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    Soft proofing or calibration targets

    Eizo, also have a system called quick colour match, which tries to match the monitor, Photoshop/Lightroom and the printer, in one application. I have tried it but with mixed results, maybe worth looking at?
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    Problems printing monochrome

    Not sure if you have fixed your problem and I have no knowledge on your particular printer, but the only issue I see is that the colour management profile should be a paper ICC profile. Usually provided by a paper manufacturer, in your case I guess there are Canon paper profiles loaded when you...
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    Develop module - simulate paper + ink

    In the develop module, you first need to select Soft Proofing, then this create a proof preview. Here you must now select the paper profile and the Simulate Paper & Ink checkbox will become available. Any other profile like sRGB or a display profile, the simulate check box will be greyed out.
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    ICC profiles lost from Print Templates

    I am on Windows 10 and have updated to LR 10.2 and all my icc print profiles are intact and the pop up list has all the profile listed. Not sure what happened to your settings. I assume they are still installed in C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color ?
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    Video Rotation

    You can use Photoshop, just select the video workspace, rather than the Photography view.
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    Live View Tethering for Nikon

    At last tethering to the D850 with live view, at last and it works! This is going to be so much easier doing studio work now. I guess the Z series will have to wait!
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    Issues Printing From Lightroom to Epson 3880

    Hmmm did you download the Canson profile for the correct printer model, as the 3880 is pretty old now and BTW I did have one as well?
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    Adobe Super Resolution

    If you haven't seen this then Eric Chan has a good article on the subject and yes it will be coming to LR! https://blog.aFrom the ACR team: Super Resolution
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    Lightroom and new M1 macs.

    I have read another problem is that M1 can currently only output YUV color, rather than RGB. This means you currently cannot calibrate a monitor attached to M1 machines. Monitors such as BenQ and Eizo do not as yet support this format.
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    Print module skin tones print very red

    I have had a similar problem when trying to produce a flyer using PDF as the output. The colour profile is different compared with a CMKY output
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    Switching to Lighroom Cloud for M1

    I have read another problem is that M1 can currently only output YUV color, rather than RGB. This means you currently cannot calibrate a monitor attached to M1 machines. Monitors such as BenQ and Eizo do not as yet support this format.
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    Preferences bug

    Sounds like maybe you need to trash your preferences, no problem with my Windows LR setup?
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    Green Hue on B&W Print to Epson XP-15000

    I have the Epson P800 and the only time I use manage by printer is when I use the Advanced B&W setting, this will enable a separate window for controlling the tone of a B&W print. This does not use the ICC paper profile. For colour printing then I use the normal profile turn off colour...
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    Wacom pen pressure not working?

    Personally I would remove, then re-install the Wacom driver first, as the problem lies with all the apps you have tried.
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    Plug Ins Disappeared

    For plugins go to File> Plugin Manager, for external editor go to Preferences and select the tab and setup each in there.
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    Good/best setting for Wacom Intuos Pro for Lightroom

    Phil, With Windows 10, make sure you go to Wacom tablet properties and under mapping, uncheck 'use windows ink'. There are many other options as you know, I setup the express keys to open LR and PS.
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    Change in ACR UI

    Thanks John, The link to Julieanne Kost is great, I missed her regular video's and did not realize there was a complete Adobe blog!
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    Anyone else having extremely slow downloads of the updates from Adobe?

    Me too very fast downloading, although I skipped LR and just did Photoshop and CR. Will wait for the dust to settle before updating LR!
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    Luminous and Raw Coverters

    Rikk, Interesting that user base is the driver for continuation in Adobe's eyes, is this why Adobe Muse was canned?
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    Calibrating Monitor

    I have an NEC monitor as well, so I have set different calibrations using SpectraView for different types of paper, so glossy, matt, metal etc. I typically have the brightness set way below 100 in my room setup, as the ambient light will be different for every case. Unfortunately trial and error...
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    C-19 and topics of interest

    Yes, now my cycling group cannot ride together, we have a meetup chat after our solo rides, using Zoom it is free for 40 minutes
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    LR Classic random error with Nikon

    I have the D850 using the Sony XQD card 64Gb / 128Gb and Sony reader, using Windows 10 and LR 9.2 with no problems importing. But I do not have a Z6 or Z7 in the mix.
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    Print module Print is very dark

    I do both calibrate the screen and the create my own printer profiles. But the choice of devices that do both functions is limited as discussed above. So you may want to just invest in the screen calibration first, which will probably give the most benefit for consistent printing.
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    Lens Profile for the Nikon 35-70 2.8D Lens

    Create a new folder in LensProfiles, using the new folder option in windows explorer.
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    print black background on photo

    Just use a black boarder around the picture and you can make the size anything you want. Then trim the paper accordingly.