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    Protocol for working with an art collection.

    Hi Friends, I have a family slide collection that I have invested considerable time and energy into scanning and, more recently, into learning how to keyword and organize these photos in Lightroom. These slides represent my growing up and are my most valued possession. As I work to keyword...
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    Family Photo Keyword Hierarchy

    Hi There, I've completed scanning 7000+ slides of my family and I'm anxious to begin keywording. I've read so much I'm going cross eyed, but I still don't understand what my hierarchy should look like. I've started down the road of a Who, What, Where, When approach, but don't know if this is...
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    Workflow Thoughts? Your input greatly appreciated.

    Background: Keywording and organizing approx. 7000 photos represents the 2nd half of a project I started years ago where I began and completed scanning my family slide collection. My goal is to provide the photos to my family members (of varying technical ability) on a USB key and online where...
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    Audio Annotation?

    Hello - is it possible to add audio annotations to each/a given photo with any version of Lightroom? (I currently have LR 4.4 and don't see this functionality) I have a large family collection and I'd like to capture some of the commentary on photos from my elders. Thank you.
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    Online Keywording Collaboration

    Hi There, I'm new to the forums, so "Hello!" and very excited to learn and hopefully share information about one of my most favorite applications. I have completed scanning approximately 7000 slides at high resolution resulting in 75mg file size. I did this to share with my family. They are...