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  1. Linwood Ferguson

    Lightroom Classic and Photoshop startup issues

    I am having an intermittent problem. It started slowly and seems to be getting worse. Both Lightroom and Photoshop sometime fail to start, or more precisely they hang during startup. They do not show the splash screen, but they create a process visible in task manager that just sits there...
  2. Linwood Ferguson

    Photography Plan (X) month free offers

    Two different things lately came with promotional offers for Adobe, a recent hard disk came with 4 months, I think my GPU came with a month (though it is not specific that I can find). Anyone have any luck trying to add these to an existing plan, or is this just a hook for new subscribers...
  3. Linwood Ferguson

    Big curved monitors for photo editing - Dell U3821DW

    I have a 24" and 27" NEC monitor; the 27" is failing (despite being 3 years newer than the 24"). I like the NEC Spectraview, but they are pretty pricy now and not many choices. I also found over time I did not care about the wide gamut. I am thinking about getting a wide (physically not...
  4. Linwood Ferguson

    Lightroom "Connectors" e.g. Smugmug?

    I just noticed this today. SmugMug release notes Maybe this is old news. I do not use Cloudy so I may have missed it. But is this the replacement for plugins? Smugmug's plugin for Classic is a big anchor keeping me in Classic. I have no knowledge if this is as good, better, worse...
  5. Linwood Ferguson

    Anyone using a 3rd gen Threadripper (e.g. 3970x)

    Thinking of getting one of these primarily for Pixinsight, since it scales well with cores. Anyone use the 3rd gen of Threadrippers with Classic? Good, bad, etc?
  6. Linwood Ferguson

    Canon's Cloud - data lost

    Those who are comfortable trusting a vendors cloud storage as your ONLY copy of photos may find Canon's experience uncomfortable, and may not want to read this story: Canon says its cloud service can't restore users' lost videos or full-size images Basically a human coding error got...
  7. Linwood Ferguson

    Export with Face Regions Drawn

    Does anyone know of a plugin or other technique that would allow me to export a photo with the face regions of confirmed faces actually drawn in and the little name boxes present?
  8. Linwood Ferguson

    Face Recognition Oddities

    As I digitize old photos I've been reviewing thousands and doing facial recognition. There are a couple of things that keep happening to me, and wondering if they are all real, or in some cases if I may have some oddity in preferences or keyboard or such. Oddity #1: Sort of suggested names...
  9. Linwood Ferguson

    Mass change copies to master?

    Another thread about copy/master handling reminded me. I occasionally have a desire to change a bunch of copies to masters, and cannot find a way to do it other than one by one. An example scenario that has come up recently -- I have a bunch of negatives where I inverted the tone curve by hand...
  10. Linwood Ferguson

    Is there an order to steps (esp during image restoration)

    I'm digitizing old prints and negatives, and often dropping into photoshop to clean up issues. In particular in photoshop I am erasing dust, adjusting levels and trying to restore colors. I also sharpen (whether because of the scanning process introduced blur or the original print). Often the...
  11. Linwood Ferguson

    Edit original in photoshop changes capture time, other oddities

    I thought I understood these things, but I clearly do not. I just walked very carefully through a set of time changes. I started with a scanned TIFF image which contained the following after it was ADD'd to Lightroom from an Epson scanner. At that time in LR the displayed capture time was...
  12. Linwood Ferguson

    Can I search (or form collection) of unrecognized people?

    Is it possible to find all photos which have face regions determined that are not yet confirmed? I can go into the faces view and see the unrecognized faces, and individually expand a face to see its photos, but I do not see how to show all images (e.g. in a grid library view) which have at...
  13. Linwood Ferguson

    Library preview won't update after PS Edits

    I am having a continual battle with LR not picking up the photoshop edits in Library. Scenario: I'll select 4-8 images in grid, do edit-in photoshop, original. I edit them and save them one by one, then go back to the library grid and maybe half will show the edits. If I select loupe...
  14. Linwood Ferguson

    Where has all the blue gone? (Restoring old photos)

    So in what is now my perpetual digitization project, I am doing some old photos, and I keep stumbling across some with the following issue. But as a preface: In most cases my process is to scan (Epson V600) at 16 bit TIFF, pull into photoshop and apply curves to get both the dynamic range right...
  15. Linwood Ferguson

    Face Recognition - Negatives - Sync regions?

    I'm digitizing old images and trying to do facial recognition as a quick way to tag. I'm also doing a lot of negatives, and I like saving the original raw inverted, but that defeats facial recognition. I'm tempted to export and import a JPG so I can do face recognition, but keeping stacks...
  16. Linwood Ferguson

    Failed PS 2020 update, lost settings

    I updated Photoshop (and lightroom and Camera Raw with update-all) last evening, and PS failed. I hit update again at least once, failed. Rebooted, it offered "install" so I did, and it worked. When I looked at the more details it said something along the lines of file not found. All my...
  17. Linwood Ferguson

    Negative Lab Pro

    Is anyone using Negative Lab Pro? While locked in for Covid I'm back to digitizing negatives and gave it another go. I tried it some time ago and was not overly impressed, but thought I would try again. Going to do two things in this post, one is give a bit of overview of what I see, but...
  18. Linwood Ferguson

    Interview: Future of Classic (Tom Hogarty)

    I ran across this. It's labeled "exclusive" from I site I'm unfamiliar with, but the person interviewed is very senior in Adobe lightroom so it seems relevant: Exclusive: What's next for Lightroom? | Photofocus He seems to explicitly not foreshadow any nearterm demise for Classic. What's a...
  19. Linwood Ferguson

    Has the Photography Plan changed? Did Classic just double in price?

    I was looking up something for someone, and found I can no longer find the (US) $10/mo photography plan to includes Classic. When I look at the "all plans" I see a "Lightroom CC Plan (1TB)" that is $10/mo with only CC, or a photography plan that includes CC + Classic and 1TB; there used to be a...
  20. Linwood Ferguson

    Shadow white balance techniques (deep shadows from sun)

    I am curious if people have a better solution to this problem than I have found. Often shooting sports in bright sun, portions of the athlete are in deep shadow, which distorts colors pretty badly, making skin tones look grey, and white uniforms blue. I thought to use Split Toning, but as you...
  21. Linwood Ferguson

    Test your catalogs (and backups) - How To

    Lightroom uses SQLite as its database, so your "catalog" is a big SQLite database. Lightroom will back that up, and test its integrity, and optimize all on its own. That's good. Do it. However, it is never wise to trust any one program, what follows is a very brief outline of how to test...
  22. Linwood Ferguson

    Import Import with one-off settings

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR 7.1 So this is a minor but annoying issue... I do imports the same way -- same target folder (except once a year I go to a new one), same renaming preset, same presets applied for develop and metadata, etc...
  23. Linwood Ferguson

    Develop module Your presets and Versions - Reminder

    With Lightroom Classic they introduced a new process version. If you had develop presets you saved previously, those may have explicit version numbers in them. If they are applied on import no issue. If you edit and THEN apply them, you may have an issue. For example, if you use the new...
  24. Linwood Ferguson

    Caution: Do not just UPGRADE or it is a trial

    This came up in another forum, and I did not see it personally but it seemed reliably reported. Someone with Perpetual LR 6 may be prompted (not sure if you must "check for updates") to upgrade. People may be doing it to get the LR 6.13 update for Nikon D850. If you use that option it will...
  25. Linwood Ferguson

    Where is the Touch icon?

    Operating System: Windows 10x64 Lightroom Version: CC 2015.12 Question or Description of Problem: I remember some time ago the touch mode came out, and I tried it on a Surface (no longer available); I recall there being a touch icon to turn on touch mode, and we got different sized sliders...