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    Import Issue

    Using Lightroom 12.01 on Ventura 13.01 I find that I am unable to import using the camera cable provided, for my Olympus Pen F. Only way to do is by using a Card Reader. Is this a known fault for which I can expect a resolution. Rob
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    Folder Rearranged

    Since updating to Lightroom 12 My folder arrangement has altered. I have for many years imported and arranged Folders by date. If necessary dragging within Lightroom into order so they appear oldest first. ie 2019-2022. Now I find that the Lightroom has split the arrangement into two and...
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    Lightroom Classic Mask Feature

    So what am I doing wrong. Trying to work on the sky and when I select the new mask tool and select Sky the foreground goes Red not the sky. so have tried a few pictures even some from 2019, same issue. Then discovered a newer version 11.4.1 but same problem. Tried to find heplpull You Tube video...
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    Flash shadow

    Recently used the flash to take couple of shots of two dancers. Unfortunately a shadow right behind the head has appeared on a wall behind. Trying to remove using Lightroom Classic 11.3.1 and the New Masking and or Brush tools Getting in a mess. I think I need to remove the colour cast and...
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    Soft proofing

    Help I think I am going mad.Over the last few weeks I have been soft proofing some photos to include in a Photo Book I wish to produce. I would select the photo in Lightroom click the small square button in Dev Module and commence the proofing process then save and export the pict to a file...
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    Photo Books

    My last photo book created using Blurb in Lightroom was a disappointment. So I am looking around for another book creating app. Ideally completely Apple M1 compatible and able to use the printer/paper profiles available. so far seems Saal and Cewe use Rossetta. Have tried Saal but found getting...
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    Crop & Straighten

    Run into an issue. Trying to straight the horizon in a sunset scene and then crop to a panorama view to exclude too much foreground. I level the horizon using the Angle tool and select done. Then go to Aspect tool set custom and try to crop. a) the original photo appears with the corrected angle...
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    Picture Files

    Does Apple Photos and Lightroom share the same original photo file. If I have same photo in each am I using resources. Rob
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    Lightroom and New iMac

    New iMac has arrived. Working my way through the Lightroom Queens Doc. on moving to a new machine. installed new Lightroom.Copied the files across and In processing of copying the actual pictures now. Do I import them from ssd pen drive via Lightroom? or copy them and paste if so where...
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    Seems that Lightroom classic now M1 ready. So of to shops soon once checked out Rob
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    USB Ports

    Looking to purchase the iMac 24" when available. I now need to start preparation to transfer over my Lightroom catalogue. I have identified two area to investigate 1) The much smaller capacity of the SSD 256 in new iMac and if external SSD would be a solution.Or use the Apple Cloud 2) Are the...
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    Dare I Ask

    Still waiting to upgrade my elderly iMac 2010. When the new Mac Mini arrived I thought it would be the ideal replacement together with a good quality monitor. So I waited for the Lightroom classic to be updated to run fully on Apple silicone. Still waiting and waiting, beginning to wonder what's...
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    Starting a Session

    Every time I attempt to open Lightroom I have to enter my email and password. This is happening several times on same day. Becoming a nuisance now. Any ideas what is going on. I will admit to being on a very old iMac 2010. In case this is the issue. Due to change but waiting for Apple to settle...
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    Lightroom Classic Issue

    Unable to open my version of Lightroom Classic. Getting a pop up Adobe an error has accured. Sorry Lightroom Classic has encountered an error and needs to close. Contact customer Support error 205. Now the exact same problem occurred last week when I tried to open Bridge. I did get some...
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    New catalogue

    Having created a new catalogue why has it not become the default one? If I exit Lightroom and then log back my previous catalogue is the one that opens. Rob
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    New Catalogue

    New catalogue created. Became fed up with various issue. My catalogues are year dated but actually cover several years, ie my 2018 catalogue cover 2017 to 2020. I have now created a new one 2020. My normal import process is into Folder and sub folders by year/then year-month-day. Because I...
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    My Locations

    iMac 2010 OSX 10.13.6 Yes I know its old, but interestingly Lightroom 9.2 seems to run very well for me. But I have run into an issue in the Map Module. I seem to be able to place a mark on the map and drag pictures into it. But have been trying "My Location" I find a place on the map and then...
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    Can I install Lightroom for the cloud on our old iPad version 9.3.5 13G36 ModelMD528B/A
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    Decision Time

    So I have signed up with a subscription service. But need to work out best way forward. I quite light the Cloud based version but can see some issues.Notably the lack of printing and the likely event of needing more storage. With the plan, I have also upgraded to Lightroom Classic 9.2 and since...
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    Lightroom for Mac

    I am running an iMac late 2010 with os 10.13.6 I have been reluctant to upgrade to a subscription base system. So have been trying Olympus Workspace. Regrettably I have formed the option that Lightroom is by far the better system for me. Currently on 6.14. So my questions are. With on older...
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    Lightroom 6.14

    After weeks of slow performance I read somewhere about turning of iCloud. So I did and everything so much faster. Other then iCal don't miss it at all. iMac Mid 2010 with OS 10.13.4
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    Lightroom 6.13

    Operating System: Mac OS 10.12.6 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):unable tt provide 6.13 if I remember correctly Regrettably I upgraded my Lightroom 4 to 6 about 3 weeks before receiving the news that it was going to be the last version on a permanent licence. I am...
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    Upgrade Lightroom 4

    Is it posible to upgrade from Lightroom 4 to 6 and purchase an outright upgrade licence? If it is then Adobe are certainly not making it a simple process.I just keep going round and round. If they don't want us to upgrade and stay loyal why not just say so then we can look elsewhere. For my...
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    Import Issue

    Lightroom 4.4 I arrange the import of my pictures into date folders.Year then sub folder year month day.All OK till 2014 now I seem to have lost the sub folders and so all the 2014 photos listed in a single file. Any clues how to resolve this issue.