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    Moving folders in folders panel

    'Im trying to align folders in the left panel by sliding the folder over but can not find it. Also can the same thing be done in the collections panel? THANK YOU-ED
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    Catalogs Main Library Drive

    3 different computers can not open the WD ext drive .Thinking of replacing it with a SSD,any suggestions?
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    Is it possible to print a list of collections in a catalog ?
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    Is it possible to clone the HDD in Toshiba laptop to an external SSD drive and then boot from the SSD and then run LR from the SSD.? THANKS FOR ANY HELP you can provide .
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    More keyword list problems

    Trying to drag keywords to a different nest LR library module and program keeps opening the EDIT box? Any ideas?
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    Library module Keyword List Order

    LR 8.2 Windows,Trying to get Keywords (WHO,WHAT,WHERE ,etc) to default to top of KW list . Any delimiters know?
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    Library module Filter Keywords

    I try to type in a word and it only takes the first letter and it takes forever. Also if you purge unused keywords does it delete them or put them in a file or folder?
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    Can one export (copy)LR keywords to Adobe Bridge?

    Jim, can one export OR COPY keywords from LR to Bridge ?
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    I have keywords in the KEYWORD PANEL that I want to delete but they do not show up in the KEYWORD LIST.Any directions? Pleas and thank you .
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    Develop Module

    LR 2015.6 click on the Develop module and "File not Found" appears.Any ideas? Thanks in advance-Ed