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  1. MarkNicholas

    Bluetooth Transmitter

    My desktop does not have Bluetooth. Previously I have just connected speakers with a cable. I now have some nice Bluetooth speakers. Can anyone recommend a good Bluetooth transmitter that I can simply plug into the audio sockets in the sound card ?
  2. MarkNicholas

    Adobe Creative Cloud Keeps logging out

    Recently (last 3 months) Adobe Creative Cloud logs out very frequently, almost daily which is becoming very annoying as it shuts down open pdf files etc. Does anyone know why this might be happening ?
  3. MarkNicholas

    Default Import Settings using LR Phone Camera & LR Phone App

    I am using the LR camera in the LR phone App more and more as I can capture DNG files. I have noted that when I take a photo using the LR camera, LR applies certain default (import) settings (just as LR Classic does). However, in LR Classic I know how to change these defaults but I can't seem...
  4. MarkNicholas

    Catalog Upgrade

    Just downloaded the latest Lightroom Classic version and upon opening it stated "Catalog Upgrade in Progress" (and moving and compressing sync data). That was 45 mins ago and still under 10% complete !! Is it supposed to take this long. I do have a lot of smart previews synced in the Cloud.
  5. MarkNicholas

    IPhone Cache

    After an intensive period of editing photos in Lightroom on my IPhone I got a message that my storage was almost full. I went into Lightroom and cleared the cache which recovered about 12GB. But under Local Storage it still says that there are 33,554,432.00 TB of Cached Files :eek: This sounds...
  6. MarkNicholas

    Win 10 Pro boot up also starts Excel and Word

    This is a minor issue that annoys me as it shouldn't happen. I have the latest Win 10 pro OS. Whenever I boot up my desktop excel or word also open up blank pages. However, it is not consistent, sometimes its word only and sometimes its excel only. These programs are not listed in Task manage...
  7. MarkNicholas

    New Tutorials

    I don't know how long they have been there but I have just noticed that Adobe have added some tutorials to the Lightroom app on Phone (and presumably Pads etc.). These tutorials are very good. They range from specific editing techniques on your phone to general editing techniques.
  8. MarkNicholas

    Custom Sorting Photos in a Folder that contain Virtual Copies

    The problem is now resolved but I thought I would share my experience. I had approximately 200 photos in folder which I imported into LR problem I re-ordered the photos using the custom sort.. no problem I renamed the photos XXX0001 to XXX0200 inorder that they would have the...
  9. MarkNicholas

    Lightroom Needs to do some Housekeeping

    Installed the latest LRCC. Fired up the desktop and its been 2 hours updating. Now 97%. What is being updated and why does it take so long ?
  10. MarkNicholas

    On the home straight now !

    Almost there... into the nervous 90's. Anyone know what I'm talking about ?
  11. MarkNicholas

    Sync Syncing virtual copies from Classic to LRCC

    I would like to share my recent experience. Years ago (pre-LR) I scanned many printed photos. I did this by putting (usually 4) photos on a the flatbed scanner and scanning to produce a high resolution TIFF file. A few years later after I started using LR I imported all these scanned files...
  12. MarkNicholas

    OneDrive - How it gobbled up my hard drive

    If you use OneDrive to back up documents then this may be useful for you, particularly if your hard drive is nearly full. I turned on my lap top yesterday only to find that my hard drive was almost full. I knew something was wrong as I knew that about a week ago I had about 40GB free space and...
  13. MarkNicholas

    Preset B&W 12

    There is a black and white preset in Lightroom Classic called B&W 12. When applied it clips the highlights and shadows by 10%. However, I can't find the slider / adjustment settings that have caused this. Any ideas ? To put it another way. How can I replicate this without the preset.
  14. MarkNicholas

    LR can’t read HEIC files on PC

    I just took about 70 photos on my iPhone not realizing that it was taking HEIC files rather than JPEG. LRCC on the IPhone reads them ok but they are not recognized in LR (CC or Classic). Anyone know a quick way to convert these files to jpg without downloading some unknown conversion software ?
  15. MarkNicholas

    Big problem with Capture dates on Phone photos

    For a while now I have been importing Phone photos into LR Classic. These take a lot longer to apply keywords etc. as they tend to be in small batches. However I am just about up to date and noticed that there are quite a few photos that have the wrong capture date and that the date could be out...
  16. MarkNicholas

    Publishing to OneDrive Recently very slow

    Recently, I have found that publishing photos from LR to OneDrive is taking a very long time. Significantly longer than it used to take and I now have super fast broadband. In the end I found it much quicker to just export jpegs to the hard drive and then copy them directly into OneDrive. When I...
  17. MarkNicholas

    Xd CC

    I notice that in Adobe Creative Cloud update panel I can install Xd CC - Design, prototype and share user experiences. What does this software do and is it worth installing ?
  18. MarkNicholas

    Sync this catalog instead ?

    My Lightroom Classic Catalog is on my desktop computer. From there I have many photos synced with LR CC as smart previews. I also have LR Classic on my laptop. The catalog is currently empty and I don't have any photos on my laptop. When I start LR Classic on my lap top and try to start...
  19. MarkNicholas

    What are these Files ? Can they be safely deleted

    I just noticed 2 files in my Lightroom Catalog folder. one is called Workflow and the other workflow-2. They are Adobe Lightroom Classic CC files What are these files for ? can they be safely deleted ?
  20. MarkNicholas

    Update : Getting Phone photos from Phone to LR Classic on Desktop and syncing Smart Previews

    Operating System: Wind 10 pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR CC mobile 3.1.1 & LR Classic 7.2 Ok I have now been doing this for some time and have refined my work flow and thought I would share. Apologies if this repeats some of the content in my previous posts which can...
  21. MarkNicholas

    Import Sync Issue

    Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic 7.1 (latest available version) There appears to be a bug in LR Classic as follows. I have added additional photos to a folder on my hard drive from outside of LR. All the existing photos in that...
  22. MarkNicholas

    What Next ?

    Operating System: Win 10 Pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR CC 1.1 I have synced 41k + photos to the cloud (smart previews) from LR Classic. All are keyworded with location info etc. All are start rated. All are edited. So now what ? I feel lost. Any advice about...
  23. MarkNicholas

    File Rename Issue with date

    Operating System: Win 10 Pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic (latest) I have renumbered my imported phone photos due a clash of numbers. My rename is simply Phone_{Date}_{original file name}. However, I noticed that for many photos the date inserted in the name is...
  24. MarkNicholas

    LRCC - Basic Cloud Storage increased to 120GB

    Operating System: Windows 10 pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 1.0.1 LRCC tells me I now have 120GB Cloud storage instead of the previous 20GB. Was this officially announced ?
  25. MarkNicholas

    Download Originals from the LR CC to my Hard Drive

    Operating System: Windows 10 pro Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR Classic 7.0.1 Ok its a basic question but I just want to be sure before I mess it up. I took some photos on my Iphone. I uploaded these to LRCC to the Cloud. I can see them in LR Classic. Now how do I...