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  1. RonnieSue

    OMG-I messed up and am sick about it. Need Catalogue Help, please

    I have (had?) about 600,000 photos in my catalogue on my IMAC. I recently traveled and left the IMAC home and took my Macbook. I created a new catalogue on the macbook just so i could see my photos and post them while i was gone, fully intending to add the photos (which were on an external...
  2. RonnieSue

    How to Keep LR Classic on IMAC, but have Hubby add his photos on MACBOOK and then merge with my catalogue

    HELP needed, please. I use LR CC on an IMAC desktop. My LR Catalogue is on my HD and my photos are on external drive. Now, I want to share photos with my MACBOOK pro. Is there an easy way to do this? the ultimate goal is to give my husband a way to upload his photos (on the MACBOOK), do minor...
  3. RonnieSue

    Duplicate Lightroom

    Hi, i want to make a 100% duplicate copy of my catalogue and photos on my macbook pro. I currently have my catalogue on my IMAC hard drive, and my photos on an external HD. i want to be able to access the entire catalogue and photos on my macbook pro, with my photos i on a second external HD...
  4. RonnieSue

    Need to retrieve Info on bottom in Develop Mode

    For some reason, i keep losing the bottom info in the develope mode. what's missing is the spot where you can check or uncheck whether to see the red areas when you use the spot brush. also missing is the word "DONE" when you use the spot brush. i know i've lost it before and can't figure out...