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  1. stones

    accessing the cloud

    So, can I access photos on my cloud storage with Lightroom? These photos are not located on my laptop but on an external hard drive and the cloud.
  2. stones

    saving photos

    My mac doesn't have a lot of memory. So I recently moved my entire photo library to an external hard drive. Then I got LR. What is the best way to go about importing photos into LR? I didn't have a storage system in place, just synced with my iPhone/ipad/laptop. So it was just a ton of...
  3. stones

    Hey Ya'll

    Hey Ya'll! My name is Sara and I'm from Louisiana. I am brand spankin' new to any type of photo software but I'm so ready to learn. I am a freelance Makeup Artist and want to be able to take my own professional quality photos. So, hopefully I will be able to catch on quickly. Any tips or...