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    Problem with Local Storage - Locally Stored Copies

    I'm unable to install ios14 this morning as I don't have enough space on my 128gb phone. The culprit is Lightroom, which has around 65GB of "locally stored copies". I've found a ton of posts about this online, but no solution as to how I can remove these locally stored copies. I have "Only...
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    Error when trying to migrate Apple Photos library into Lightroom CC

    I am trying to use the migration tool to migrate my apple photos library. But after I start, it sits at 1% progress for a while, then I get an error window saying "Could not access apple photos library". I have read this help page (Resolve issues while migrating Apple Photos to Lightroom CC)...
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    Help with merging and consolidating an old LR catalogue and newer apple photos library into CC (cloud based)

    Hi all, A few years ago I was using Lightroom (classic desktop) to manage all my photos. At some point I decided to move away from Lightroom as I wasn't using it that much and giving the new Apple Photos a crack. I went through a fairly pain-staking process of exporting all my Lightroom photos...
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    Reorganise existing images into date-based folders

    Hi, When I import into lightroom, I use the option to create folders for YYYY then MM then DD to store the image files. I have started testing lightroom mobile as a way to get images taken on my phone into my catalogue. However, I notice that the images, when downloaded to my computer, are...
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    Invalid DNG from specific date-period and camera?

    Hi, I have a whole bunch of invalid DNG's. At first it seemed they were appearing at random, but I have now discovered that they are from a specific period and camera. - They are all from a Fujifilm XE-2 - Shot using multiple lenses - All from the period 17th Jan, 2015, to 08th April, 2015 -...
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    Manually mark images on iPhone as already imported?

    I recently moved my entire OSX Photos collection to Lightroom. I moved the files in photos on my mac to lightroom on my mac. Moving forward, I will import photos from my iPhone directly to Lightroom. I was using iCloud Photos, so the photos I already moved from Photos on my mac also reside on...