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  1. Paul_DS256

    Best Tool To Achieve Smooth Transition from Light to Dark

    As always, @clee01l is correct but within the subject mask for the bird and branch you would use the 'subtract' option, select brush, to 'erase' the branch from the subject. When you copy/invert the Subject, the branch should then be part of the background
  2. Paul_DS256

    Library module Need a better backup process

    Don’t forget to test your backup procedure. You don’t want to find a problem when you need to do a restore. Hmm, maybe I should take my own advice.
  3. Paul_DS256

    Slowww! Try a clean catalog?

    Have you looked at what else is running when the BBBD comes up? Activity monitor may indicate something else is running? Where are you storing your catalog and photos; local disk, cloud?
  4. Paul_DS256

    CPU usage

    What is the task name that is running using CPU? Have you tried rebooting? Windows has an 'undocumented feature' (sorry, tech speak) where a program is started, does not show up as a process, it's UI is not displayed, but it does should up in Details of Task Manager.
  5. Paul_DS256

    Can't email photos from Lightroom Classic 2023

    Besides the instructions from Adobe on configuring email. you may need a special 'application' password which is different from your login password. For example, here's a link to setting up application passwords for GMAIL.
  6. Paul_DS256

    OFF TOPIC - AI Generated code in Camera Club Competitions?

    It depends on the club. The positives on the club I currently belong to are: Meet other photographers and share information Presentations on various topics by experts Evaluation groups where you can present and gain constructive criticism on your image. You also critique others images. This...
  7. Paul_DS256

    Slowww! Try a clean catalog?

    Sorry, what is the problem you are trying to solve and where did the advice come from?
  8. Paul_DS256

    Zoomed too much on photo | Add negative space?

    You can likely do this in PRINT TO FILE. Change the cell size. Unfortunately, that means you have a JPG this can be imported back to LrC.
  9. Paul_DS256

    Import I now have a chance to import and recreate my LRC Library

    As one who has externally reorganized pictures then reimported them to a new catalog my advice is DONT DO IT. Best to use you existing catalogue and reorganize there.
  10. Paul_DS256

    35mm Slide Scan Metadata and Organization advice

    Here's a cross reference site of Kodak film numbers to stock. You may want to consider a 3rd party scanning tool rather than the Epson software if you have Kodachrome. See this article.
  11. Paul_DS256

    35mm Slide Scan Metadata and Organization advice

    It depends on what you want to do with them after. Here's a link with some information scan to print. Also, not to take away from the helpful and knowledgably people here, here's a Scanning Forum. FWIW, I create thumb nail scans first. Quicker and I can then determine if the long scan is...
  12. Paul_DS256

    Forced to sign in to Adobe account to use Lightroom Classic

    You haven't by any chance killed any non-LrC Adobe tasks running in the background like Creative Cloud?
  13. Paul_DS256

    LrC using alot of RAM, new build - thoughts?

    More likely this rather than throwing more money into an old configuration.
  14. Paul_DS256

    LrC using alot of RAM, new build - thoughts?

    Nope, looks normal to me. I have 16gb of memory and can’t run much else when either LrC or PS are running. Check in Task Manager to see what else is taking up memory. My system is from 2014
  15. Paul_DS256

    Content Aware Heal - LrC vs PS

    Doh! Thanks @johnrellis. I keep forgetting order is important. I miss the days in LrC when it didn't matter. When I reapplied the AI Update, the heal was perfect.
  16. Paul_DS256

    Content Aware Heal - LrC vs PS

    I'm working on a photo of old buildings and a church I like. Unfortunately, there are powerlines crossing the image. I found instructions on removing powerlines in PS where they used Content Aware Heal. I thought, why not try that in LrC since it now has that feature. I was disappointed in the...
  17. Paul_DS256

    LrC 12.4 - Can't Filter by Colour Label

    Thanks @johnrellis. No idea how I did that.
  18. Paul_DS256

    LrC 12.4 - Can't Filter by Colour Label

    One other point, I was doing this work immediately after the upgrade. I exited saving and verifying the catalog and reopened LrC to confirm the behavior.
  19. Paul_DS256

    LrC 12.4 - Can't Filter by Colour Label

    I just upgraded. I was processing some pictures and assigning a RATING and RED COLOUR. The COLOUR was to select those I wanted to print. In Library, here is a screen shot of the photos in one folder with a RATING of 1. Note they are all RED. Removing the RATING selection and choosing RED...
  20. Paul_DS256

    I swore I would never do it...

    Not all changes are saved in the XMP and some LR6 will not know what to do with them from LRC. I use LR6 on an old MACBook for travelling. I can bring the photos and XMPs forward to LRC. The only reason I don’t have LRC on the MACBook is that I can’t install the minimum OS needed for LRC. As...
  21. Paul_DS256

    The order in which photos are processed

    Can I ask why you don't have steps for tonal changes or is that implied. Just wondering.
  22. Paul_DS256

    The order in which photos are processed

    I have to ask, are you processing RAW or JPG images?
  23. Paul_DS256

    Unexpected end of file in NEF

    There was a problem several years ago with LrC importing NEF files after they had been processed by Nikon Software. If this relates to your situation, this link may help.
  24. Paul_DS256

    AI denoise

    I think there are two questions there: AI features which will be delivered within LrC just as any new features are. The requirements for these will be reflected in the CPU, GPU and RAM specs. Cloud based AI. I use the cloud only because your picture will be uploaded to an an AI server for...
  25. Paul_DS256

    Export Error "No rendered photo exists on disk"

    So does this mean that when you originally stated these were being exported to your One Drive Cloud? If so, I'm afraid I can't help as I don't know how One Drive works. My assumption was that you were exporting to a local disk.