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    Lr 4.4 Public Release Candidate Available
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    Victoria's Canadian Headquarters

    I've located the secret North American headquarters of Lightroom Queen Enterprises, Ltd. It's in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Canada. She even had the building monogrammed.
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    The modern photographer's dilemma....

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    This forum is not about problems creating web pages with Lightroom !!!'s about problems encountered with the website software. Problems creating web galleries and the like with Lightroom, should go to Lightroom Trouble Shooting or Lightroom Plugin Discussion whichever fits the situation best.
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    Lr 3.5 Release Candidate available from Adobe Labs Tom Hogarty announced this afternoon that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom version 3.5 RC, release candidate is available for download from Adobe Labs. Users should be advised that: "The ‘release candidate’ label indicates that this update is well tested but...
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    Clobbered thread...

    All, FYI New member justinkthornton, posted a thread (today, I believe) discussing his take on digital asset management via file naming strategy. The OP in the thread was mangled text formatting, apparently originally from an iPad. At the same time, the post was in anti-spam moderation...
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    Lr 3.4 general release available. also updates to DNG Profile Editor Adobe Lens Profile Creator plus a new Win7 DNG codec.
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    A picture I wish I had taken.....

    Sometimes the moment is all that counts...... Found on this blog: The only credit I can find is for Associated Press.
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    MOVED: Failed open Lightroom v 3.2

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    Why did Lr 'ruin' my picture?

    "I took a beautiful picture! It was perfectly saturated and color balanced, and I loved it. When I imported the RAW file into Lightroom, I saw my beautiful picture for 5 seconds, and then Lightroom ruined it, and turned it into a bland muddy mess. Why?" The picture you see in Lr is exactly the...
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    MOVED: lightroom gallery

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    MOVED: Lightroom and DROBO speed

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    Develop Preset Volume Knob plug-in

    Interesting plug-in concept I tripped across on another forum. Haven't tried it yet, so no comment.
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    MOVED: Better use of money - going from 5400rpm to 7200rpm or 4GB to 8GB

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    MOVED: Monitor Shopping...Need Help

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    21st century photographic workflow

    A humorous look....'1'/'7/25/
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    MOVED: Nikon Previews

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    MOVED: Teaching LR: Recommendations? ACE? ACE test training? Thoughts?

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    MOVED: cpu/memory best for LR

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    MOVED: Epson 3880

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    MOVED: Good online website to order HQ prints?

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    Lr3beta Print Module - Collage Templates

    Tripped over these on another forum. This is a collection of Collage type templates for the Print Package in Lr3Beta. They're donation ware. I have no relationship at all with the author. If you're interested,'1'/'4/lightroom-collage/
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    Help Getting Organized

    Contributed by forum member dj_paige. (I couldn't figure out how to post it directly under his username as author) As Victoria said, there are lots of ways to do this. Here's what I do. There are two concepts you need to understand ... one is your storage needs, and one is your...
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    MOVED: Recommend a graphics tablet?

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