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  1. CJR

    I need a copy of Lightroom 6

    Good day goo people, I am looking for a copy of Lightroom 6. I paid for this program at the time and I registered it under my My Account with Adobe. Despite the fact that it was promissed by Adobe that the program would always be available for download, this is however not possible. I find...
  2. CJR

    On import some pics are duplicated by LR

    Good morning to you all, I 've just noted Lightroom is making copies of some photos during the import procedure. LR automatically added 14 duplicated photos to of a batch of 84 pics. The filenumbers of these particular copies have got a "-2" addition to it. So if the original filename reads...
  3. CJR

    Slideshow module Slideshow and music

    Hi all, Just noticed that my Lightroom Classic 8.1 freezes after a changed of a song in the Music Section of the Slideshow Panel. Before all slideshows worked perfectly with (all kinds of files) music. Does this sounds familiar to you? Regards Cor
  4. CJR

    How to add my serial number to LR6

    Good Day, How can I add my official serial number to trial version of LR6? In previous versions it was easy to do via Help/Lightroom Registration. But in LR6 it is not possible! Thanks in advance, Cor
  5. CJR

    Point Curve

    Mod Note: Thread moved from Tips/Tricks to Troubleshooting(more appropriate forum topic) Hello to you all, My question concerns the Point Curve setting in the Develop module of LR23. When I develop my Nikon photos the setting for the Point curve is set to Medium Contrast by default and...
  6. CJR

    Keyword or no Keyword that is my question.

    Hi everyone, I have to bother you again. My Keyword list says the Keyword “XYZ” contains of 1' pictures. However, when clicking on that little white arrow behind #1' the Content area says: “No photos in selected item”. In the Filter bar (Formerly known as the Find panel) the Keyword “XYZ” is...
  7. CJR

    On import pictures are shown upside down LR2.3

    Since my update to LR2.3 my pictures are shown upside down in the import pre-view panel. Once imported the pics are shown as they use to be shown. It doesnt matter whether I import from SD card or by USB? How to correct this?
  8. CJR

    Shortcut for Filter Bar in 2.3 Dutch version

    Hallo readers, I am new to this forum. So forgive me if I do something wrong. Still in version 2.3 (En, Ge and French version) the shortcut to activate the Filter Bar was a "\". When I refreshed this update again yesterday in order to obtain the Dutch version of LR 2.3 I noticed that the "\"...