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  1. lnicole

    Get Rid Of Preserved File Name

    I am a professional digital graphics creator. I rename my graphics in Lightroom before publishing them in collections and I DO NOT wish for the Preserved File Name to be in my final files I sell to customers! I didn't notice that this is a (relatively) new feature in Lightroom until today. I...
  2. lnicole

    Export files with keywords - to re-import files

    Hi all, I'm running into a problem. I wasn't sure if I should post here or in Workflow, but as it deals mainly with export - I'll post here. I have vintage image scan Photoshop documents that I have keyworded in Lightroom. I need to export these to my assistant to retouch in Photoshop and then...
  3. lnicole

    Production Flow organization using LR, PS and assistants

    I could really use some help using LR to organize my production of scanned images. My Current Situation: I scan a high volume of vintage images that I need to send via Dropbox to my assistants to retouch. Right now, I have folders on my hard drive, folders on Dropbox, and then I have files in...
  4. lnicole

    Export and Re-import / replace photos

    Hello, I need to send a batch of images to my assistant for editing. I will then want to re-import and replace the edited files. Is this possible? Thank you Lightroom 3.
  5. lnicole

    Upgrade to Lightroom 3 Now getting Metadata alert

    I just upgraded to Lightroom 3 yesterday from Lightroom 2. I'm getting an exclamation mark on certain photos. When I click it, it says And it gives me an option to Import Settings From Disc or Overwrite Settings. Why is it doing this and what should I do? Im on a Mac OS 10.6.8 Thank you.
  6. lnicole

    Lock a Photo from being deleted?

    I know I can lock a document from the finder (Mac), but can I lock a photo to prevent it from being deleted in Lightroom? I just accidentally trashed my final version of a few files - I have them backed up, but it was just aggravating. I do color label my finals, but I wasn't paying enough...
  7. lnicole

    change version of Photoshop to open with?

    I've been trying out CS5 for the last 3' days - will definitely be upgrading soon, but for now, need to go back to CS4. I can't figure out how to make Lightroom open up in CS4 again. I've looked at catalog and preference settings, I tried to see if I could change the photo / edit in. What can...
  8. lnicole

    Apply several layers of filters to search?

    This must be an obvious thing, but after half an hour searching the adobe help and here, I'm not seeing it. I have a catalog of textures I've created that I sort several different ways. Ratings, collections, keywords, etc. I've also set a flag to indicate the one's I've published to zenfolio...
  9. lnicole

    Backing up dng files

    So, I'm clear on backing up my raw files on import, I'm clear on backing up my catalogs, but I'm not clear about creating backups of my .dng files once they are in Lightroom. Do I need to manually do this? Just remember now and again to back up my actual files? Do I export them or do I copy from...
  10. lnicole

    Re-size an Image in Lightroom?

    This seems like a basic question, but I can't find the exact answer I'm looking for. :-) I'm organizing my textures database. I make textures and I usually need to do some editing on the textures I've photographed. I've been doing most of the edits in Photoshop and then saving that - but it's...
  11. lnicole

    Saving different versions - New catalog?

    When I finish a piece, I immediately make a flattened sRGB version for my RedBubble site and a web portfolio version. How should this fit into my work flow? Right now, I'm just duplicating the image when I have it open and saving it to a folder outside the catalog. I'm sure there is a better...
  12. lnicole

    Hanging on start up

    There must be a topic on this already, but my searches aren't turning up anything. I'm trying to start up Lightroom and it's just hanging. Worked fine yesterday. First time trying to start today, it asked me if I wanted to do the weekly back-up. I said yes. It seemed to be doing its thing and...
  13. lnicole

    start number of importing files

    This is a little thing that is annoying and I'm sure there must be some setting I can't find to change it. When I'm shooting in the studio, I download my flash card to the computer to see how things are, then I want to photograph more. It drives me wild that LR doesn't remember the sequence to...
  14. lnicole

    Reinstalled Lightroom 2 now can't open in Photoshop

    I just did a clean install of OS 1'.6. I've installed CS3 and Lightroom 2. My files and catalogs are in the same place they were on the external drive. The catalog opens fine in Lightroom, but now it won't open the file in Photoshop From Lightroom. Anyone know what could be wrong? Thank you.
  15. lnicole

    Painfully Slow

    I did a search and this topic has been discussed, but I didn't really find a solution so forgive me for re-hashing. I love working from Lightroom to Photoshop, but when I do, my entire system will gradually slow to a painful crawl. You'd think I was working on an old G3! I know it would be...
  16. lnicole

    Strategy for using stars, flags and color labels

    Is there a good description written up for a good strategy for using flags, stars and color labels? As I understand it, picks are limited to folders / collections. What is your fist level of rating, the stars? then the flags? Are you using flags to say this is my final pick? I think I started...
  17. lnicole

    Search by Location in Metadata?

    Maybe I'm just not seeing this, but I can't figure out if I can search / filter images based on the Location Metadata? I want to know if I'm being redundant creating keywords for places. Thanks.
  18. lnicole

    The one Big catalog vs smaller debate

    I've started archiving 8 years of digital photos with Lightroom and I'm still trying to decide on my strategy. I've been reading a lot on the internet of different photographer's systems. Some are quite complicated! From my experience working in Pro photo labs and as the archivist for a product...
  19. lnicole

    Catalog handling

    Back more than 1' years ago, I developed and maintained the photo archives for a product photo studio I worked for. we used Canto's Cumulus. I also used their single user version for some time for my personal work. I stopped using it when OSX came out as I didn't like their changes. Anyway - to...
  20. lnicole

    Folder Moving problems

    Hi, just started using Lightroom. I've been going through the online classes at Kelby Training and I've also read (most of) the starter kit and Gotcha's here. So, I guess I'm still not clear on the import dialogue box because it's creating a new 2''9 folder every time I import, so I moved the...