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  1. clee01l

    Retrieving images from old CD/DVDs

    You might order a new drive from Amazon. They have a 30 day return policy in the US that is fairly liberal.
  2. clee01l

    Upgrading from LR 6 to?

    The current version of LR6 is Lightroom Classic. It is currently version 13.x and is available as a subscription that includes photoshop v 24. So you would no longer need PSE. LrC will read your LR6 catalog file and write out a v13 catalog file. If your hardware supports it, you should upgrade...
  3. clee01l

    Selecting images with two keywords

    A more complex Smart Collection can be constructed to return images that contain either "Mary" or "Bill" as well as "Mary" and "Bill".
  4. clee01l

    Monitor hood for Apple Studio display 27”

    My 32" ASUS Pro Art monitor came with one. I never installed it. If you work is a well lit room without harsh glare, I can't see where you would need one. If I thought my 32" hood would fit I'd give it away.
  5. clee01l

    Photo Restoration Neural Filter in Photoshop Workflow

    I’ve not used the neural filter. But my trips to Photoshop from LrC only uses the “with Lightroom Adjustments IF I have made Lightroom Adjustments otherwise I use one of the other two. I send an original only if this is a derivative or I can use the Save As to save a derivative out of Photoshop...
  6. clee01l

    LRC exclusively on mac, but has infiltrated my work PC in onedrive

    I think Windows is telling you that the Pictures folder is a system folder. Apps that use the pictures folder inspect a system environment variable to determine where the folder named “Pictures” is located. And that is the key. There must be a folder named “Pictures” or Windows will create one ...
  7. clee01l

    Sleep time shifting for Astrophotography, Sunrise, etc.?

    When I was (young) in Vietnam, everyone in the squad pulled guard duty for a part of the night. You got used to being waked up in the middle of the night to take your turn looking for “Charlie” and then getting back to sleep before dawn. Now that I am older, in my 70s, I have “other” reasons...
  8. clee01l

    Yet another cache question...

    I thought Paul addressed that issue. Previews cache was a problem but now not so much. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. clee01l

    Cannon ball triangles

    Have you checked the Lightroom sync section in preferences for sync errors? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. clee01l

    Sync Sync issues causing repeated LrC crash during Rebuild Sync Data

    Are you checking the preferences section for sync errors? Periodically I find that sync hangs for no apparent reason. If it is just one or two images, remove them temporarily from syncing collections and All sync photos to clear the sync errors. Also never sync videos. They are always a...
  11. clee01l

    Yet another cache question...

    I did read the original and responded to it with an alternative to eyeballing 12k records. Until Adobe decides to add Sensei to LrC, syncing 12,000 images to the free smart previews in The Adobe cloud and taking advantage of Sensei in Lr might solve the problem. I also suggested that a Smart...
  12. clee01l

    Running Windows On Mac.... Welcome some expet advice.

    I don’t think it matters Micrsoft attempted to stop updating Access in 2017. But backed down when users complained. It is clear that they want it to go away. LibreOffice Base has been mentioned as an alternative. If I were in need of a database, I would opt for a real database like SQLlite...
  13. clee01l

    Yet another cache question...

    Sensei might work there too. I searched on “backyard”, “arboretum”, Fredericksburg and Bellaire. All locations not necessarily keyworded or located on a map. I got good returns from each. I do not know if any images were missed but I think it beats eyeballing 12K images that you have not...
  14. clee01l

    I cant find my raw images or their edits

    As a group the images show up in the Recently Added special Collection under All Photos. There you can select them and assign them to albums You can use the iPhone as a removable device and import directly from there. However it is probably simpler to Copy the Lr Local image to an album in...
  15. clee01l

    Running Windows On Mac.... Welcome some expet advice.

    My Word app is v16.82. It has macros (I don't know if you can copy Windows macros to Word on a Mac but you could create them. I don't use an office product enough to require macros So I can't comment on their functionality. My Fusion License is v10, current version is v13.x and a special...
  16. clee01l

    Yet another cache question...

    Sensei Search in Lightroom Desktop will find all city images in seconds. Since Images since FROM your master catalog do not consume any of your 20GB storage plan, you could do the search there. I just tried it in Lr Desktop with my 15K images in the Adobe Cloud. Most are Smart Preview...
  17. clee01l

    Running Windows On Mac.... Welcome some expet advice.

    You’ll need to give some valid reasons for not using VMware. I tried parallels and Boot camp and decided that VMware was most convenient and easiest to use. Office has a Mac option. I use the Mac versions of Office transparently. I have weaned myself from all other windows apps. SoI no longer...
  18. clee01l

    Save photos from iPad to external hard drive via PC with Lightroom 7.1.2 and Windows 10 Home

    you probably need to familiarize your self with how Lightroom Classic works.
  19. clee01l

    Save photos from iPad to external hard drive via PC with Lightroom 7.1.2 and Windows 10 Home

    There are two Lightrooms Lightroom for the iPad is called Lightroom Mobile. On the PC it is called Lightroom Desktop. Adobe offers a more mature product called Lightroom Classic for the PC. If you use the Lightroom Classic app, you can import from the iPad to an external disk using the...
  20. clee01l

    Collections Hierarchy Export

    If things go wrong is the reason you create backup catalogs. If you are not making regular backup catalogs, you only have yourself to blame. If you are making backup catalogs, you’ve done all you need to protect your data. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. clee01l

    Labels not imported when importing catalog

    Until we hear from the OP, this will not be clear. CalifDan has asked the relevant questions. To get labels in the master catalog, you must use the “Import from another catalog”. To get the correct labels to show you must use the same Color Label Set for both catalogs. Sent from my iPhone...
  22. clee01l

    LRC seems to be syncing to cloud all my photos since start of '24. - not just collections? help

    LrC sync can be paused by clicking on the cloud icon on the right top bar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. clee01l

    Export Plug-in Extras: How can I change the default file settings?

    Thanks for clearing that up. Resetting Preferences then should clear out the old plugin information.
  24. clee01l

    Import already edited IOS photo to Lightroom Mobile

    I think it depends on what the Photos app send it, I use the Auto Import feature in Lightroom to an Album I have assigned to receive images for the iPhone camera I always get the As Shot image file whether it is HEIC or RAW DNG. If you are getting a JPEG when you import to the Lightroom app...
  25. clee01l

    Export Plug-in Extras: How can I change the default file settings?

    The Preferences file is an ASCII text file you can open it and read the contents with any text edit app. Aloe you remove Plugins via the Plugin Manager. It would be reasonable tho assume the Plugin Manager would remove any plugin settings fro the catalog or the Preferences file (wherever they...