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    Probably is also photo dependent - at least I have observed that so far.
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    I should have been more specific and included the OP in my comment. I have processed different raw files with different sizes, and of course the smaller ones process faster. But nothing like 18 hrs for 100 images, or 10.8 minutes per image. I'll have to check some, along with Topaz times.
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    I think these comparisons will be more informative if we also knew the pixel size of the image.
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    Using a laptop in place of a desktop

    I do. When my desktop couldn't run Win 11 and I needed a much better GPU for LR & PS, I decided to wait on upgrading it. I bought a high end gaming laptop from Dell, Intel Gen 8 cpu, and upped the RAM and GPU performance. I also added a Dell Docking station which connects to a Thunderbolt 4. It...
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    Slide Show Question

    Cletus - thanks for the clarification. I didn't know if there was the equivalent of a EOF that carried the command to repeat. I'll have to look at a couple of players I have. This mp4 will be played by someone else, so I will need to find out what they have. Jim
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    Slide Show Question

    I will create a Slide Show in Lightroom Classic, check the box that says "repeat slide show", and save it as an MP4. Will that MP4 continuously play with any video player on a Windows pc? Or will it only play continuously on certain players? Or none at all? BTW, I created a slideshow last...
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    Need to restart to start syncing

    I still see this issue about 1/2 the time. I have not had the same volume issue that you seem to have. I tend to sync only a few photos at a time (10-50) from my iPhone to my desktop LR Classic. I have sometimes had to check with LR Cloudy to be sure everything actually made it to the cloud. If...
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    Generative Expand in Photoshop v25.1

    Actually I had to do that yesterday for both PS and PS Beta. I did it by removing the Settings folder (sent to desktop as a backup just in case ..) I had encountered a different (unknown) error - of not opening a file it had opened the day before. Life is good, and Generative Fill and Expand...
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    Greetings from Arizona!

    Lots of fine folks here. Welcome. Where are you in AZ? I am in Green Valley.
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    Rebuild catalog?

    Good point. my .lrcat (current v13 catalog) which has been upgraded from vers 2 to 13 is 2.19 GB for 181,200 photos which are about 5TB in disk size.
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    Rebuild catalog?

    I rarely use the cloud and am far from a cloud expert. I sync my photos, then store the ones I want on my hard drive. I then routinely delete photos from the cloud. I understand your concern though. I just thought that if the new catalog, call it #2, replaced photos in the cloud, that if I...
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    Blurb will not download from book module

    The download starts then gets halfway and stops then gives me an error message that it can't download and try again. Any Ideas ? ------------------------------------------------------ You seem to have covered all the fixes on the user/sender side. It might be a problem on the receiver/Blurb...
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    Rebuild catalog?

    Dan, I have no answers to your main questions - but they are good ones. And I have no experience with the concerns 1 to 4. You may be asking questions that the software jocks never even considered. But I am an experimentalist. I would first clone the drive containing the old catalog. Then I...
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    For BIF and sports photographers - how do you cull and edit photos taken with many fps of the same subject

    My process is very similar; you have summarized it well. I try to purge my "Maybe's" a couple of times, even after 2-3 years. Your club has a lot of members, including me. And many of those who claim success are often shooting larger, slower flying birds. I have also added anything that flies...
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    For BIF and sports photographers - how do you cull and edit photos taken with many fps of the same subject

    I shoot the same way when "out in the wild". However, remember the OP's subject & question related to his grandchildren. Many of us will treat family photos different from everything else. The elephant today looks quite like the elephant I shot last year and may shoot next year. A (young)...
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    For BIF and sports photographers - how do you cull and edit photos taken with many fps of the same subject

    Been there, done that. :) I would add air shows to the same list. Anyway, for the grandkids Califdan' s list is pretty complete. However, I would add "facial expression" right after eyes. For the kids, I have always wanted smiles as well as looks of surprise and happiness. I also often...
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    New HDR — Why?

    An excellent question. To preface this, I am primarily a hobbyist photographer who produces the occasional educational video. I have SD monitors for my pc. I have taken a lot of HDR photos using the standard 3 photos, 0,+-2 . Occasionally I shoot sets of 5, where I am at +- 3 for the extremes...
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    PS Beta, LR and Generative Fill

    Same for me. And LR can send a photo to PS directly.
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    Failure to send images to PS

    My system works with the latest update of Photoshop, 2024. Also try cmd+E from LR after selecting a photo. Jim
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    Lightroom Camera App on Smart Phones advertising 40-60 megapixel sensors

    Thanks - a good article. I currently shoot a iphone 12, and 80% of my shots are using the Lightroom Mobile app to control the camera. I always output a DNG. Then, I sync my phone shots with my pc Lightroom Classic, and move the shots I want to keep to other folders on my hard drive. I soon...
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    Lightroom Camera App on Smart Phones advertising 40-60 megapixel sensors

    From another forum, I found someone who was able to send me a 48MP photo , dng format, from his Apple 15 Pro Max. It is 50MB in size per LRC. This is what I was looking for. The latest LRC only shows a Apple ProRaw profile available. I'm not sure what app he used to acquire the photo. It will be...
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    Lightroom Camera App on Smart Phones advertising 40-60 megapixel sensors

    I am interested in getting a new smart phone , say new Samsung, Apple 15 or the new Pixel 8 (coming next week). The top ones all advertise v large sensors, and independently that they can output raw photos in a .dng format. But the more I dig into actual use, I keep reading that the .dng you...
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    Just Pondering

    Actually, I have seen the other speculation - with LRC having such useful expanded masking, how long will I need Photoshop? Personally, I prefer the LRC library over Bridge as a DAM. I'd like to see Library get a bit more love from Adobe than it seems to have gotten over the last couple of years.
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    Is it possible to export DNG files with edits from Lightroom (iPhone) to Camera Roll?

    Community Ed -- I am the Education coordinator for our local photo club so I have a lot of folks like yours. My approach has been to first cover all the photography basics, like lighting and composition and choice of subject. Then I talk about RAW and Raw processors, and photo catalogs and...