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  1. Linwood Ferguson

    Quick newbie question

    You might be surprised, especially if you generally edit raw images in LR only, and not produce TIFF's, since those images are never changed once imported. It's one of the great features of Lightroom I think is under-appreciated. Now DNG may be a different matter if you write metadata back, as...
  2. Linwood Ferguson

    Character limit on filenames

    I did a bit of testing. First of all, all windows programs should use MAX_PATH as their path limit setting, that's just good programming, and indeed required by Windows standards. I do not know if Jeffery does or not, but his plugin is probably driven in part by what Lightroom can do. So I...
  3. Linwood Ferguson

    Quick newbie question

    While I have yet to do it in this context exactly, with respect to catalog data (as opposed to the images themselves), you could always restore catalog OLD somewhere, open it and find what you need and export it in some fashion (as a small catalog, as images' metadata or XMP's), then close OLD...
  4. Linwood Ferguson

    Character limit on filenames

    Windows does not allow over somewhere around 260 characters in file names unless you turn it on in policy/registry. One note with instructions is here:
  5. Linwood Ferguson

    Quick newbie question

    A fairly typical business scheme is something like keep daily backups (if you work daily) for a month, keep an end of each week backup for a quarter, keep an end of month backup for a year, keep and end of quarter backup for a few years, etc. A continual rolling purge. It can be too much...
  6. Linwood Ferguson

    Lightroom Classic and Photoshop startup issues

    Well, still does it after everything was updated. I'll just keep killing it. Though I do think it does it less if I do not shift focus after clicking to open.
  7. Linwood Ferguson

    Lightroom Classic and Photoshop startup issues

    That is not the problem in my case, as this often happens after days of not using Lightroom. Thanks, but my specific issue is not happening on non-Adobe products, just Lightroom and Photoshop. I'd also offer the observation that properly written (defensively written) code should never just...
  8. Linwood Ferguson

    Yet another LrC update

    To do as you ask there would have to be parallel release tracks, including the quite time consuming QC and pre-release testing programs. This would substantially add to the workload, and so overall slow down everything (or increase costs). Since a lot of QC is done by volunteers, you also then...
  9. Linwood Ferguson

    Lightroom Classic and Photoshop startup issues

    Worth a try, though at the moment I can't get it to fail (after the update). Time will tell, but cache purged.
  10. Linwood Ferguson

    Lightroom Classic and Photoshop startup issues

    Hmmm... actually just recreated it. If someone is game try this a few times (it is not reproducible reliably but it does seem to up the odds). Click on the icon to start lightroom (mine is on the task bar) and IMMEDIATELY click on another window, like Chrome. Does Lightroom still splash and...
  11. Linwood Ferguson

    Lightroom Classic and Photoshop startup issues

    Well, updated windows, rebooted, let's see if it fails. I'm not reinstalling and having to reset all my settings until the last possible moment. While I've been using it forever and know more or less where everything is, the sheer number of different places that Adobe hides things makes it a...
  12. Linwood Ferguson

    Lightroom Classic and Photoshop startup issues

    I'm definitely not running out of CPU horsepower, did I mention the 32 cores, or 64 virtual; when this happens I'm about at 1% of so. And it's failed within seconds, the splash doesn't even appear. I take it there's no idea of a way to log the startup to see where it fails? I'm wondering if...
  13. Linwood Ferguson

    Lightroom Classic and Photoshop startup issues

    I am having an intermittent problem. It started slowly and seems to be getting worse. Both Lightroom and Photoshop sometime fail to start, or more precisely they hang during startup. They do not show the splash screen, but they create a process visible in task manager that just sits there...
  14. Linwood Ferguson

    Export Disable parallel jpeg export?

    There is a EXIFTOOL that is very widely used. I have seen writeups on using it to do what you want, though have not tried it. A quick google shows this: but have not tried anything in there, however google has a few hits on the general...
  15. Linwood Ferguson

    face recognition identified numerous photos without faces

    False negatives (no faces when there are some) is much worse. But what I would really rather is that Adobe invest some effort into improving something many online platforms do MUCH better. I haven't seen any substantive improvement in many years. It seems to be a feature no longer being...
  16. Linwood Ferguson

    16GM RAM vs 32GB RAM - need help to decide

    Memory is one of the cheapest things you can buy to help a computer run faster and become obsolete slower. Personally I'd consider 32gb the minimum for a new computer purchase, and check the price on 64gb - it's not 'needed', but will give a bit of a boost and also provide longivity. Most new...
  17. Linwood Ferguson

    Does LrC have any kind of Command startup /switches ?

    I have 128gb and a Threadripper (3970X which is 32 real cores). I have been disappointed in lightroom's performance on it, not because it is particularly slow, but because it did not get a lot faster when i changed from a 4/8 core machine and much less memory. Classic has gotten better over...
  18. Linwood Ferguson

    Curved monitor

    I changed a 38" Curved monitor, then added a 27" in vertical orientation (it has the same pixel dimensions so windows moved between stay the same size), love it and would never want to go back. Though they are mostly gaming oriented so read reviews on which have decent color and ability to...
  19. Linwood Ferguson

    Preventing high quality photos from being downloaded from a Website

    Yeah - the short version is: if you don't want people to get a copy of something, don't put it on the internet. It really is that simple. All the workarounds amount to security by obscurity, which is not security at all, especially with "Google, how do I...?" so easy.
  20. Linwood Ferguson

    RAID system

    I'm sorry, two postings here seem to prefer raid 5 over raid 1. Raid 5 is "better" only in that it is more efficient space-wise. It is somewhat slower for reads, and MUCH slower for writes than Raid 1. Raid 1 (for small number of disks) is by far the fastest redundant raid configuration...
  21. Linwood Ferguson

    Import Lightroom 6 Perpetual & Nikon Z6 ii

    You can use the DNG Converter from Adobe to convert the raw file into a DNG, which can then be recognized by Lightroom 6. Awkward and an extra step, but that's the price of running really old software with a really new camera.
  22. Linwood Ferguson

    Is there a way to use Lightroom Free?

    There are a number of companies that have as a model a limited free version as an entre into their world, as advertising, for example DaVinci Resolve (not all that limited), or Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager (one of my favorite new discoveries), lots of variations on VM Managers, Milestone...
  23. Linwood Ferguson

    Can't Delete Previews

    My loose understanding from very old discussions about this is that LR takes its time and does this as a background task, and not something immediately visible. I'd suggest doing what you did, then leaving lightroom running over night, and see if that works.
  24. Linwood Ferguson

    (Organizational) Workflow suggestions

    I have no good comment on workflow per se, but will suggest that if you are moving things around that much, make sure you (a) do it within lightroom, not outside in windows, and (b) watch it to make sure a move completes and all the images end up in the right place. (a) is so that lightroom's...
  25. Linwood Ferguson

    Photography Plan (X) month free offers

    I was wrong, the other two were Seagate drives, and I got far enough to redeem the product. It took me to adobe, auto-entered a code, I hit enter it said it was "active". The below image is all I could find about details. But when i go view my account I see no changes. So either it did...