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  1. Kiwigeoff

    Can't find photos imported!

    They are showing in the Catalog??If so Right Click one and Choose 'Show in Explorer"
  2. Kiwigeoff

    Goodbye Gene McCullagh

    A very sad day indeed.... Gene was a great guy and a big Lightroom supporter who was involved from the early days. R.I.P. my friend...:cry:
  3. Kiwigeoff

    Lightroom Error Msg

    Did you look up Apples Help??
  4. Kiwigeoff

    Lightroom Error Msg

    I'd suggest Google will provide the answer for that.
  5. Kiwigeoff

    Trouble changing back from CC to owned version of LR

    You will need to remove the CC downloaded app and then download the Lightroom 5.7.1 from here and add your serial number. The apps are the same but the licensing section is different so a whole new app download is necessary.
  6. Kiwigeoff

    Colours in Lightroom Develop not same in Photoshop or when export out

    Also what app are you looking at the file in and is your screen calibrated??
  7. Kiwigeoff

    LR 5.5 Radial Filter Corrupt

    I would suggest renaming the Preference File (with Lr closed) so as a new one is generated upon opening. Their location is detailed here:
  8. Kiwigeoff

    Recovering Deleted filles

    Patrick is correct, they will be in the Trash unless you have emptied it.
  9. Kiwigeoff

    keywords not nesting

    How and where are you adding the keyword? This works as expected for me from all places.
  10. Kiwigeoff

    Help after a leave of absence please :-)

    It was recommended early on to set a preview size the next size up from the monitor pixel width. So go as big as possible with yours RJ. You may also want to consider upgrading to Lightroom as that may help with speed - maybe!! Back to hibernation myself.....:grin:
  11. Kiwigeoff

    Subscription only for iPad

    None of you have to use it at all.... :whistling:
  12. Kiwigeoff

    IPad App

    Cletus.... I would say Adobe has given it a lot more thought and research then you and I out together. :razz: Lightroom Mobile is version 1.0... now think (or research) of what Lightroom v1.0 could and could not do and then consider Photoshop 1.0.... This is the way forward and I am confident...
  13. Kiwigeoff

    LR 5.4 and DNG Converter Posted...Anyone try it out yet?

    Bit hard to try out when it is just re;eased... let us know what you think....:grin:
  14. Kiwigeoff

    So why is a duplicate file, albeit a tif, generated.......

    What is the other app Den??? It is helpful for us to have the answer to problems especially specifics.... Thanks.
  15. Kiwigeoff

    So why is a duplicate file, albeit a tif, generated.......

    As Lightroom editing is non-destructive and PS, etc do alter pixels hence a new file with the altered pixels needs to be created.
  16. Kiwigeoff

    Can I make a collage in the print module to put 2 or 4 photos onto one 4x6 print?

    As alluded to your 4x3 cells are a different ratio to the images so you need to either crop them to 4:3 in the Dev Module (you could use a VC) or tick zoom to fill.
  17. Kiwigeoff

    To DNG or not to DNG?

    So does nobody use Smart Previews?? - they are DNGs!!:surprised:
  18. Kiwigeoff

    Syncing LOTS of photos

    So to be clear are you doing this in the Library Module or the Develop Module???
  19. Kiwigeoff

    Printing from LR4 to Epson 3800 colors dull/off, but from CS3 perfect

    Shack, did you look up the link in Brad's post above?? That is the site of one of the top ACR/Lightroom engineers.
  20. Kiwigeoff

    Syncing LOTS of photos

    If you are Syncing a large number of files it can take some time. Personally I use the Develop module and either method - Autosync or Sync, you can see three dots on top right of the thumbnail frame in the filmstrip as the files up date. It can take time for that to happen and the thumbnail to...
  21. Kiwigeoff

    Going on a trip - need help

    Allan the TIFF will come back into Lightroom (from where it was sent in the first place) and be beside the raw file. If you want you can always filter by File Type to easily find/ isolate differing file types in folders or collections. Another Nikon Cafe member??? Try and keep an open mind and...
  22. Kiwigeoff

    Resizing images to same pixel dimensions

    Simon, you want them all to be 1:1 ratio and look the same size?? Then just set that and crop each image so it looks the same. The pixel size will be different for each to get the same size object.
  23. Kiwigeoff

    Resizing images to same pixel dimensions

    Simon, cropping is done with ratios while sizing is set at export. So crop to the appropriate ratio/proportion then set the pixel dimension in the Export menu.