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  1. kitjv

    P/S Sky Replacement Adjustment

    As a preface to my question, I am a longtime Lightroom user that occasionally makes forays into Photoshop 2022 to use tools that Lightroom either does not have or Photoshop does better. With that, I used Sky Replacement in PS. As you can see in the image, some of the spokes on the ferris wheel...
  2. kitjv

    Can I Drag & Drop an Image from Folders?

    I am trying to avoid any catalog-corruption issues. With that in mind, can I navigate to a specific folder, then drag & drop an image into another application (specifically, into Topaz DeNoise)? Thank you so much.
  3. kitjv

    Topaz DeNoise 3.5 Plugin Issue

    I recently purchased Topaz DeNoise 3.5 & installed it on my iMac27 running OS12.1. As expected, the plug automiatically installed in Lightroom 11.1. However, when I tried to send an image from LR to DeNoise, DeNoise failed to launch. Interestingly, a TIFF copy of the image nevertheless...
  4. kitjv

    Problem: LR Automatically Snaps to Another Display

    When I work on images, I will open LR11.1 & do all editing on my secondary display only. I just noticed that if LR is open (on my secondary display) & I click on my primary iMac27 display (e.g. to open another app), LR will automatically snap over to the primary display. And, interestingly, I...
  5. kitjv

    Enlarging the Caption Field in Metadata

    I seem to remember that whenever I typed in a description in the Caption field in the Metadata Panel, the description was always visible whenever I click on the image in Library Mode regardless of the length of the description. Now for some reason, I now notice that the words in the description...
  6. kitjv

    Deleting Old Catalogs

    I updated to LR v11 a while back & now want to delete the old catalog. Of course I want to be careful not to delete the current catalog files. This might sound a bit elementary but can I assume that the catalog files titled "Lightrroom Catalog Classic 2 -v10-v11" are the files associated with LR...
  7. kitjv

    Adding Same Caption to Multiple Images

    Prior to LR11, I was able to add the same caption to multiple images in Grid View by selecting the images & typing in the caption. However, with LR11 that does not seem to work. Could someone please help me with this? Thank you so much.
  8. kitjv

    Deleting Old Catalogs

    Now that I have LR11 up & running, I assume that the old catalog & catalog data files can be trashed. However, I am a bit confused as to specifically which are the Catalog11 & Catalog11 Data files as opposed to the older versions. I certainly do not want to trash the wrong ones. I would...
  9. kitjv

    Lightroom Classic v10.3 Released?

    Is v10.3 actually released? I ask because my computer says that v10.2 is up-to-date. Thank you.
  10. kitjv

    Mac OS Big Sur Compatibility

    What is the consensus of this forum regarding the compatibility of LR Classic v10.2 with Mac OS Big Sur? I am currently running Mac OS Catalina. Thank you so much.
  11. kitjv

    A Bit of Color Management Frustration

    Using soft proofing & display calibration, I have been trying to sort out a screen-to-print match issue. Namely, some of my prints had come back from the lab considerably darker than the on-screen image when viewed under D50 lighting. After several test prints based on different display...
  12. kitjv

    Color Management Question

    I have noticed that when I send images to an online print lab, the prints are darker than the on-screen image. I assumed that the luminance (i.e. brightness) of my display was set too high. Therefore, in an effort to achieve a better screen-to-print match, I have calibrated & profiled my NEC...
  13. kitjv

    Exporting Soft-Proofed Image

    I recently sent an image to a print lab (ProDPI) for printing as I have many times in the past. This time the actual print came back much darker than the soft-proofed image. The only thing that I might have done differently with this image was failing to uncheck the Soft Proofing checklbox in...
  14. kitjv

    Issue With Topaz Labs' Mask AI

    As many of you likely know, Mask AI is software that can be used either as a stand-alone app or as a plug-in in Photoshop. My preference is to use it as a stand-alone app. However, after I finish processing an image in Mask AI & save it, the file is not recognizable & cannot be opened. This...
  15. kitjv

    Removing Collection From Collection Set

    I unexpectedly discovered a collection residing inside of Smart Collections. How can I remove that collection from Smart Collections but still include it in Collections? Drag & drop does not seems to work? Thank you so much.
  16. kitjv

    A Question on Retouching Along Border of Subject & Background

    As a casual user of Photoshop 2020, I have hit my limit of knowledge & need some experienced advice. I have an image of a bear on which I have replaced the background (using Topaz Mask AI). I likely was not careful enough when I created the mask to delete the background. As a result, there are...
  17. kitjv

    Issue With Topaz Mask AI

    I recently downloaded a 30-day trial of Mask AI. Although I was quite pleased with its ability to mask & replace the background, whenever I saved the composite image as a TIFF file, it could not be opened in Lightroom, Photoshop, or Mac's Preview. I have a support ticket filed with Topaz Labs...
  18. kitjv

    I'm Confused! (in-camera crop ratios)

    I shot an image with a full-sensor Canon 6D with a native aspect ratio of 3:2. I have never change that ratio in-camera. With that said, I am confused why the 3:2 aspect ratio of the image in LR is cropped from the "original" or "as shot". Am I missing something obvious? Thank you so much.
  19. kitjv

    When Photoshop Just Does It Better

    I am a longtime LR user. If I am diligent about image capture, I find that only occasionally do I have to do any editing in PS or a 3rd-party plugin. So as you might expect, my experience with PS is very limited. Recently, I used the clone stamp tool & content aware fill in PS when I wasn't...
  20. kitjv

    When Photoshop Just Does It Better

    With all of the updates in Lightroom over the years, it is my post-processing editor of choice. Given my style of photography, Lightroom generally does what I need it to do & consequently Photoshop rarely gets used. But after using the Clone Stamp Tool several times, I started to wonder which...
  21. kitjv

    Wacom Tablet Recommendation

    As a longtime LR & Mac user, I am finally coming around to understanding the benefits of a Wacom tablet versus my trackpad for post-processing. Since I am sure that many of you are veteran Wacom tablet users, I would like to lean on you for a recommendation. Specifically, what features & size of...
  22. kitjv

    Copying Lightroom Classic to Another Computer

    This is a remedial question. But I want to make sure that I am not overlooking something. I plan to use a new MacBook Air to back up image files that I shoot while traveling. Since I only need to copy the Lightroom Classic app from my iMac to the MacBook Air (not the catalog/image files froim...
  23. kitjv

    "All Synced Photographs": A Couple of Questions

    Having some spare time on my hands, I was curious why in the Catalog Panel I had about a thousand images in the All Synced Photographs collection. It is my understanding (which could be totally wrong!) that images in this collection are from using Lightroom Mobile. If I am correct, this is...
  24. kitjv

    Can't Move Lightroom Classic Between Displays

    I am using LR Classic 9.2 on an iMac27 connected to an external NEC display. I recently noticed that I can no longer drag & drop LR from one display to another. Can you please help? Thank you kindly.
  25. kitjv

    Defringing a B&W Photo

    I have several old B&W images that have considerable fringing along the edges. Is there a way to eliminate this using Lightroom 9? Thank you so much!