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  1. XavierB

    Today, suddenly, my LR will not import photos!

    Today I woke up and wanted to start working on my photos (just as I do every morning) and, all of a sudden, after popping in an SD Card, the Import dialog opening on its own, me selecting the photos I want to import, and clicking on Import... nothing happens. I.e. the "importing photos" progress...
  2. XavierB

    LR becomes slow, crashes and then can't be reopened unless I reboot my computer

    I'm having severe issues with LR CC 2015.6 on my brand new MacBook Pro Retina 15", 2,5 GHz Intel Core i7 Processor, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM, AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB Graphics: I'm going through old photos in an old external drive formatted for Windows and every time I get to the same biggish...
  3. XavierB

    Move LR photos and their dev settings from a PC external drive to a Mac external drive

    I used to work my photos with LR on a PC and have a couple of years' worth of photo archives in and external drive. Now I'm using a Mac and a new drive formatted for Mac, obviously, but the issue is that on the Mac I can neither work the old photos (as a Mac can't write on a PC-formatted drive)...
  4. XavierB

    Can I selectively restore developer settings for some photos from a catalog backup?

    I'm getting frustrated with this. I can't find a practical way of solving what I've done. I was tired and, rather than reorganize into date files some older photos in my catalog, I decided to delete them and import them again, and let LR 6.1 automatically set them into date files. As I clicked...
  5. XavierB

    Is there no way to set multiple copies as masters at once?

    Hello! Great source of info, this forum! My name is Xavier, and this is my first thread... I hope I do well! This is the issue: Recently I had to restore an older catalog in LR 6.1 and now have VCs for around 2000 images recently edited. What I now want to do is set all the VCs (that is, the...