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  1. Paul McFarlane

    Develop module Do you use a drawing tablet? Which one?

    Intuos Pro L - couldn't do without it. Had it a few years now, but I find it invaluable for both Photoshop and Lightroom. I don't use a separate trackpad, so the touch function is essential for me.
  2. Paul McFarlane

    LR mobile camera malfunction, Android Samsung S10

    Very odd, great to find some circumstances though - will help Adobe troubleshoot.
  3. Paul McFarlane

    JPG files and slow

    Have you built Previews? This Blog may be helpful:
  4. Paul McFarlane

    JPG files and slow

    Thanks, Tim, you're correct. We now moved the thread.
  5. Paul McFarlane

    Masking Person and retouch background

    I understand. Personally, I'd open in Ps, use Select Subject (it uses the same AI as LrC) and save as a new layer. Then you can easily clone on the original layer without the Subject being affected (assume this is what you're aiming for)
  6. Paul McFarlane

    Masking Person and retouch background

    Why use Masking at all? Just use the clone option? Failing that, in Ps, it's an easy enough task.
  7. Paul McFarlane

    Workflow assistance...

    Smart Previews are irrelevant in this instance. Read page 529 in your Classic FAQ to understand what they are and what they are used for.
  8. Paul McFarlane

    Possible catalog corruption

    Try deleting the Helper file (sits next to the Catalog files) then open Lightroom again.
  9. Paul McFarlane

    Anyone else having recent sync issues with catalog on Dropbox?

    Hi Mike We did write a blog on this, specific to Mac: Make sure all those files are forced to be held locally, at least. But I'm with Dan - I wouldn't hold a catalog on Dropbox, but to sync a backup works fine of course.
  10. Paul McFarlane

    Photos not importing

    Where are you importing from? Camera directly connected? Card Reader? If either of the above, try copying the raw files to a temporary location on disk using Finder, then Import from there - helps to establish where the issue lies. p.s. why still on 11.2? That's more than a year out of date...
  11. Paul McFarlane

    Lightroom mobile sync to lightroom Classic

    Also, try deleting the Helper file (sits next to the catalog) as this keeps a note of photos and locations (it recreates when you open LrC next time)
  12. Paul McFarlane

    Best place to learn about where to store presets.

    You might find this useful (past of a series on catalogs):
  13. Paul McFarlane

    Lightroom Catalog Was Not Found

    From your screenshot, the disk is named correctly - it's the Mount Point. See Johan's post.
  14. Paul McFarlane

    Can I resize the LRC window - not minimize it

    In LrC, use the Menu command Window - Move to Left (or Right) of the Screen - then just drag the edge to fill to the size you require.
  15. Paul McFarlane

    Lightroom Catalog Was Not Found

    I would suggest name the drive back to what it was previously (so lose the extra ' 1') by using Disk Utility. Should make Lightroom and Backblaze happy.
  16. Paul McFarlane

    Lightroom Catalog Was Not Found

    You're the second person to mention an external drive has had it's name changed (and they also had notification from BackBlaze) If you know what the drive had been called you could name it back (keep Lightroom and BackBlaze happy) - or simply navigate to the catalog in Finder and double-click...
  17. Paul McFarlane

    Lightroom Classic catalog issue

    If the drive with photos on has changed name, then Lightroom won't see the photos. Try using Disk Utility to change back.
  18. Paul McFarlane

    Noise Reduction

    If you're importing using Lightroom's DNG conversion, then no; Lightroom keeps it as a mosaiced file, even though it's DNG format. With other software conversions to DNG this isn't always the case.
  19. Paul McFarlane

    What does a red dot under the edit icons mean?

    We included it in our 12.3 Release Blog too:
  20. Paul McFarlane

    Just registered :)

    We're pleased to welcome you, Andrew!
  21. Paul McFarlane

    MBP late 2013 stuck on Big Sur: will LrC 12.x keep working?

    Small point, you're showing as using 12.2 - 12.3 is available to update to:
  22. Paul McFarlane

    How to keep keyword list the same across 2 compute

    This blog may help you: You mention transferring parts of your Laptop Catalog to the Desktop - any new photos will also bring their Keywords with them. of course (assumes you import this catalog into the Desktop one)
  23. Paul McFarlane

    LR laptop not syncing back to LRC

    No. Lightroom Classic keeps whatever is synced down to it. See page 558 of your Classic FAQ (2022 Edition)
  24. Paul McFarlane

    Lightroom tethered Canon 5Ds not working Mac Ventura

    Post on the Adobe Forum, the Engineers check there and it helps build a picture. Check this thread:
  25. Paul McFarlane

    Image shifts in LR classic image window

    That's really helpful that you've updated us, thank you!