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  1. cjmajkwu

    Catalogs Catalog corrupted

    Hello Paul, May I kindly send you my catalog for someone to take a look? I'm running on LIghtroom 5. Things got so confusing for me. I read up on the sqlite, but am afraid it's beyond my comprehension. I'm not very techy. I am afraid I lost my edits. thank you very much.
  2. cjmajkwu

    Lightroom 5.2 catalog is corrupted

    Hello, Newbie to the forums here. I am in a bind. My Lightroom5.2 catalog is corrupted, so it tries to repair. Then, it will say, "Temporarily unable to repair corrupted catalog." So I click exit. I have never had this problem before, so I do not know what to do. I am attaching a...
  3. cjmajkwu

    newbie question: what settings to use when exporting photos to photo lab

    Hi, newbie here, so please be easy on me. I've been doing lots of reading on the forums and am still unsure. I have a Rebel Xsi and shoot in RAW. I import my photos in LR 3 and make my edits. I am wondering about how to crop correctly and then how to export to a print lab (ex: Adorama) with...