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    LR 3.2 hangs when adding text to slideshow template

    Haven't done much investigation if it is isolated to a single slideshow template but every time I try to add a 'Equipment' or 'Exposure' text to a slideshow template LR 3.2 (on Windows Vista 32-bit) just hangs (waited each time for about 5 minutes before killing it).
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    Print settings not be kept.

    I upgraded the Vista driver for my Pixma Pro9''' printer to the latest (Dec 8th, 2''8 I think) and then noticed that any changes I made to the printer settings (within the printer dialogs) we're not being kept. If I changed for instance the print quality to 'High' hit 'OK' and then came back in...
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    ISO mode on DSLRs

    This might be a silly question but how does the typical DSLR sensor implement different ISO speeds? Does the sensor actually somehow change sensitivity or is it a simple matter of multiplying the sensor's recorded input values by the ratio of the current ISO speed to the base ISO speed (e.g...
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    Deal on Canon cli-8 8-color multipack inks for Pro9000

    Amazon is selling the Canon CLI-8 8-color multipack ink tanks for the Pro9''' for only $54.99 (free shipping as well). This is quite a bit lower than I've seen it for recently. $6.87 per cartridge.'''IBPD'S Let me know if you can...
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    Lowest-common-denominator aspect ratio metadata

    Hi- Add to the metadata browser the aspect ratio (using the lowest common denominator) and the ability to reference it in the file naming. Currently you can only add the pixel dimensions to a file name (like 18''x12'') but I would rather see 3x2 as it's much easier to comprehend. I often have...