" switch). All users would be able to see the work of all the others, and could use the...
  23. Jim Wilde

    Remove "Creative Cloud Files Personal Account" folder?

    The "Creative Cloud Files" folders on my MBP and MacMini have been replaced with "Creative Cloud Files Personal Account" folders, the purpose of which escapes me.
  24. Jim Wilde

    Odd behaviour to correct capture dates on old photos

    When using the first radio button there's a difference between having one or multiple photos selected. With only one photo selected, the dialog is straightforward: However, when multiple photos are selected, the text above the radio button changes to this: So @Califdan is correct, i.e...