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  1. BobMc

    Backup everything, did I miss something?

    Johan is correct to remind you of images. You need backups of the catalog, presets and your original images. The Import process registers the location of you images in the catalog, but does not make full size copies of the original image. The How many copies are enough? At one time I only had...
  2. BobMc

    Is there any way to compare two photos one above the other instead of side by side?

    Survey View tries to use the space available. You are correct, narrowing the display works. First open both side panels and then use your mouse to grab one of the side edges and narrow LR until the space between the side panels is a vertical.
  3. BobMc

    Feature comparison: LR 6.14, LR Classic and LR Cloud

    Thank you for your help. For me, the two biggest takeaways are: 1) Classic supports a local photo printer out of LR using full resolution RAW and Cloud does not support the local printer but substitutes upload of JPGs (Not full RAW data) to ether or
  4. BobMc

    Feature comparison: LR 6.14, LR Classic and LR Cloud

    I started using LR with the pre-release Windows Beta in 2006 and stopped updates with 6.14 which I still use today. I am starting to consider moving to the subscription version. What is the best source for feature comparison between LR 6.14, LR Classic and Lightroom Cloud?
  5. BobMc

    wall photo display...frames and printing

    For some reason the link in my post did not work. Try this:
  6. BobMc

    wall photo display...frames and printing

    I live in East Tennessee and can’t speak to local printers in Naples, FL but I did a scan of framing shops and found in Naples. They have metal frames and offer Tru Vue Museum Glass. I do my own printing but my local frame shop offers the Tru Vue Museum Glass, and that is...
  7. BobMc

    sorting through photos, is there a running total of selected for deletion

    Another image count option to be aware of, with the “Filmstrip” open at the bottom of the screen (F6 toggle), the top edge could show: 13 photos - Total images showing 10 of 13 photos – Total images showing and those in the folder, including those hidden (Stacked) usually Virtual Copies 13...
  8. BobMc

    Linking photos on a hard drive to Lightroom

    Be aware that LRC is a non destructive editor. This means the edits you make to an image are stored in the LRC Catalog and the original image remains unaltered. Your LR catalog's Data Base system is where all edits to the images reside. This requires you to have a backup of the LRC Catalog in...
  9. BobMc

    Cant view images in collections

    True, but the \ key can hide the filter visibility without disabling the filter. In Grid mode \ is a toggle that hides or reviles the filter tool. If you do not see the filers at the top of the screen, press \ to see if any of them are active.
  10. BobMc

    Hello .. and I hope you can help.

    Rob: Ver 5.4 has no cloud. Steve: Lightroom only shows images that have been Imported. What LR Import does is register the image address in the Catalog. If you have a high level folder with 6 subfolders and you only Import 4 subfolders, the other two will not show up in LR until they are...
  11. BobMc

    Reconnecting Collections to a new Catalog

    I am confused, Did you have a backup of the original catalog? If you did, you should have been able to use it without creating a new one.
  12. BobMc


    Welcome. I started with perpetual licensed version 1 in 2007. Today I am using perpetual licensed version V6.14
  13. BobMc

    finding folders not in collections

    The Library Filter tool Text includes a filter that says “Any Searchable Field” . You can successfully search for a folder name. It will then select the images from that folder. You can then right click on an image and select “Go to Folder in Library” The main issue is, are your folder names...
  14. BobMc

    LrC converting previous edited photos to B&W

    I don’t know of any way just clicking on an image would change the image in grid mode or loupe view, but the letter V will change the image to B&W. Two options to check: 1) The key combination of ctl+Z will reverse your last command. 2) Press D to go to the Develop module and in the left...
  15. BobMc

    LR 5 Issues

    The images are in subfolders under your Year folders. There are two options Click on the arrow to the left of the year to see the subfolders that actually hold the images or While in Library module, click on the word Library in the upper left of your screen and select “Show Photos in...
  16. BobMc

    Tracking what you've reviewed

    If you use the Dropdown menu to turn the feature on, both the Shift and Cap Lock can be used to temporarily turn it off the feature. Enjoy, it does let you fly through a lot of images quickly.
  17. BobMc

    Tracking what you've reviewed

    The Auto Advance can be implemented three ways, All three work in all modules. But the first can only be set in the Library module. 1) In the Library Module, follow the dropdown menu under Photo (in the upper left) to Auto Advance, clicking on that line will set a check mark to indicate that...
  18. BobMc

    Tracking what you've reviewed

    A useful Shortcut - If you set the Caps Lock on, any assignment of a Star, Color or Flag, will AUTOMATICALLY advance to the next image , WITHOUT having to press the arrow key.
  19. BobMc

    Tracking what you've reviewed

    There are several tools for marking images. (Flags, stars, colors) I suggest you use the Flag. Once you set the filter to flag, when closed, the Flag attribute remains set for the next time you open the Attribute filter. The simplest solution is when ready to close your work in that folder...
  20. BobMc

    How could I unsharpen special areas?

    The Develop module Brush has a slider for sharpening. The slider is centered, move it to the right to increase and to the left to decrease sharping. You may apply more than one layer to accomplish the desired effect. Remember to used feathering on the brush so edges are not too harsh.
  21. BobMc

    Unwanted copies of pictures

    Collections, selecting a parent folder (with “Show photos in Subfolders” selected) or selecting multiple folder directly can all show images with the same file name. What the original post shows that I do NOT know how to do is, how to show Rotation Buttons on one selected image which is not the...
  22. BobMc

    Avoid overwrite Lightroom Classic v 6

    That quote was from October 19, 2017, follow Link. That was 31 months ago or @ $9.99 eachor a total of $309.69 Do you think the improvements since 2017 are work it? In another 31 months will they be worth $619.38? Camera support is an issue, but you might try DNG conversion before you...
  23. BobMc

    Safely copying a catalogue off a failing drive

    Barbara, Another Link the you might find helpful: Cambridge in Colour - Photography Tutorials & Learning Community Bob PS: Like DPBESTFLOW it requires a good bit of exploring to find all the gems.
  24. BobMc

    Safely copying a catalogue off a failing drive

    There is software that will do a copy and verify. which compares the new copy to the original for you. Follow the link below and look under Software. They are grouped by PC or Mac. I use SYNCBACK. Links | dpBestflow
  25. BobMc

    Long time, first time!

    In your reading of Victoria’s Quick Start eBook, pay attention to the chapter on Backup. Most people want to jump to the develop module and there are lots of resources on that, but knowing the relationship between your images and the catalog and having multiple copies on external drives and...