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    Page Setup in LrC

    You can even export directly to the Epson Print Layout, instead of hard drive, if EPL is defined in the LR plug-ins.
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    Masking issue in Lightroom classic

    I have the same kind of problems (Windows 10 , LR 11.5). I have been using masking for years with LR, PS, and picture window pro. With LR, I noticed for example : select the subject, invert, then you still see parts of the subject remain selected, and I mean not on the borders of the subject.
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    Printing in black and white

    Again, I have no expérience of printing with a Mac. But, here in France a company called CMP known and used by all professionnals is providing different services around printing. They do not mention any limitation concerning B&W profiles for mac, and concerning the Adobe utility for mac, here is...
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    Bug with LR printing ?

    Thanks, good idea I will try a few new presets and if it doesn't work reinstall the printer driver.
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    Bug with LR printing ?

    I am using Epson P900
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    Printing in black and white

    There is a special procedure to get 'no color management' with the Adobe utility on Mac :
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    Printing in black and white

    "I tried to get a B+W ICC profile from my printing place" What do you mean by printing place ? You have to buy the profile from a specialised provider, and to print a special chart with hundreds of patches. To print that chart, you need indeed to use 'no color management' which is not possible...
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    Bug with LR printing ?

    I have prepared several LR print presets for different paper surfaces and dimensions. All these presets have been defined with an ICC color profile. I checked the source code of the presets, and the ICC color profile is present. When I use these presets, I always get 'Profile : Managed by the...
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    Printing in black and white

    When your image is converted into B&W, you have several options to print it: . 'normal' printing with an ICC color profile in LR, color is managed by LR as usual, color management set to off in the printer driver. . almost the same as above, but with a specific ICC profile tailored for B&W. You...
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    Can LR (either classic or cloud) process jpg of black and white film negative?

    Yes it is possible with LR, classic or Cloud, to convert a negative into a positive. Black and white is much easier than color negatives. Have a look here : Bernard
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    Spot Heal Before Masking Sky

    Is this the explanation ? Select Sky and Select Subject are NOT based on the unadjusted RAW but the current processed version of the image. On the other hand, range masks ARE based on the unadjusted RAW. From Greg Benz : According to Greg, this is resp...
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    Is LRC 11 new masking as logical as it should ?

    Thanks Victoria, I have got your book (excellent) but no time to read that part yet. I hope you are right about inverting a whole mask in the future. This new masking is following a specific logic, and we have to get used to it. Obviously, it's not as flexible and powerful as PS layers. Bernard
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    Is LRC 11 new masking as logical as it should ?

    Thanks Johan, you are right, inverting a brush stroke cannot work. 'Invert all' does not exist, because the mask is just a container for the submasks I did not know you could change add to substract and vice versa. As I understand it, the 'problem' is that you cannot change a submask, but only...
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    Is LRC 11 new masking as logical as it should ?

    The problem : an oryx and the background. I want to modify the background only. Looks very easy. I tried to : 1 select subject : works well , but part of the background is selected as well 2 substract the unwanted part 3 invert This is not possible, you can only invert individual sub-masks, ie...
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    Lightroom Export Settings\Issues

    For your second problem : If your images come from a DSLR, they are usually in the ratio 3/2 = 1.5 When you try to export them at 1920/1200 = 1.6 , this ratio does not match the original ratio image. LR will not crop your images, so you won't get 1920 x 1200 If you really want to export at 1920...
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    Opening raw Image in Ps

    Colin, Maybe you were doing the following ? in LR : Edit in PS as a smart object in PS : double click on the smart object , ,you get the ACR window
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    Relationship between point and parametric tone curves LR classic 9.4

    Yes, i've got the same behaviour (Windows 10 , LR 9.4) BUT, If you change the parametric curve first , the point curve is unchanged !! Very strange
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    Performance Lightroom on my configuration

    Real memory available to Lightroom: 16317,9 MB Real memory used by Lightroom: 5029,7 MB (30,8%) Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 9540,6 MB Hi Jetze, These figures look strange to me. You have 16GB of real memory, that should be ok, but LR uses 5 GB which is a lot (mine is using approx 1GB)...
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    Converting Lightroom Presets to Profiles – Issue

    I think you are completely right : ParametricHighlights="+25" ,.......etc and furthermore HSL : Hue, saturation and luminance are changed for almost all colors. Bernard
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    New app that claims it will migrate from Aperture to Lightroom

    Some answers : Bernard
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    Imports from Aperture leave empty Collections

    There is a new software for migrating photos from Aperture to LR. Did not try it myself.... Good luck Bernard
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    Do I need to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 to update Lightroom Classic CC?

    Hi Philippe, What do you mean by 'the free process' ? Bernard
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    Accumulated wish list for LR Classic Library module

    Hi Califdan, From a photographer's point of view, I think displaying the focus point would be very useful. I know there is a plug-in (and I use it) but it has not been updated for years and does not recognize recent bodies.
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    Can I convert to B&W in Lightroom and remove all colour data?

    300 dpi is a standard for offset printing. Other environments may require less, for example ink jet printing is OK with 240 dpi. For PDF / Kindle I have no clue. Did you try with a lower dpi ? Bernard