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  1. LouieSherwin

    Using Time Machine to back up Lightroom and image files with Synology RT2600ac and external drive

    Hi, I just took a quick look at the product info for this router. It looks like an outstanding WiFi router. However, I would be cautious about using TimeMachine. It is almost certainly going to present any attached hard drive as a NAS device to your Mac. While TM will work on a NAS it is...
  2. LouieSherwin

    iPhone photos import issue

    Sounds like these are Apple "live photos", which are I believe are exactly what you are describing, an image and a very short video. The IOS ecosystem treats them as one item whereas everybody else sees them as multiple parts. If you view them in the Photos app they look like an image with a...
  3. LouieSherwin

    Recommendation for a good Image Management System in LR and where to find them

    Hi, If you want specific examples and video tutorials on techniques using Lightroom to organize your images I suggest that you take a look at another Peter Krough multi-media book Organizing Your Photos with Lightroom 5. Don't be put off by the title as very little has changed in Lightroom...
  4. LouieSherwin

    Need advice on cleaning up my keyword list

    And make sure that you backup your catalog frequently while you are doing all this. -louie
  5. LouieSherwin

    Want to buy IT-8 target for Kodachrome. Will pay $150

    Well keep us posted on your progress. I too have a bunch of Kodachrome slides from our wedding that I would like to scan...sometime. So let me know if you eventually track down a IT8 chart. I might be interested buying it from you when you are done.;) -louie
  6. LouieSherwin

    Want to buy IT-8 target for Kodachrome. Will pay $150

    Here is a bit on Luminous-Landscape Forums: iT8 calibration target for Kodachrome slides. Are you using a dedicated scanner or are you doing camera scans? If the former then the the generic profile might be good enough. I just checked and VueScan has a generic Kodachrome profile. If you are...
  7. LouieSherwin

    Want to buy IT-8 target for Kodachrome. Will pay $150

    Well here's a source: IT8 kodachrome target but not in your price range at €600. You might also ask on the Luminous Landscape. -louie
  8. LouieSherwin

    Large External HDD -- What are You Using?

    Hi Bert, I have a couple of questions. First do you really need to keep your entire archive spinning all the time? It could make sense to some portion of it to offline status. You can still keep in your catalog for searching and metadata updates and only bring the disks online when and if you...
  9. LouieSherwin

    Clearing up disk space. Tips and guidance is needed

    I almost exclusively use the Reject flag in my workflow to manage my deletions. In addition I have an extensive set of filter presets that are active when browsing the Library that all hide Rejects. This will immediately hide the image when I type "X" this allows me to focus on the remaining...
  10. LouieSherwin

    Replace NAS or cloud storage ?

    Does your Mac have Thunderbolt 2 or3 port? If so you might want to consider making the jump to a more flexible 4 bay Thunderbolt enclosure. It will consolidate multiple dries into one box and minimize cables and power. You want something that supports hot swapping drives and JBOD (Just a bunch...
  11. LouieSherwin

    Library module What do you put in the IPTC State/Province field for the UK?

    All of this highlights my frustration with the limited scope of the IPTC Location fields. As far as I can tell they almost never map to a real location so I am always having figure out how fill them. They seem to been created by a committee ;) based in good ol' USA. most of the world does not...
  12. LouieSherwin

    Problems Crashing and Syncing

    Hi John, Would you please clarify the precise version of Lightroom you are using? The best place to get that information is using System Info... from the help menu. Please copy and paste the first 5 lines from the System info window. That will give us the exact version and os release that you...
  13. LouieSherwin

    Catalogs Classic vs Lightroom - trying to unravel a mess

    Hi Ed, To follow on what Johan has said. The problem that you have is that Collections do not correlate to storage. Your physical storage is represented by the folders on your drives. Each image can only be in one folder. Collections are your logical storage and images can come from...
  14. LouieSherwin

    White Balance/Color Space Questions on VueScan DNG & TIFF Files

    Hi Ken, Yes it sounds like the VueScan Default Scanner color space is making a best guess of what an "average scanner" colors would be. So exporting the scan into another color space Pro Photo RGB for example would carry forward that "best guess" in to Pro Photo RGB. That is a big difference...
  15. LouieSherwin

    White Balance/Color Space Questions on VueScan DNG & TIFF Files

    Scanners are like any other RBG device in that the color measurements are unique to each device. So in order to get the most accurate color rendition from you scans you will need to create a device specific color profile. This is possible only for color pictures (reflective) or slides (positive...
  16. LouieSherwin

    Calibrating Monitor

    I suggest that you checkout the tutorials by Andrew Rodney, particularly the one Why my prints are too dark. He goes into the details of what is needed to setup your monitor profile and viewing conditions to get the best possible match. -louie
  17. LouieSherwin

    Edit original in photoshop changes capture time, other oddities

    Hi @Ferguson , The rules that Lightroom uses to populate the date used to be documented back in V3.x, However, that snippet of information was removed and does not seem to be something that Adobe wants to tell us. As I recall it was quite involved. I have found that the only way to avoid...
  18. LouieSherwin

    Why is YYYY/YYYY-MM not a subfolder option for cataloging?

    I use the fully annotated date (YYYY/YYYY-MM/YYYY-MM-DD) for my folder structure. The primary reason is that when using any other application (Finder, Explorer or other) there is no question about where you are in your storage. It is always easy to aggregate by year or month setting your...
  19. LouieSherwin

    Calibrating Monitor

    He recently reorganized his main site and posted low resolution videos to YouTube. Here is the link to the high resolution video. Video tutorial: Why are my prints too dark
  20. LouieSherwin

    Calibrating Monitor

    For more detail about why this works check out Andrew Rodney's video tutorial "Why are my Prints are too dark?". -louie
  21. LouieSherwin

    Question about XMP files

    Since you are running MacOS the simplest way to implement an incremental backup is to allocate a large external drive to TimeMachine. This will backup your entire system including the Lightroom and all your images. It will keep track of any changed files and allow you to recover from any...
  22. LouieSherwin

    Using Backblaze for Online Backup for Lightroom.

    Hi John, Hard to say exactly what has happened but obviously Lightroom is not dealing with the situation. The truth is that Lightroom is not the best tool to use to move large amounts of images from one drive (HD or SSD) to another. Any number of minor or major errors can cause it t abort as it...
  23. LouieSherwin

    Converting a collection to a smart collection

    All of my import presets put all new images into date based folders so the images for a specific shoot or project almost always reside in multiple folders. Putting all the images in to one top level collection gives me one clearly identified place to to to see all the images captured for that...
  24. LouieSherwin

    Converting a collection to a smart collection

    You should not think that normal (static) Collections and Smart Collections as mutually exclusive. Their different characteristics are both useful. For example I do all my image processing, development, keywording, etc. in normal Collections. These are project based, i.e. a specific shoot...