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    Poor Develop Module performance on retina iMac

    But I would have to have the original files offline for Lightroom to use the smart preview. And actually the smart preview is shown at 2560x1440, so smaller than using the actual file.
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    Poor Develop Module performance on retina iMac

    Are you saying it fixed everything, even the strange cropping behavior? I already had cache at 20GB, but I changed it to 100 just to see. It made no difference, still have the same problems.
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    Poor Develop Module performance on retina iMac

    Very interesting observations. In my case it's more consistent, and very much resolution dependent. If I shrink the Lightroom window down to about 1/3 the normal size, there are no problems. Likewise if I change the screen resolution to 2560x1440 low res (which uses the image at 2560x1440...
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    Poor Develop Module performance on retina iMac

    I've just started using a retina iMac. Nice machine, incredible screen. I did some benchmarking when I first got it, and it is very fast for operations such as import, export, and preview building. Scrolling in grid view is kind of jerky, but I think that's just Lightroom, as all of my...
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    What is your FAVOURITE Lightroom tip?

    A variation on that: in loupe mode or Develop, click and hold mouse button will zoom in to the area at which the cursor is located, release zooms back out. Lets you quickly check a specific area. Moving the cursor while the button is pressed will drag the image around.
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    How did Adobe get it so wrong?

    The forums, that is. For me they are totally unuseable. Every click means waiting for long periods of time for anything to happen. I keep checking in to see if things have improved, but so far not. So how can we get more people to visit here?