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  1. MarkNicholas

    Sync LrC Issues

    Just to report that the latest version of LrC has seen the return of the "sleepy" sync issues with LrC. I rated over 1000 smart preview photos on my phone in Lr and they quickly synced to the cloud (I checked on Lr on my desktop). However, the ratings would not sync to LrC. It took 2 days for...
  2. MarkNicholas

    Adobe and Digital River

    Basically you have to cancel your existing subscription and take out a new subscription. Sounds silly I know that’s the only way. Use the on line chat facility and once you get through to a human they will talk you through the process. It only took about 15 mins and everything was confirmed...
  3. MarkNicholas

    Adobe and Digital River

    This is now Resolved. I won't post how it was resolved on here as it doesn't seem to have affected anyone else other than me. If you want to know more please DM me.
  4. MarkNicholas

    Adobe and Digital River

    OK I give up. I think I have tried every button. Can anyone tell me how to change ?
  5. MarkNicholas

    Adobe and Digital River

    Yes I am on 12.3. I'm always on the latest version.However, I cant find the right button to change my setting from 9.4 to 12.3. I havent been on here for a while.
  6. MarkNicholas

    Adobe and Digital River

    I probably am on 12.3 but was in a rush to post yesterday so went with the default version. Will check and update later.
  7. MarkNicholas

    Adobe and Digital River

    Thanks for the link ! This is exactly what is happening to me. I could not get to see my plans and when I contracted adobe support they told me it is because "I" bought the plan therough "Digital River". Well no I didnt. I bought it through Adobe on their web site under my Adobe account and it...
  8. MarkNicholas

    Adobe and Digital River

    Whats going on with Adobe and Digital River ? I am being given the run around by Adobe. I can no longer access my subscription details through my adobe account. I am trying to access details of my subscribed plans online through my adobe account. When I click on the creative cloud app I am...
  9. MarkNicholas

    Simple Windows based backup software

    Call me a dinosaur but i now just backup manually using File Explorer. I have previously used dedicated backup software including Synctoy but always got into difficulties with backups either not happening or being incomplete, resulting in me having to do it manually anyway which then caused...
  10. MarkNicholas

    Filtering multiple keywords

    Yes this was when I used the search bar without selecting from the drop down list. If I select only keywords then it seems to work ok.
  11. MarkNicholas

    Filtering multiple keywords

    i did a little checking myself in LR desktop. I searched for a word by typing in the search box and it returned a number of results. Cleared it and repeated and it returned a slightly different number of results. I did this several times and a different result each time. I then did a compare...
  12. MarkNicholas

    Bluetooth Transmitter

    My desktop does not have Bluetooth. Previously I have just connected speakers with a cable. I now have some nice Bluetooth speakers. Can anyone recommend a good Bluetooth transmitter that I can simply plug into the audio sockets in the sound card ?
  13. MarkNicholas

    Reverse engineer a preset

    You could make a note of all the settings immediately before you applied the preset and then a note of the settings after you applied the preset. That will tell you which settings the preset changed. However, there may be other settings on the preset that are the same as the previous version...
  14. MarkNicholas

    Best workflow if using Lightroom classic and Lightroom.

    Jim does this new thinking also apply when moving large numbers of files from folder to folder on the same drive ? I am very comfortable moving moderate numbers of files within LrC but would hesitate at moving large numbers.
  15. MarkNicholas

    Starting over in Lightroom

    If from within your existing catalogs you do a "Save Metadata to File" (ctrl +S on a pc) on all your photos then when you reimport you should be able to salvage most of the editing / keywording information. Also, like Jim said above, before you reimport get all your files sorted into a tidy and...
  16. MarkNicholas

    Best workflow if using Lightroom classic and Lightroom.

    I use both LrC and Lr. I use LrC on my desktop and I use Lr on my IPhone. If I take photos with my DSLR (quite rare these days) then I upload the photos from the camera to my desktop hard drive and import into LrC. I will then apply Keywords and then sync to the Lr cloud (which uploads smart...
  17. MarkNicholas

    Syncing Keywords

    This is along the lines of what I have suggested but the gurus don't seem to like it. It would be interesting to know which was the quicker solution, i.e. deleting keywords in cloudy one by one and still not having synced keywords with classic or just de-syncing, fixing the the keywords in...
  18. MarkNicholas

    Syncing Keywords

    Yes its a work-around for problematic situations not an everyday thing to do. However, I do it so often that it is part of my work flow and is a very quick fix. I think "starting-over" is a bit dramatic. Its more like going back and repeating a couple of steps.
  19. MarkNicholas

    Syncing Keywords

    The one-time, one-way transfer is a bit misleading. With smart previews if you want to change the keywords and have them fully synced with classic then all you have to do is de-sync them from the cloud, make the necessary keyword changes in classic and then re-sync. You can do this as many times...
  20. MarkNicholas

    Syncing Keywords

    Cletus, are your photos that are in the cloud smart previews or originals ? I only have smart previews in the cloud. All originals are on the desktop and backed up on external hard drives. If I want to change / add keywords then all I have to do is de-sync them from the cloud. Make the changes...
  21. MarkNicholas

    How do I get F2 file renaming to work?

    I see you sorted it. I usually rename my video files in Bridge. Can I ask what is the point of importing video to LRC. Last time I imported a video I could not do anything with it other than play it ?
  22. MarkNicholas

    syncing photos

    The sync feature does have issues from time to time. If its only 2 photos then I would suggest removing them from the cloud (if they are there) and removing them from LRC and then start again.
  23. MarkNicholas

    Sync Speed

    In my experience the time it takes to sync photos to / from Adobe's cloud varies dramatically. I have synced 100 RAW files in a matter of minutes but recently 20 phone photos took several hours and then didn't sync correctly. It took several days for the cloud and LRC to properly sync. I...
  24. MarkNicholas

    Adobe Creative Cloud Keeps logging out

    Recently (last 3 months) Adobe Creative Cloud logs out very frequently, almost daily which is becoming very annoying as it shuts down open pdf files etc. Does anyone know why this might be happening ?