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  1. CharlesO

    LR Classic v 9.2.1 - Crashes Noise slider adjustment after HDR merge!!!

    This is a very frustrating bug - hopefully, someone has a workaround with LR. Merge 3 360 DNG files from Ricoh Z1 and SC (which uses Jpeg) LRC crashes when noise slider used. Anyone having similar experience?
  2. CharlesO

    Synching never ends

    Having upgraded to LR8 I am having a mate of a time with synching. Effectively classic uses up all resources in it effects to sync, ultimately crashing the app. I have trashed preferences, I have reset sync data and now paused syncing BUT it us still using all resources. I notes that the all...
  3. CharlesO

    Corrupted syncing keeps resetting and uses up all memory

    This has happened to me too, and Adobe Support is Pants (to put it politely!!!). Only community support option available, DM them on their tweet dec, promised to return - that was yesterday!! I had to come here to find a community that had some clarity on this issue. However, as a result of...
  4. CharlesO

    Images amendments from Lr5.5 not synching to Iphone or Ipad

    Uploaded via iphone 5s. I ended up unlinking the synch and starting a new catalog - all synced down initially however latest images havent - folders ticked for sync. So somewhat perplexed
  5. CharlesO

    Images amendments from Lr5.5 not synching to Iphone or Ipad

    I currently have constantly 139 images syncing - when clicking on the side icon on image metadata needs updating but this does not reduce the sync number (now 2 weeks old). Additionally, Panorama images not coming down to LR on desktop - but they are in the cloud. Images I have have worked on...