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    Photo selection in Library mode disappears after visiting Photoshop

    If I select a photo in Librarty mode and then do Photo/Edit in/Open as Smart Object in Photoshop, then go to Photoshop and do some edits and use Save As to save my photo to an external drive, when I return to Lightroom the photo is no longer selected and I have to search to find my place. It...
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    Can't get all prints in a collection to show in the list, they are present in the filmstrip

    I have a collection of 25 prints. When I click on the Collection name the prints are all present in the filmstrip only ten of them are in the Collections list on the left. I need to access some of the unlisted ones because the print names don't appear in the filmstrip. See screen capture of...
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    Question about "Overwrite Settings"

    OK, now that I know the difference between Save and Save As, I have a question about this pop up. Because I want my edited photos on a different hard drive and in a different folder than in my LR catalog, I always open them via Lightroom into Photoshop, and then when I’m finished editing I use...
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    Question about "Save" verses "Save As"

    I think I have a basic misunderstanding about the "Save" function in Photoshop/Lightroom. After importing new RAW photos into LR, my workflow has been to open the photo as a Smart Object in Photoshop, make my edits, then "Save As". I prefer to keep my edited photos separate from the original RAW...
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    How to make "Overwrite Settings" automatice

    I make pixel copies of all my edited photos (Canon CR2 raws to PSD) using "Save As" in PS and store them on an external hard drive. I frequently open photos again (via Lightroom) and make addition changes then use "save", again in PS. It seems like the changes automatically get sent to LR, but...
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    Can't get photo date to appear in Custom Metadata

    I can't get the date infoto appear in the metadata panel. I choose Default then press the Customize button. When I check Date and Capture Date the info line appears in the scroll down but there is no information in the rectangular box. Mac OS 11.6, Lightroom 12.0.1, Canon 5d IV. See screen capture:
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    LR and my Epson P900 will not print correct margins

    I made a print using LR and my Epson P900. The paper size is 17x25 (Custom Size created by me, Margins "User Defined"). The settings in the print module (listed in order from top to bottom) were Single Image, no Image Settings were checked. All Margins 0.50 inch, Cell Spacing greyed out, Cell...
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    How to stop Documents and folders other than Photos from appearing in the Catalog on the left in Library mode

    I recently got a new Mac Studio M1 (Yay!) and manually moved my LR catalog. All is well except now lots of new folders are appearing in the Catalog list of my drives on the left, like Documents, iTunes media, Movies, Videos, etc. How do I stop these from showing up in LR?
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    No ICC profile for Epson Ultra Premium Luster is available for Lightroom Classic (Mac)

    I haven't printed in a very long time with my Epson P 900, and after several Mac updates found Ultra Premium Luster and many other Epson ICC profiles missing in both Photoshop and LR. I re installed the print driver, specifically not choosing Airprint. Quite a few ICC profiles were still missing...
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    On import from camera LR has started adding -2 to file name

    I recently imported about 300 photos from the memory card taken out of my Canon 5d IV, and LR has added -2 to the file name of all the photos, for example, _XOA2935 becomes -X0A2938-2. I can't figure out why this has started and would like to get rid of it. Please help....thanks!
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    Switching photos to a new hard drive

    My boot drive is a 1 TB drive on a 2013 Mac Pro (OS 11.5). My photos are located on a spinning external hard drive. I have a new external SSD hard drive and have cloned my external spinning drive onto the SSD. I want the SSD and its contents to be in LR and get rid of the spinning hard drive...
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    How to stop "Save as" in Photoshop also saving to Lightroom?

    My usual workflow: import photos into LR in a file called "RAW Originals". When I find a photo a want to work on I go to Photo/Edit in/Open as Smart Object in Photoshop. When I am done editing in Photoshop I choose PSD and "Save as" and pick the location to save, in my case an external drive...
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    I've run out of monitor space to move folders by click and drag

    I am trying to reorganize my 85,000 photos key moving some folders around. On the left side where the Folders column lives I have folders in three hard drives. I am trying to move some folders from a hard drive which is at the bottom of the list to a drive which is at the top of the list. When I...
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    Changing default Photo Text size and Offset in Book Module

    I have a question about photo text in the Book Module. I added a title to all my photos for my book in the Library Module, so they appear beneath every photo. The default that is created is larger text than I want and is closer to the photo than I want (the offset). If I click and drag over the...
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    Open as layers in Photoshop with Smart Objects-is it possible?

    Last I checked a couple of years ago there was no way to Open as Layers with Smart Objects in Photoshop. Is it possible now?
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    How to set up LR Classic in a New User (Mac)

    I use a Mac Pro 2013 , OS 10.14.6. I have my LR Catalog on the boot drive. My photos live on an external drive connected to the boot drive. I set up a New User, but when I open LR it's an empty catalog. What is the best way to set up LR in the New User so that if I switch back and forth between...
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    Lr can't merge to panorama more than 4 or 5 photos

    I have the latest version of LR Classic CC. In the past I easily merged up to 10 photos, but now everytime I try to merge more than four photos it can't do it: I get a message like "4 out of 9 photos were unable to be merged". I take the shots on a tripod and swivel the ball head, no fancy...
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    How to stop LR from putting imported photosen into a dated folder?

    When I import photos from an SD card in my card reader (using Copy photos to a new location and add to catalog) and choose to make a second copy to a folder in an external drive, LR creates a new subfolder in the external drive folder titled : "Imported on...X". Is there a way to stop it from...
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    Importing a new catalog and photos, or moving photos and syncing?

    I've agreed to help a friend who is a LR newbie clean up his mess: he has a new iMac, and he has photos spread out over two or three small external hard drives along with at least two or three different LR catalogs. He has bought a new larger external drive and would like to consolidate all his...
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    Standard Previews are disappearing

    I have the latest version of LR Classic on my Mac Pro 2013, also latest OS. The catalogue and associated files are all in the same folder on this boot drive, my photos are on an external drive connected by USB 3.0. My problem is this: I have made Standard sized previews of all of my 60,000...
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    I choose a photo in Book Module and go to Develop module and it chooses a different photo

    I am making a book with Blurb in the Book module. I am trying to edit some of the photos. If I choose a photo in the Book Module, when I go to the Develop Module, a different photo is chosen. In other words, it's not tracking photos when switching from Book Module to Develop Module. I've tried...
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    Sychronizing question

    Operating System: Mac 10.13.3 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ] I have 70,000 photos in my LR catalogue. Recently I attempted to synch the folder (containing them all) and got this pop up: It took a long time to run through its...
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    Uninstalling LR and reinstalling it solved print sizing proble

    Operating System:Mac OS 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Most recent Classic I recently posted a problem I was having: out of the blue, printing with my Epson 3880 and LR Classic would not produce the size prints I was inputting. The bottom 1/4 would be cut off, or the...
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    Epson 3880 Prints suddenly coming out wrong size

    Operating System:Mac OS 10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 [ 1148620 ] I have been successfully printing for years with my Epson 3880 and LR, but now am having a new problem: it's printing smaller prints than I tell it to. The same photo...
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    Does LR Classic slow down with almost full SSD drives?

    Operating System:10.13.1 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.0.1 [ 1142117 ] Mac Pro 2013 I've read that with old fashioned "platter" style hard drives, as the disk fills LR will slow down. Does this also apply to SSD drives?