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    Whole LR central screen not showing

    While opening LR, central panel not showing at all.After "quit" and opening again it is ok. I have already posted this thread and after some answers from members have reinstalled the app and thought that problem solved but today still same issue. Quite annoying and any help will be very much...
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    Library module LR central panel not appearing

    From time to time (not always) my central panel not appearing while opening LR,I am attaching photo of how LR appears, if I close app and open again appearing suddenly. Any help will be very much appreciated. Amos
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    Library module Central panel not showing

    Any idea why only side panels showing, it is not happening all the time and if i exit lr and open again it is ok. Thanks for help Amos
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    Delete sync photos

    I have quite a mess with synchronized photos on lr iPad and iPhone.Trying to delete all sync photos and start from scratch.I have synchronized photos fro 2 catalogs but have merged both to one. Please adv. how to delete all sync photos and start from scratch. Thanks to all Amos
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    Combine catalogs

    Hi to all members, I would like to combine two completely different catalogs and I wonder if you can separate completely all related collections and keywords, One catalog is personal and fam. photos and the second is art paintings. If in Laura videos pls let me know which video number. Thanks...
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    Keywords list

    How can I create a keyword list specific to a collection without seeing all other keywords, Thanks for help. Amos
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    Import pdf

    How can I import pdf files to lightroom ? Any free plugins for this? Appreciate any help Amos
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    Import Videos import -.MTS files

    Is it possible to import videos with .MTS extension?Am trying but without success. Thanks Amos
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    Find duplicate software

    In the past Laura recommended "Teekesselchen" software as a good software to find and eliminate duplicates.As the last update of this software is 2014?!? I wonder if this software is still recommended or could someone suggest another software. I suppose I have thousands of duplicates in my...
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    Sync between classic and mobile

    Is it possible to sort imported photos from LR Classic to LR mobile (iPad pro) by filename.This was not possible in previous versions t!may be now? The sorting of the imported photos have nothing to do with the original sorting. Thanks and good health to all forum fiends Amos
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    Automate Crop and straighten Multiple scanned photos

    Is it possible to crop ,straighten and open multiple photos with lightroom.I mean a command similar to "automate....crop and straighten " on Photoshop where you can automatically separate multiple photos scanned on one Sheet and process them separately. Any help very much appreciated Amos.
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    Printing issues

    Very good photo prints while exporting photos to file but very bad results while printing directly from Lightroom print module. Any help or adv. appreciate Amos
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    merging 2 catalogs

    Operating System:Mac OS Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):LR cc classic Hi, If you merge 2 different catalogs and it appears a mess,is it possible to go back to the 2 separate catalogs and delete the merged one? Tanks-Amos
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    Delete Catalog Previews.Irdata

    Already 30 GB on disk,is it ok to delete this folder completely? Thanks for any adv. Amos