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  1. Antonio Correia

    User Preset with Masks

    I am trying to make an User Preset with one mask like Radiant Map for example, but I do not know how to as the adjustment is not showing. Can you help me please ? Thank you ! Cheers ! :thumbsup:
  2. Antonio Correia

    Color management / Color Matching

    Good day everybody ! :) I am having trouble printing from LR. I printed a sheet and found all colours to be wrong. :( I thought everything was OK but no, it is not ! The problem is that I do not know how to turn OFF the Colour Management in the print dialogue, even if I have been Googling for...
  3. Antonio Correia

    Where is the Colorsync in Monterey ?

    Where is Colorsync in Monteray ? In other words: Where do I install color profiles in Monteray ? Everywhere I read Colorsync folder is under Library/Colorsync/Profiles Folder In the iMac the folder Colorsync is absent however, in the MacBook it is there ! Both machines are updated. Any help...
  4. Antonio Correia

    How can I fix this, if you please ?

    I don't know how this happened ! When I import photos I always organize them by year and rename with the calendar's date, as you can see bellow . Now, when I import photos they go to the bottom drive inside the year (2021). Whenever I synchronise any folder in the bottom drive it appears on...
  5. Antonio Correia

    Why is my LR not importing Presets ?

    How can I import the Presets when I star LR ? Why isn't it importing certain Presets like the Export Presets for example ? Thank you ! :D Lately I have been having some issues with the program :cry: Last version and updated !
  6. Antonio Correia

    Missing collections / Where are them ?

    When moving the photos from one drive to another using LightRoom, the Collections are gone ! Any tip, please ? Thank you ! :)
  7. Antonio Correia

    Having a hard time to install icc profile

    I have spent quite some hours trying to install an icc profile in LR but I can't. What happens ? I have it on the Downloads folder and when I am guided to paste it on the Library > Application support > Adobe > Color > Profiles folder, this one doesn't exist and I find a Proofing instead ! And...
  8. Antonio Correia

    How many Catalogs shall I keep ?

    I have a doubt which I would like you to help me. I have been searching on the web but I couldn't get to a satisfactory solution. I have subscription of LR and CC and photos from 2000 until today. They are all organised by year. I have a "Master Cat" and I make from time to time, Catalogs from...
  9. Antonio Correia

    Listing files under different order

    Normally my files appear in the Library in Grid mode, with time stamp order. When imported they are renamed as 2019-09-12@12h39m02s.* for example. Shots taken @12h00m00s.* are before those taken @12h30m00s.* of the same day. I export to Photoshop and when saved, they pop up in LR automatically...
  10. Antonio Correia

    How do I rename a customised/created colour profile

    I have made a profile for a certain ambient light conditions with the Oly 5 II. The profile is saved under the Library folder but I want to rename it. I will be using several profiles for other lighting conditions. The system accepts the new name but LR doesn't even after having been re-started...
  11. Antonio Correia

    Focus point in LRCC ?

    I would like to have the focus points when looking at my photographs in Library module, for example. I think it would be very interesting... Any plug-in available, please ? Thank you !
  12. Antonio Correia

    Catalogs, settings and Back-ups

    I have 1 MacBook + 1 iMac + 1 LaCie drive. I work with all my available images stored in the last device with one computer or the other. Sometimes I make Back-ups And - sometimes - I used to erase the created folders. Not any more. Each time I erased and old Back-up I had problems about missing...
  13. Antonio Correia

    I am in trouble as I accidently erased all my keywords

    I accidently erased all my keywords. I even do not know how I did it. Of course I clicked the erase button thinking I was erasing a photo from a collection. I have a back up a month old but meanwhile I have not backed-up everything. When I realized I had erased the keywords I did some "un-dos"...
  14. Antonio Correia

    Panasonic GX7 LR camera profiles for LR

    Panasonic GX7 LR camera profiles I have now Panasonic GX7, a 20mm f/1.7, a 15mm Panasonic Leica and a 42,5mm Panasonic Leica lenses. My version of LR doesn't have - as usual - the camera profiles for any of these combos and treats the raw files rather... badly. I would like to download the...
  15. Antonio Correia

    Help please

    The disk inside my iMac is with some problems and I am going to replace it for a SSD one which is far faster - so they say - with much more capacity. I have some 20.000 images running from inside the machine and from disk B (one I can take everywhere) all backed-up in disk A (another one I can...
  16. Antonio Correia

    EPSON R3000 and Page Setup and Print Settings

    Hello everybody. :nod: I am working with LR 5 with the latest update. I have a R3000 from EPSON which have been printed nicely so far. After a service for cleaning (EPSON service) the printer doesn't print with the image centered but always displaced to one side. However when I make Cmd+P it...
  17. Antonio Correia

    Problem with duotones in LR

    Hello everybody ! I start by making a black and white image, saving it like as tif file, then returning back to LR to apply the duotone. However, several of the 41 images I want to print look like having different tones, perhaps just because they are very different in lighting modes and...
  18. Antonio Correia

    Erase customized crop preset

    I am needing to know how to erase a custom crop preset. Any help please ? :) Thank you :)
  19. Antonio Correia

    Proof Colors and Gamut Warning

    Proof Colors and Gamut Warning are two commands which are not available in LR If/when I want to print using Proof Colors how to overcome this problem without jumping into CS ? And if I jump to CS and come back to LR - with a tif file - will the proof setup be correct and assumed by LR ? Thank...
  20. Antonio Correia

    Blurb book = disasters ?

    I can hardly believe how photographers like Jean Paul Caponigro just to name one among many, sells with success his books through Blurb in such a medium with so poor quality. Perhaps his are made special. I have just received two books by Blurb which I was wishing to sell on line. I gave up...
  21. Antonio Correia

    Metadata in LR and Flickr

    I export my images from LR using Mogrify. Then I place them in Flickr where everyone can see the EXIF I have noticed that some people have more information than others in their EXIF. As an example - and this is a real one - I saw in the EXIF the distance the photo has been shot. I made a search...
  22. Antonio Correia

    Which one to choose

    for my new Mac Pro ? The new machine is to be used with LR and CS Thank you :)
  23. Antonio Correia

    File display

    I shoot RAW. I export JPG to the web which I keep in my computer and in the same folder. So, of the very same photo I have two versions: RAW and JPG. When I go to Grid under the Library Module, I see the RAW file in one position and the JPG in another position. I would like to see the files...
  24. Antonio Correia

    Export with a droplet built in CS4

    To make it short I have to produce 3 files from one photo: A - For the Web (as the one above) B - For the books (no name) C - "Clean" picture (just the image) How am I doing this ? I built 3 Actions in CS4: A, B and C. Each of them generates a JPG placing them at folders A, B and C. I...
  25. Antonio Correia

    Smart collections and book printing

    Regardless of my work flow in LR I have a small problem and I would like you to tell me about how you are doing. I made a Quick Collection where I place all my "Squared Cropped Portraits". These files must be JPG, they all have a canvas and my name. To do this all the files must go through CS...