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  1. dhampny

    Suddenly having significant issues with LrC v12

    Yesterday, I updated to v12 and occupied myself for awhile looking through photos in the Library, switching to Develop and Print modules but doing no work in either. Just wasting time. I had no problems. Today, I opened the same catalog , selected a photo and tried to go into Develop but got...
  2. dhampny

    Still unable to launch LrC newer than v11.0.1

    I did post this issue on this Forum sometime ago and received some helpful but unsuccessful suggestions to fix my problem. I also posted on the Adobe support forum and had many more, but still unsuccessful, suggestions. I've re-posted on that forum and am posting here again with the hope I...
  3. dhampny

    LrC ver 11.1 won't open on Mac

    On my Mac mini running Big Sur, LrC version 11.0.1 installs and runs fine but when I upgrade to 11.1 LrC hangs on the splash screen, won't open my catalog and I have to do a force quit to close out. I have Googled for answers and searched in this and the Adobe forum but haven't found a...